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  1. Nothing much to add here other than I agree largely with your assessment. This guy clearly cares very little for daily polling numbers and characterizations of him as being this or that. He's playing a high stakes game where being unreadable and highly flexible are enormous advantages. I'm sure the Chinese and Russians are beside themselves with not being able to anticipate his next move. I'm a very results oriented person. I couldn't care less if he lied about this or that. At the end of eight years where does our country stand in the world and where is it headed? That is what I car
  2. Claiming you have no interest in battling every comment (though a good tactic that I've used before) won't fly here with me. I conceded points where you were correct and I'd expect the same from you rather than glossing over the entirety of my rebuttals as "so you admit he lies?". I have most certainly acknowledged multiple lies or mistruths but I'd be willing to argue that they are not that far removed from the norm. "You can keep your doctor and your plan as well". "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction" etc. I'll admit the man clearly is not a precise orator and is a bit of an exagge
  3. This is an issue on which I depart with the administration's attitude somewhat. I'm quite hard line against carbon taxes and carbon dioxide limiting regulations but I am not so much against researching into the heart of the matter. I think additional knowledge on such an important topic (whether you feel it is real, not real, important or unimportant I think everyone can agree we DO need to know) is never a bad thing. Any knowledge we gain can give us insights into whether or not to stop wasting money on climate change or spend additional money on climate change. As someone who blew thr
  4. Good to hear you're doing well. I edited your response and added numbers to make this easier to follow (that and I've gotten lazy with all the quote tags). Part I 1) Fair enough he did. 2) Did he specify the time period for which he would keep the freeze in place? I was not aware he did. 3) Subtly matters here. He said precisely this: "Why would I call China a currency manipulator when they are working with us on the North Korean problem? We will see what happens!" which is distinct from "China is not a currency manipulator". And indeed why would he call China a currency mani
  5. This was a good natured jab at iNow who I have a history of political debates with. If you'd like to give an example of a false statement by Trump I'd be glad to address it.
  6. Sure. I guess that would prevent people shooting at moving targets. I'll start with a bit of background that shows where my viewpoints originate so my defense of policy can be interpreted in the correct light. I've always been of the opinion that the Republican party is composed of three primary factions, Evangelicals, Nationalists and Libertarians. As a staunch atheist I don't have much love for the Evangelical wing of the party (this includes certain facets of the Tea Party as well). I tend to lean Libertarian from a philosophical stand point but pragmatically I think Nationalism has m
  7. So I've noticed our politics section is pretty staunchly anti-Trump (I haven't been active here in a while so correct me if this isn't the case) . I'll be frank. I voted for Donald Trump and continue to support most but not all of his policy initiatives. Seeing as how there doesn't seem to be much right wing representation here I'd like to open the floor for anyone to pick my brain as to why I would support such as horrible (insult Trump smear here). I'd like to keep it civil. I know this is an emotionally charged topic so as rational people let's debate as such. I could write a l
  8. Yep. Most coatings contain gloss additives that are formulated to gives certain amounts of specular reflectance at various angles to the surface. The paint formulators for the automotive paint may have chosen, for some aesthetic reason, to make the black version more glossy than others. They would include enough gloss additives to where the reflective properties of the pigment matter very little.
  9. Point taken but I think that's a bit far. Living here Washington's domestic policies do have an effect on people's daily lives other than defense related stuff. It's just not as noticeable until you do things like file taxes, purchase a home, or sell equities. I will agree that things like gun policy, vice laws, police procedure, and similar are often the territory of state government so a visiting traveler might in fact feel as though New Jersey, Kansas, and Oregon were three different countries.
  10. Yes! It is a common source of confusion for people to draw up a mechanism and try to write down reactant orders. Kinetics on paper are easy to understand and neat. Kinetics in real solutions are always messy.
  11. This. If you look at gun policy in the US with the intent of reducing gun violence you'll find there's no good argument to keep guns around. The idea that any armed militia of citizens wouldn't get immediately obliterated by the U.S. military is hilariously stupid. You can't justify the second amendment if saving lives is a moral requirement. I own guns and I just like them. I'm not politically active with respect to gun ownership. I don't try to convince anyone why I should have the right to own guns. I enjoy target shooting and I hunt occasionally. Guns are very important in our culture he
  12. Corrosion of commercial coatings and plastics is a highly complex chemical process, especially oxidative damage which is what ozone is likely to cause. Commercial plastics are very complicated mixtures of resin systems, additives, pigments, etc. There are entire fields and journals devoted to studying the corrosion of these materials. This answer may not be helpful as there are many different polymeric materials on the inside of your car and each will interact differently with ozone. I would not be surprised if some of those materials have begun to off-gas degradation products from ozone
  13. Ways to make money as a chemist: 1) Be a people person and ascend to a managerial position. 2) go to med school 3) Use the Breaking Bad/Walter White method Source: I'm a professional chemist in the industrial polymer/materials/coatings world. I didn't have two pennies to bump together until I achieved a supervisor like position.
  14. Oh alright. That's a large disparity. I can't see the "correction factor" in a hypothetical model for "the suspect is a cop" being able to account for that kind of difference between the probability of an indictment for a general suspect versus police suspect without it including some fairly strong grand jury bias. Thank you for your explanation and sorry for not reading the link. Thank you Ten oz as well.
  15. If you care to know more the mechanism for acid catalyzed ester hydrolysis was actually proven through a classic experiment where one does the the reaction with 18-O labeled reagents IIRC. It turns out the tagged oxygen ends up in the products such that it proves the reaction proceeds through nucleophilic attack by water at the carbonyl carbon rather than direct protonation of the ester oxygen followed by elimination of ROH. This is beyond the scope of your question but chemistry threads here are resolved too quickly (actually a good thing) and I haven't posted in a while so I'll ra
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