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  1. indeed, it is B. hehe! awww... how come no one laughed at my joke... nah! it was not even a joke. 'twas just a stupid post..
  2. wahehe!! i like your signature. hehe!! so who's lying among the three (A, B, C)? hehe!! i bet its D!
  3. hmm.. since were already on the topic of ionosphere, tesla etc. is it possible to transmit electric charges directly to the ionosphere? lightning strikes downward right? can we reverse this?
  4. yes, i guess its more on the heat removal rather than drowning it with CO2. your breath is at a lower temperature than the flame. your breath gets some of the heat from the flame. and this action makes the fire triangle or fire tetrahedron crumble.
  5. does anyone of you know any online calculus exams? please, if you do know one, put the website or URL. its summer here and i can't go inside our school library cause i'm not yet a "registered" student. and i can't go to our public library since i still have a standing balance there. heehhe!! please help. i tried google and i did not find what i was looking for.
  6. yeah.. that's how to get the answer.. I guess.. y = x + sin(xy) dy/dy = 1 + cos(xy) * (y + x dy/dx) (Use of Chain Rule) dy/dx = 1 + y cos(xy) + x dy/dx cos(xy) [dy/dx-(x dy/dx cos(xy))] = 1 + y cos(xy) dy/dx [1 - x cos(xy)] = 1 + y cos(xy) (simplifying the equation we arrive to..) dy/dx = [1 + y cos(xy)]/[1 - x cos(xy)] ---> my answer... hope its correct.. hek hek hek!! xiao!
  7. your function is quite hard to answer since it will go on a circle. if we try to substitute y in x + sin(xy) we still have y. it is also quite hard since we have two variables. though i haven't answered it yet, these are some of my points regarding your question. i'll try to solve this later. hope i can answer it. till next time!
  8. hey, are you trying to synthesize the molecules in the ozone layer? that's great.. i was planning a project like this for a science fair. but unfortunately it was kind a hard for me so i switch to biodiesel instead. but for your question.. i'll try to investigate. you did not mention any violent reactions in the flask so i take it as "safe." but for the ozone headache.. i'll take note of it. i'll be careful.
  9. hehehe! nice one! its only the sun that sometimes appears red right?
  10. yes, pollution may be of a factor as to why it behaves like so. but i saw a red colored moon on the horizon when i was in the beach once. i guess i'll still go with the refractive index/ index of refraction. but i'll try searching on possible pollutants dispersed on the air that contributes to this phenomenon.
  11. i did not misunderstand it. in fact, that's how it was said. wew! talk about plagiarism. toinks!!
  12. after reflecting over what i read about blind people. something suddenly popped in my mind. "HOW DO BLIND PEOPLE DREAM." its quite vague since they can't see anything, so how do they go about dreaming? i found an article on the reader's digest which says that they inherit their dreams from their parents who, if not like them, can see. this further lead me to another question: "Dreams come from the subconscious part of the mind right? so the subconsciousness of a person can be inherited? but stilll i'm not satisfied since its just me putting "facts" together. I'd like to hear your opinions and ideas about this.
  13. i guess its because of its angle of elevation. like that of the sun during sunsets and sunrises.
  14. well another thing aside from developing resistance against the medicine is its spectrum of activity. lets take for example cefalexin. this cefalexin when taken is not like a heat-seeking missile that will only 'seek' its locked target. the medicine is like smoke that will engulf anything within the vicinity of infection. so that means even your lymphocytes trying to fight the infection. and if this will be applied to your statement, then your only killing your bacteria or worst -yourself. hehe!
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