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  1. i would think nothing really special (aside from the distance you travelled and the fact that you would be very very lonely) happens.
  2. I want to state that China grew technologically faster than any other place in the world. the things that made the difference in the 1700s when the western caught up and passed asia, was the discovery of the new world and the will to conquer lands. this simply gave Europe a huge boost in wealth enabling them to conquer more lands, etc. The chinese model worked for nearly (or more... always forget the dates) 2000 years before a slight (and not that long if you think about it) setback in the 1700s.
  3. In that particular case... wouldn't it depend whether or not the first chicken farmer abducted a fowl, or simply stole eggs that he kept for himself?
  4. Or they just don't know how to contact the CDC (or even what the CDC is?). I think that in a population, most people, when confronted to something weird will call the newspapers first. about the title quote... wasn't it originally used for a moose? (well the first time i heard it was in a documentary about the moose invasion of PEI).
  5. Uhm... if we have a cure for something, why is it a problem if more people have it. there may be some economical repercussion, but in the case of glasses at least, those are good. our quality of life is WAY better than it was 50000 years ago.
  6. I also enjoy them... They are actually well done. at least well done enough that someone made the mistake! and they have nice visuals (I really like the giant weird ocean going thing in alien planet).
  7. And that's why we like them. we can take the heat!
  8. really? wow... I actually never read anything Freud said... but i'll have too... dreams are cool... especially when you have lucid ones! about the blind dreams. I just have a question, is there a hierarchy. because normally, sight and hearing are the main things we have in dreams, with the rest being nearly irrelevent. so would blind people usually have, i guess hearing and touch dreams? does anyone know someone who's been blind from birth to ask them?
  9. do you mean... as in becoming the Hulk?? why would you say that?
  10. The point of these experiments is that, people will hear : "Flies in space" and go "wow this is pretty cool". this will look as if NASA is doing something important (although incomprehensible to them). This conversation that we have now is the proof of that. Its useless for science, but great for PR.
  11. I'm not an expert in neurology, but i recall reading some articles (or talking to a neurologist?) saying just that. I don't know if it worked or not, or even if people are still looking into it... mmm i'll try to find more info though.
  12. I have a question... what is the difference between extinction due to an infectious disease or extinction due to human expansion... I can think of two : the fact that we are part of the agent, and the scope of it... at any rate... the natural Vs human part is irrelevent. Extinction should be prevented. I mean, If a meteorite was heading for antartica or another uninhabited area with the possibility of wiping out a species, should we let it go (assuming we have the means to stop it)?
  13. Yea.. I came to that conclusion long ago. However if we are impossible, its impossible for me to actually come to that conclusion. therefore, I exist.
  14. Man... I forgot the name of the product, but it was a patch that was basically "guaranteed to make you loose weight if used in conjunction with a good diet and exercise". Well, at least it was true.
  15. !!! the new VW ads they are showing here (with the, its not because someone has a Jetta 2.0T that they drive fast, etc.) are pretty cool.
  16. ... so, you want to sterilize people because they are poor?? its seems awfully complicated though. I have a MUCH simpler idea. why not just spray the planet with agents that would sterilize everyone. then sell some sort of antidote at about 10K a piece?? seriously though. You need to look it up more. it's BECAUSE of the lack of food that people make more children. if you have 8 kids, one of them is bound to survive no? and kids can work the farms, etc. also, how many kids did you great grandparents have?
  17. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16813131524 the link i give you is the SLI (non-deluxe) one... its not much of a price difference and even if youdon't want two videocards its a better performing one. I personally have a SLI-Deluxe but i can't recommand it to people since there seems to be a lot of problems with it (although It worked fine for me). If you aren't a diehard Asus fan, you might wanna check MSI since they have pretty neat boards for rather cheap. oh and for the Antec, my mistake... at any rate, Antec is a GREAT company (and the case is nice too...). for your PSU, i don't know much about it.
  18. not sure if I can reference other websites and forums... but this is the one I used the most when building my computer. http://www.anandtech.com their forum is quite full of good ideas. I also suggest waiting for the Conroe processors, if only to get the HUGE price cuts that will come with it (from both AMD and Intel). if you aren't buying a Conroe, I would start with an Athlon X2 and an AM2 motherboard and choose compatible parts. RAM, i suggest Value Ram from Kingston or other named companies unless you want to overclock. Video cards... go with mid-range but the newest possible, as the highest range offers benefits in benchmarks, but those are nearly irrelevent unless you have a 23inch screen (well, they are relevent but the price premium is to high relative to it). I gotta go so I can't say more... but... anandtech has some neat price guides and all... (oh... and I'm against buying computers from Dell or Compaq and anything, but, if you want something cheap, it would be the best choice).
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