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  1. umm... by the way. How did u work out the squares question. Question 7
  2. WHOA! man, that was good! I'll have to check it. i'll give you feedback. It looks all correct
  3. yeah lol "you currently have -$7,965,356. PAY US BACK NOW!!!" **yikes**
  4. oh.!!! How scary. You under-spend time lol
  5. Is it possible for ur ordinary house hold red eared slider turtles to get a cold? In other words, can they catch the cold from a human who has a cold?
  6. How on earth can u have -3 hours of activity? How does it happen? I think cheetah has that !!!
  7. oh well. At least i'm learning something!!!
  8. No. I actually thought that water was not completely transparent. And the fact that it DID have colour meant that it was translucent. This added to the colour of the clothes, changing the amount of light that passed through the clothes, making it darker Lol porbably the same. is it?
  9. oh. I was wondering! Thanx man
  10. oh ok. By the way, can u have a look at the other topics i have posted, maybe u could help like usual
  11. What on earth is a Neorotransmitter? i saw it on the polls so i don't really know where this question belongs (!!!)
  12. yeah. I did a little reasearch in school on plastics. I had to research on teflon. It says that at about 650 degrees, is starts to go SLIGHTLY rubbery. Then at about 800 degrees, it depolymerises
  13. funny. They have a similar image on mathsworld website. http://scienceworld.wolfram.com/chemistry/
  14. Ok. I don't want anyone beating me up for this. But here something that i was thinking about. How know when u have cotton clothes. Lets say red in colour. Why is it when water is dropped onto it, it goes darker. Any colour in this case. Even though water is transparent. I have an idea, but I'm not giving it out. Just so that i don't influence any other ideas!!! Thanx
  15. 1. Taking an exact number of strides I can walk 9.49 metres. What is the length of my stride? 2. Make a copy of a triangle like that shown with four circles along each edge. Use the numbers 1 to 9. Put one number in each circle so that the four numbers along each edge add up to the same total. Find two different ways of doing this. <IMG height=238 src="http://www.rashidschoolforboys.sch.ae/pages/Maths%20Website2/photots%20for%20maths/trianlge.JPG" width=266> 3.If you multiply together all of the factors of 100, how many zeros will there be on the end of the answer? 4.In this multiplication problem: ?? x ? = ??? all of the digits have been replaced by a ?. The missing digits are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. If each digit is used once only find the correct version of the problem. 5.When my age is divided by 2, 3, 4 or 6 there is always a remainder of 1, but when divided by 7 there is no remainder. What age am I? 6. How many squares are there in the diagram below? <IMG height=100 src="http://www.rashidschoolforboys.sch.ae/pages/Maths%20Website2/photots%20for%20maths/8squares.JPG" width=102> 7.In what year (in the 20th century) would a person have been able to say “My age this year is the square root of the year in which I was born”. Have fun!!!
  16. Ok. All i want from u guys is a quick sketch on piant or something. it doesn't need to look good. I want a displayed formula of the two following compounds: 5-methyl-1-hexyne CH3CH(CH3)CH2CH2C=-CH 5,8,11-eicosatriynoic acid (ETI, 20:3 n5) Ok, I also want the general formula of an Alkadiyne and a triyne And by the way, what are the brackets for it the acid compound, above. (ETI, 20:3 n5)??? Thanx for ur help
  17. All I know about this is that water potential goes from 0 (pure water) down to -something (impure water) 1. Can water potential be of a positive integer, if so, how come? 2.What is the lowest possible integer for wter potential, -100? 3.If question 1 is yes. What is the highest it can be
  18. oh THANX ALOT, thanx for the advice Keep it up! bye
  19. how many lesson a week did you do. I think its nine, cause i do 6
  20. yeah, i know, i've heard that in the uk u can actually do triple science
  21. nope, it was not available for choosing. lol
  22. yeah. now, at the moment i ma doing double science GCSE I a thinking of doing physics, chemistry and maths A level
  23. Ok Thanks for the help and information. Keep up the good work And thanx again!
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