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  1. Yea. UW of Madison is looking nice. They have a molecular biology and biochemistry major and also what looks like a good genetics program.
  2. Yes. I think it will only get more popular to use genetically engineered crops. This is my logic on GM crops. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but wouldn't we just break a crop of GM crop down to amino acids and stuff anyway. And if you could GM a crop to have a better and higher concentration of amino acids you would have to eat less vegetables. This would be especially beneficial in places such as Ethiopia or other starving countries.
  3. I know this would prolly be hard but what about a double major in molecular biology and biochemistry?
  4. Bluenoise: Just out of curiuosity, what is your major?
  5. Theres more to of mice and men. We'll have agree to disagree.
  6. This year I'm taking AP Computer science and AP Gov't and next year I'll be taking AP Calc.
  7. Science Fiction shows. Starting with Star Trek and now Stargate and the 4400. Star Trek was my first love and now that its gone I dont know how to live anymore. LOL. JK. I think if they start a new Trek series in about 20-40 years when theres been some major advances in science it will intrigue audiences again.
  8. And we share names. How about that. I should've specified in my previous post, I want to be a genetic engineer so wouldnt biochemistry be sorta the wrong field. I don't want to offend anyone or make you think I dont care what you have to say because I do.
  9. I completely agree with the original poster about where our education system is headed. The only good teachers I have our the older ones. Their both great teachers and guess what I actually learn stuff in their classes and I also get A's in them. Reading Of Mice and Men isn't odd though for a junior. My class just completed Othello and we will be reading that next. And people should realize that the length of a book doesn't determine its quality. All my classes besides Chem and Precalc are incredibly boring and tedious. I'm not challenged in my other classes.
  10. I'm really confused. I'm new at this and I just want to know why I would major in biochemistry.
  11. It's on the USA network. Really good show. In the storyline 4400 people our abducted and taken to the future over a period in the 20th century and are all sent back in present time , but with a new ability. They all now have a supposed 5th neurotransmitter called promiacin that allows them to develop unique powers such as telekenesis, healing ability, and predicting the future. I just want to know the realistic possibility of something like this happening? -J
  12. Im a junior in high school. I have only completed one year of biology I'm taking Chem 1 this year. Next year I will be taking advanced biology and chem 2. If anybody didn't read my thread in the engineering seciton I want to work in the biotechnology industry as a research scientist. I want to buy a textbook so I can start learning about genes, DNA, RNA, rDNA, and things like that. Any recommendations? -J
  13. Enlightening article thanks. Would you mind telling me where you got it from please?
  14. Oh what I was trying to ask was if there was DNA and then there was engineered DNA could a retrovirus write over the original DNA with the engineered DNA?
  15. I think its called a retro virus or something? Whats happened with that?
  16. I haven't studied physics or anything but isn't changing the moons mass really stupid. I mean the moon affects ocean waves and stuff. If the mass of the moon increases couldn't that change ocean waves? Our gravitational relationship with the moon has been good for a long time, why risk changing it now.
  17. Yea I prolly definately want to go in the private sector. One question what's a GRE? Is it similiar to a GPA(Grade Point Average)? I've still got a lot of research to do yet on colleges so I'm far from choosing one. -J
  18. The point of the Star Trek thing is because in every instance the "augments" try and take over. The whole "superior ability breeds superior ambition thing" is kind of nonsense to me.
  19. That's a good point. Money is also a factor, although I'll apply for scholarships, most likely have to get student loans, and I think American gov't offers grants for kids who have a single parent. I found a school in my state that offers a major in Biotechnology. I will have to do more research though as to whether the school is good or not, but if you said its not as important where you get your undergraduate from it wont matter that much. Heres a to the schoolslinkhttp://www.uwrf.edu/programs/frameset.php?link=BIOT site with info on thier Biotech major. In the list of classes for that major I see biochemistry and organic chemistry. UCLA seems to have a really good program for this sorta thing from what I've read. I will be taking advanced biology next year, but from what I've heard they dont talk to much about genetics and stuff so I'm wanting to buy a textbook from amazon.com and try and teach myself a little bit. I figure it can't hurt. Is there any books you'd recommend getting? Thanks for the help. -J
  20. I don't really know that much about Star Trek, just this particulary storyline. I've also read the books on Khan Noonien Singh written by Greg Cox(great writer). It's a three book series. I haven't read the third one but the first two were great. Heres a link to the first one: Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars #1: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh Heres the second one: Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars #2: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh
  21. Oh. I figured they didnt' exist anyway.
  22. Research. Specifically genetic engineering.
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