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  1. i dont even think you considered your response. is is not possible by yout very own argument that such aquatic lifeforms evolved into apes and then into humans. heres a diagram: aquatic lifeforms ---> humans HUGE GAP aquatic lifeforms -- ............. ---> Apes -----> Humans evolution even though discreet can be though of as continous, there is no disctinct point in which one form becomes another. evolution is complex and a huge jump from an aquatic form to a human is not happening.... there are just too many features to adapt at once. besides there are many ways in which the ancestors to humans could have traveled.
  2. well this is greatly disputed in the world of physics, some say that space is infinite, others agrue that space loops within itself. the latter is quite difficult to visualise or present graphically. many scientists say that if there is no other matter in the universe, if one looks ahead one will see the back of thier head. to visualise this, you will need to go down to 3 dimentions where human visualisation (or that of most if not all humans) will allow a mental graphical image. think of the universe as the surface of a sphere. there is no "end" , instead if you travel really far you will end up where you set off on your travel. moving down a dimention, into 2 spatial dimentions, the circumference of a circle. regardless of how far you travel, there is no end to the circumference of a circle, you will end up where you began. as for the expantion of the universe as evidence given by the radiation given off from the initial big bang, and the doppler effect or more commonly known as redshift of the light given off by distance galaxies, can be explaned again by our 3 spatial dimentional sphere surface. if you were to draw 2 dots on the surface of the sphere, then inflated it. the dots wouldnt move, but the distance in between them would increase. so take all of the above and push it up a dimention. even if the universe was to have an end, a curtain perhaps, we would never know whats on the outside, as our existance is dimentional whereas outside is not. in fact from our dimentional perspective it is not even nothing. space when not occupied , there is space to be occupied even if it is not. outside this there wouldnt be anything to occupy anything else ao it doesnt exist, and even if it does, this entity cannot be observed from our perspective. good books for this: The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson i have read both, the latter is more suited for begginers or those without much prior knowledge.The Elegant Universe is more advanced and may require some knowledge on the subject before hand. the first few chapters of Brysons book are the chapters that are of interest to this particular topic, but the others are also a good read, specifically towards teh end where evolutionary biology is discussed.
  3. Well with your argument, you are asking if humans can produce entities that possess life processes. weather or not humans can "create" life depends on what your definition of life. in modern science a lifeform is defined by the functions it carries out, distinctly 7 of which are required to classify it as a lifeform. there are grey areas in classification. for example, viruses such as influenza do not perform all 7 of the life functions, so are we to say they are not alive, they are alive or they are "half" alive? it may be possible to in the future replicate many of these functions and create what is in a technical sense considered life. even if not directly replicated as said previously in the excretion argument, we may be able to go so far as simulate emotions and free will. many people argue that computers are incapable of doing this, but we must remember that humans also simulate these emotions from our own progamming . what we see as free will, common sense, and emotion are phychological responses to chemical simulants. so one can argue that free will , emotions and the others do not really exist , and are a collection of functions. if humans survive that long and if political ethics allow for this, i believe humans will be able to create another format of life, biological and electronic or possibly a combination of which (Oooooooooooo!!!!! , not unlike the androids from the Dragon Ball Z series:cool: ).
  4. Humans are naturally weaker than gorillas in terms of natural strength, and yes we do have higher precision or control over our limbs. As said on page one, fast and slow twitch fibers both have different properties. I agree that maybe humans have evolved to make use of their "explosive power" associated with fast twitch fibers. I believe that humans could achieve much more in terms of physical ability than gorillas, as humans have got to where they are by relying on a combination of mental and physical activity. After all, most humans are a product of modern living and are physically unconditioned, unlike gorillas that live by nature’s survival of the fittest policy and are therefore much more conditioned. In the past, humans have lived in harsh conditions where their survival is based on their immediate actions, and have emerged in a very impressive physical condition. One example is Mas Oyama, a most established name in martial arts. The founder of kyokushin karate. He retreated to the mountains where he lived for a number of years. Upon returning to civilization after this training, he was able to fight 52 bulls, breaking of their horns and instantly killing some of them. He fought 300 kyokushin black belts one after another, until there were no more opponents to fight. even though this is an extreme example, i belive it shows that not only are the humans comparisions made above biased, humans didnt loose physical ability, but adapted to a different kind of physical ability. i believe that humans have "traded" strength for control in order to adapt to thier increasingly complex lifestyle.
  5. can someone give me a formula for an aproximate calculation of the time by the value of X from the table and the graph attatched? cm3 of Thiosulphate.doc
  6. some very good points. with the state of things human evolution will come to a abrupt end very soon.
  7. in the case of rape abortion shoudl be permitted as it is the lesser of two evils, the mother must be given the oppurtunity to heal mentally.
  8. you cannot observe survival in a black hole, you will be streched acrosss its event horizon and the very basis of observation, time and light is non existant. you would have better luck looking for a green unicorn if you ask me
  9. people are not more easily attached to thier mother. the baby will be attached to whoever invests time on them at an early age
  10. i hope you didnt drink it.
  11. by standing still do you mean standing still from our perspective on earth?
  12. on dotted paper a 3 x 3 square . . . . . . . . . you can get 8 different ways of linking 2 dots diagonally at a 45 degree angle. and 2 ways of linking 3 dots diagonally on a 3 by 4 square . . . . . . . . . . . . you can link 2 in 12 different ways and link 3 in 4 different ways on a 4 by 4 you can link 2 in 18 ways , 3 in 8 and 4 in 2. assuming the verticle hieght of the square is x and the width is y. and x is the number of dots we need to link. so can anyone formulate a formula using x y and w to give me the number of diagonal combinations on N by N sqare. the formulae for verticle and horizonal linkages are as follows respectvly: w(y-(x-1)), y(w-(x+1))
  13. it all depends on where you are, but it happens everywhere. the frequency of such an event depends on your acces to medicine. in most MEDC's this is alot less common than LEDCs
  14. well you would only be able to distinguish if anything by enviromental factors. the likley hood of such a event is quite low
  15. i think we all accept that our species will die out eventually.
  16. i am strongly against creastionalist teachings from a young age, further more, ID is not a scientifically valid theory, as there is no evidece, and its based on faith alone.
  17. light doesnt experience time, only motion through spacetime, as all motion is shared.
  18. meybe its because americans are nasty people
  19. warm blooded creatures are alot more intlegant than cold blooded ones.
  20. the ocean is HUGE, a few hundred tonnes of artilliary and ship whould not affect it, and any petrol leakage's effects will be too minite to be noticed.
  21. by vasoconstriction and vasodilation we control our heat output, this allows us to travel at any tempretures, cold blooded creatures cannot. its about adaption, a camel will try to trap in as much water as possible so it cant lose heat by evaporation, it must be able to handle huge temereture changes. a polar bear is round to minimilize surface area, as it need to need warm. other animals do not need this as a priority. being warm blooded has disadvantages, as you use more fuel, a snake can last on a meal for many months
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