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  1. so, if i put a seed crystal, will any salt form on the thread???
  2. then, when does it combust incompletely if we have all the oxygen we want (from the room) ???? Sorry to bother u, but, i can't really get to grasp with this
  3. and what job exactly does the seed crystal do??? Because i tried to put a thread in the solution, and the crystals grew all over the thread!!!
  4. OH sorry sorry i didnt count the 4 in fornt of the carbon ok thanx
  5. oh ok. By the way, how can i get a slat seed crystal, their sooo TINY
  6. yeah, cause, looking at the equation: c4h9oh + 4o2 ------------> 4co2 + 5h2o | 3O2 is needed to correct it
  7. shouldnt it be 3 o2 as in ur equation there are 9 on the left and 7 on the right???
  8. lol well no, not really LOL because it can either burn completely or incompletely i want to know how it would burn NATURALLY and to aid that, i want to know how much oxygen for a reaction is that maximum possible at room ixygen levels so that it changes from being a complete to incomplete combustion
  9. so is the balanced equation: c4h9oh + 8o2 ------------> 4co2 + 5h20 ?????
  10. Well let me explain this scenario: 1. You are given a hydrocarbon 2. You cannot experiment to see whether soot is released 3.You have to find out whether is burn completely or incompletely 4.This is ALL at normal room oxygen levels i think 30% How can u tell whether it burns completely (Water and co2 released) or whether it burns incompletely (water, co2, co and C released)
  11. well, honestly to tell you, i havent a clue what you are talking about!!! But all i know, is that the butanol we are using has a formula of C4H9OH P.S i read ur question on the smallest movement that is detected and i have a question, Why do u ask impossible-to-answer questions lol
  12. by the way, there is no experimenting !!!!
  13. But how could you tell how it would normally combust, as there are two ways it can go
  14. i have got these bond energies: Butanol 5580 (total) Water 928 Carbon Dioxide 1210 oxygen 498.3 When i work out the total bond energies on both sides, it shows me that the complete combustion of Butanol is ENDOTHERMIC!!!! Whats wrong with my calculation C4H9OH + 6O2 ----------> 4CO2 + 5H2O 14149.8 11080 See?
  15. OK, i think a minor misundstanding. Lets say, you have an alcohol, propanol and it is involved and a combustion. How can u tell, without looking at a balanced formula at room oxygen levels, wether it is imcomplete or complete combustion. You only have the name of the chemical and two options for a formula, complete or incomplete
  16. I think youve made a mistake. You only found the number of small triangle, i need you to find EACH AND EVERY triangle. There are bigger trinagle like the whole of the first and second row. lol
  17. I found one but of a differnt sequence
  18. thanx i will One more question, i tried this experiment in advance, when there is slightly more salt in the solution, the salt forms 'snowflakes' and floats above the water, how does that happen?
  19. In a normal room with normal levels of oxygen, and without any testing or experimenting, how could you tell if a substance burns with complete or incomplete combustion???
  20. oh ok ill try the magnesium ones then thanx
  21. Is it possible to grow copper sulphate? And how? Are there any hazards for magnesium sulphate?
  22. i need something that i can grow at home
  23. If i wanted to grow salt crystals to their original shape (Cuboid, i think), how would i actually do it. I know the basics, like make a saturated solution, but how should i grow the seed crytal and how to obtain it Thanx
  24. umm... i don't really have a picture, i was just generalising, i just wanted to know if there was a formula. Can u explain to me exactly how to find the formula so that i could work it out by myself
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