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  1. can u please show me a quick displayed formula? You know the one which shows the exact structure. just one quick one on paint! something like this. This one is butanoic acid which i drew myself for my website!
  2. I know that there are LOADS of hydrocarbons, At the moment i know these: Alkanes: SImple ones Alkenes: Have double bonds Alkynes: Have triple bonds Dienes: Have two double bonds Trienes: Have three double bonds Can you please give me an example of the follwoing: -a diene, its general formula, example (displayed formula preferred) -a triene and its general formula, example (displayed formula preferred) -an alyne and its general formula, example (displayed formula preferred) -the name of hydrocabons with 2 triple bonds, general formula and an example (displayed formula preferred) -the name of hydrocarbons with 3 triple bonds, general formula and an exapmple (displayed formula preferred) I know its an immensly HUGE question :zzz: , but pleeeaassseeee?
  3. oh. ok thanx for the info this was just out of curiosity
  4. no, i know gas is when something goes above boiling, but people say that there is water vapour (steam) how come since nowhere is 100 degrees C
  5. How can water exist in its 3 states solid= cause where it exists is under its melting point, its frozen Liquid= Cause where it is is above its melting point gas=??? Why? or the question may be HOW?
  6. so then, what makes it combust imperfectly? What aspect of it?
  7. thanx YT2095. First time i got to object to something said!!! Anyway, no ones per
  8. thats very ensuring. As long as ur here, i dunno if a quiestion cannot be answered !!!! Keep up the good work
  9. ok thanx for your help The millionth time youve helped me thanx cheers
  10. ok, so then, i'll divide it by 2 since my chemistry teacher tells be to simplify it. Thanx, and in case u were wondering y i was a total idiot, it was because im only in year 11, and balancing formulas as complex as this, i have not practiced lol
  11. oh ok. So.... case closed and thanx ALOT i really mean ALOT keep the good work up
  12. yeah. I wroked it out, its correct. Now the numbers before the chemicals are 2, 12 8 and 10, can i divide them by 2?
  13. yeah i know what quartz is, i just dont know the technical names:) ok, if there are impurities, what colour does it make it, does it change colour according to the teransition metal, like copper green and iron red
  14. so... would this be correct and balanced? 2C4H9OH + 12O2 -----------------> 8CO2 + 10H2O
  15. so, if there is a large area of benzene exposed to the air, it would burn completely
  16. what coulour are they and what on earth is orthorhobic, i know its rhombi but, whats orthorhombic?
  17. no, but if u take an evaporating basin, and light benzene in it, it burns incompletely In an equation, is there a certain amount of oxygen that is too high so that it burns incompletely, something like 9o2 or something, that forces it to burn incompletely???
  18. man, im more confused then u r!!!! I confused myself!!! ok, what do we have to do now to correct the equation above?
  19. yeah, but thats not a reaction. a mere change in physical state, this can happen to almost any compound that does not decompose when heated e.g mercury oxide
  20. yeah, but at normal room oxygen levels, why does a combustion of lets say benzene is incomplete?
  21. well, ill write out the whole reaction so u can see C4H9OH + 4O2 --------------->4CO2 + 5H2O (2 x 5580) + (4 x 498.3) ----------> (4 x 1610) + (5 x 928) 13153.2-------------------> 11080
  22. oh ok Which ones grow big, are easy to obtain, and look good?
  23. umm... i wroked it out, BUT I STILL GOT AN ENDOTHERMIC REACTION!!!! its driving me mad!!! but i now get 13153.2 -------------->11080
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