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  1. Banana and peanut butter porridge

    1. DevilSolution


      That sounds rather nice, a dollop of cinnamon and syrup never goes a miss :P

  2. Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew ya

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    2. Amaton


      I've never understood the true meaning behind the original lyrics.

    3. imatfaal


      well for a start the person bathing on the roof was Bathsheba and the peeping-tom was King David

    4. imatfaal


      there are something like a hundred verses that cohen wrote and some people perform dofferent verses. the jeff buckly version is based on John Cale's first cover.

  3. swoop swoop rock rock

  4. Still smarting from getting a fine from a copper on my ride to work!

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    2. Iota


      Depends how badly you're speeding I think.

    3. WWLabRat


      It varied, but usually cops around here won't pull you over unless you're 10 mph or higher than the limit.

    4. imatfaal


      I would love to get pulled over for speeding - 30mph on a bike is really moving

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    2. ajb


      Reading about him, the US army should never had deployed him or allowed him access to the data. That said, they did and he became a traitor. I am not sure if he should be in a mental hospital or shot.

    3. too-open-minded


      Mental hospital or shot? He uncovered war crimes, unless i'm misinformed. His sexual orientation is irrelevant if that has anything to do with your statement in my opinion.

    4. ajb


      "His sexual orientation is irrelevant if that has anything to do with your statement in my opinion." Actually, it may have some relevance, but not in the way you imply. This individual had lots of emotional and psychological issues. This I am sure played a big role in what happened. In my opinion the US army should never have deployed him, but then hindsight is 20-20.

  5. Finally finished 8MRev.x

  6. Bread of Heaven ringing around Sydney

  7. Centre Court is on fire!

  8. Strawberries and Cream! Wimbledon bound! Let's hope at least some seeds stay in the competition.

    1. MonDie


      I can never figure out your statuses.

    2. imatfaal


      I was off to centre court with my bosses tickets to watch the tennis. Wimbledon is a great day out - even if you do not like tennis

    3. MonDie


      I'd much rather be playing the tennis. Sports are boring.

  9. Wallabies v Lions - Fascinating Game!

    1. imatfaal


      it's not getting any less tense...

    2. imatfaal


      too close. And almost feel that Beale and Wallabies should have won!

  10. been through Louboutin, and Coach and now on to Burberry. What happened to all the oldfashioned viagra spam?

  11. been through Louboutin, and Coach and now on to Burberry. What happened to all the viagra spam?

  12. Hailstones - marvellous

  13. Hailstone - marvellous!

  14. darwins finches over the felting yarn

  15. welcome back Cmdr Chris

  16. Anzac Day

    1. menageriemanor


      research dead lads from Allied bombers, mostly from the Commonwealth. Remembering all, but especially those who were only children, all their parents had, who never married and now have no one left directly related and keeping their memories alive.


      Is it not DNA day, as well?

    2. MonDie
  17. Stop snowing - please! It's the 4th of April for crying out loud

  18. IPL 2013 - mad bad and dangerous to get hooked on

  19. Wonky avatars!!

  20. 802x is hard!

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    2. imatfaal
    3. too-open-minded


      I was hoping you meant hard in a gangster rap manner.

    4. imatfaal


      God I must be old - I don't know if "hard in a gangster rap manner" is good or bad. And no I mean it really makes me work to understand the ideas, remember the models, and see the true path.

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