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  1. Can any substance form a 4+ ion? If yes, what is it? Can any substance form a 4- ino? If yes, what is it?
  2. Nice! I actually subscribe to it. ITs REALLY good! You all should just buy 1 copy and have a read through.
  3. What properties would be different (other than the structure itself) of let's say, propan-1-ol and propan-2-ol?
  4. I think its a good magazine. Its really informative about scientific news. Really recommended
  5. Whoa!!! This is getting complex YIKES
  6. To the moderators, all members and guests, With my best wishes to all for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Have a wonderful holiday!!!
  7. hey YT, u changed ur signature!!!
  8. hey THANX. That was AMAZING!!! All the info i need!!!
  9. yup http://dragonslair.europe.webmatrixhosting.net/Mathsframe.htm this is the direct link to the challenge. Have fun, and please post the answers in the forum Thanx
  10. i think i have replied to ur post on the forum
  11. ummm. wolfson. Did u check out my site. It has a maths quiz for u......
  12. boy..... this is embarrascin as popeye would say lol
  13. Well, I'm just ending my GCSE course fro ur king information :flame: And thanx for sticking up for my YT2095
  14. ok. Thanx for the advice :flame:
  15. oh ok. So i'd better keep away from mine :scratch:
  16. ok. Wolfson, want some more? There is one up right now on my site. If you DO want to take aprt, it would be a great honour You have to first register in my forums and then post the answer. By the way, take a look at my science section
  17. I'M BACK!!! lol yeah. I'd rather make an original. Can u please tell me the general coding for a form
  18. well, in html if possible. Well, I'll tell u honestly, i want it similar to the GCSE bytesize system, u know, in that form. I think the url is http://www.bbc.co.uk/school/gcsebitesize
  19. Well, as the title suggests, i want to make a quiz. This is how i want to quiz to be: There should be a range of different types of solutions. Like 1 of 4 options, text input, or even, more than one choice. After the form has been submitted, there should be a brief on the questions that are answered. like the following: 1.You answered blah blah. This is correct 2.You answered blah. This is incorrect, the correct answer is blah blah it should work out the final score, like 10 out of 12 etc And it should also wor out the percentage. Thanx for ur help. I know its a little complex, but any help would be good. Thanx again
  20. yeah, but, the square thing looks a little weird, ITS TOO HIGH to me
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