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  1. Does the job have any hazards to health?
  2. is the choice a very vast choice?
  3. What sort of job does a chemical engineer have to do, does he have to work in factories, or labs, and if yes, what sort of factories or labs will they be?
  4. does it involve calculations?? Are there different types? for example, one type may be just the calulations, and the other to carry it out?
  5. What exactly is the job of a chemical engineer????
  6. oh, ok now , i got it. Thanx
  7. oh ok. i just wanted to know whether it was possible, i got my answer: NO! lol
  8. a quick sketch on mspaint will do! cause i'll design it from then on i can also show u if u want
  9. well, i looked on google, but i couldn't find the displayed formula Can someone help me out???
  10. yeah, can anyone find me the general formulas
  11. oh ok. Thanx for your help anyways, the gazillionth time youve helped me
  12. oh THANX ALOT that was absolutely GREAT
  13. wat is an isomer **yt2095 thinks: oh no, me and my big mouth, now another arguement** lol really, wat is an isomer, ive heard of monomers and polymers, whats an isomer
  14. by the way, the number of hourds ur active is exactly the same as the first 3 numbers of the numbers of post.
  15. Oh oh oh oh oh !!!! ok thanx it really looked different cause i tried to see if there was a rotation!!!! thanx
  16. huh? how can they be, and how on earth did you work it out
  17. ok i found TWO. Which one is it heres the first one
  18. yeah, let me look, ill post it, you moderate it
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