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    Addicted to;Footie, BasketBall, Athletics, Babminton and Tennis. I find Science Exciting :P I love hanging around with my Friends, Listening to Music, Chillin.
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  1. Haha, I also love the Forensics ^^
  2. Very nice set of results there, Congratulations and all the best for the future years.
  3. Hey guys, I was recently reading a book about Space, Apparently scientists have found a planet that may wield Human life on it in future years. They were saying that it's current state is the same of what the Earth was so many million years back, Smoky, Full of Lava and Volcanoes and it has a steadily forming Atmosphere. I shall get back to you on the name of the planet. All the best. Ben.
  4. We also have a SuperMassive Black Hole in our Neighbouring Galaxy!
  5. It's just usally where they are, A large amount of heated up Gas surrounds the Hole and sometimes it cannot be seen.
  6. I was watching this Documentary on Google Videos on SuperMassive Black Holes and they where saying that they have enought Gravitational Pull to make a Nearby Planet or Star Orbit faster than Light or near.
  7. Where on about in the Whole 'Universe'
  8. [math] F_g = \frac{m_1 m_2}{r^2} [/math] Hey, Earlier you was saying that you had to change the ='s Sign to a Varies to sign and the G ='s to G='s 1, What do you mean exactly? Thanks.. Ben.
  9. I mean like, It's distance is Eternal.. Hmm.. how can i explain this better, Like my street is only about 100m long, But space's distance is Eternal.
  10. Yeah, Sorry i did come into the Topic a bit too late. But hey, I have another possibility.. What if the Universe is like the World? A Sphere, You may, In Space be going around in Circles like you would on Earth if you went in one Direction for about 1 Year.
  11. How can Space end? What is going to end the millions if miles of Stars, Galaxies and Black Holes? A Wall? A vast Ocean floating around helplessly?
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