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  1. Hmm very interesting video. I appreciate the post.
  2. It would seem to me that many Atheists, would understand the fact that the chances of a god existing and watching over our single planet is slim. I agree with the fact that Atheists would have less moral objections to suicide also. I would recommend Emile Durkenheim's studies of social integration and suicide for anyone interested in this topic further.
  3. Logically, with the amount of galaxies that there are, and the vast number of stars in each galaxy, and the seemingly unmeasurable amount of planets surrounding these stars, it seems very likely that there are many a world that is habitable. Now, I believe the more important question here is habitable for what? Humans? Intelligent life? Microbial life? I can almost hear Carl Sagan explaining the Drake equation to me as I write this.
  4. this is an absolutly amazing opportunity I appreciate you guys telling me this as I now have to reserve the telescopes at my college! Merry Christmas all!!!
  5. I don't understand how there cannot be a "center." I think however they may perhaps be some misunderstanding about what I meant by center. In my previous reply I was referring to the "center" as in the "origin point."
  6. It would seem to me that "outward" would have to be measured from the center of the Big Bang. "Outward" in this instance is the particular direction going away from the "center" of the Big Bang.
  7. I dont understand, the big bang is the thought that all matter in the universe came from a single point isnt it? Why is it such an illegitimate thought then to say that this is ---the---origin?
  8. It would have to have an origin if its an expansion. Now what I believe the poster meant was that if everything revolved around that center point. Which is definatly not true. There had to be an origin and this origin is the center of the universe. My theory is that there is a small metal sphere there, and on it it has a post- it note that said. BOOM! im joking if you didnt get it by the way.
  9. so should i postpone getting a new laptop untill next year?
  10. They are bright because pf the simple fact that there are, I believe the last number I saw was 400 billion stars in our galaxy. The center of Galaxys are bright because of the face that the "celestial real- estate" is so close to another. It couldnt be because of the curvature of light because you wouldnt see the light unless there was some medium for it to pass through. erg. You dont see the beam of light when you turn on a flashlight only what it shines on, unless your shining it through a medium such as dust or fog. Intersteller dust in our case.
  11. interesting point i remember looking at the plans for this particular spacecraft in epidode 8 of cosmos the series. i believe the title was "travels in time and space"
  12. Sorry about posting late. Theres a modification of the big bang theory. Its the crush- bang- crush theory also theres a bang- crush-bang theory
  13. Whether or not the planet has a severe eliptical orbit, has no effect on hindering the development of intellegent life. In a way...."wow we got seasons." Who are you to say that the development of intelegent life has ANYTHING to do with the evolution of life on the planet. Given "billions and billions," of years, to mis-quote Carl Sagan, I presume that life COULD arise on the strangest of worlds. Out of billions, weve only looked through a pinhole of the avalible solar systems out there. Again the way that our solar system is shaped has no bering on the development of intelegent life out there. Wow. Are you denying the fact that your of only one species? Who's to say that the real dominant species in our world is dolphins? Whos to say that there so smart and above us that there grand scheme is to appear "dumb" so that humans dont suspect anything? Are you denying the hundreds of species that have came and gone in the history of the earth? Are you forgetting the existance of the dinosaurs,? Of there time they were the MOST dominant species of there era. My opinion is that we to will soon become to "inteligent" for our world and we will contribute to the downfall of our dominant species.
  14. hey watch carl sagans cosmos. also look up the drake equation
  15. No matter what we call it, gravity is everpresent. In my opinion what it is called means nothing as long as the effects are observed, and recorded using the same wordage. Gravity is a constant in the means of its effects are observed and can consistantly be predicted, given the right information. erg. It can be found as a constant force because the effects are completely dependent on the consistincy of the objects mass and acceleration. On the same note it is NOT seen as a constant like the speed of light. The truth of the matter is that the velocity of light... C, isnt even a constant speed. Light travels slower through any medium including the earth's atmosphere. in the same scence would you not consider light to be called a constant force? The only way these two problems could be solved is if you were to say that gravity is not constant, but that wouldn't make sense in Newtonian physics because absolutely nothing about the earth changes, not its mass, not its density, nothing, and according to everything I've been raised to know, you cannot change just one thing in the universe without changing at least one more thing. Im not sure here, but, im pretty sure you could solve for the force of gravity between two objects. erg. The force measured in newtons, between two objects in the vaccuum of space. id post more but the bell rang and im out of time to type.
  16. weve got crabs!!!! im thinking should i join them for dinner.....?
  17. damn snow showers i didnt get to see it here in indiana
  18. ooh ok i think i was thinking faster than i was typing
  19. wouldnt it only make sence tho that if the big bang theory is correct that the only plausible shape of an expansion would be a sphere anyways?
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