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  1. Hello Biggest question would be why? Well if your a super advanced species why would you want to come here. 1) natural resources 2) make way for a hyperspace way 3) humans make great snacks if it happen could be they'd destroy mankind, could be their so advanced they couldn't comprehend our primative weapons. Hence no defence and we win 'yeah' and 4) aliens make great snacks. or as to viral plague, recall H. G. Wells war of the worlds were in the end Earth virus' destroy the Martians. If you go to another world you'd need to have immunity to it's naturally occuring bacteria. I still believe space aliens took one look at us though our TV broadcasts, and decided to stay as far the hell away from us as they could. Except for those running Earth World Safari's, 'Yes come see the primative animals in their natural surroundings'. Mr D Sorta cynical, and going down from there
  2. mr d

    Racial differences.

    Hello Seen some investigation occuring that human genetic makeup still contains earlier forms, and not just as related to humans genes being human. Sounds a bit odd but it is where you and say an ape share a common set of genetic code to help develope an opposable thumb. Due to evolution humans and apes have added futher genetic code to develope the thumb each species has. But the original code to still exists in both species. Meaning some far distant ancestory of a number of species most likely has part of its code embedded in all those species as a building block for further evolutionary developement. Such as how human fetus' have tails and gills during very early developement; vestage dna. So you might not de-Evolve, but you might halt a code at a simpler form, or redirect from the earlier point. Mr D
  3. mr d

    Racial differences.

    Hello Basically there is just one race, the human race, that is sub-categorized into groups based on observable physical characteristics. Futher more most of these characteristics are physical differences derieved from climatic and geographical condiction under which the people developed. Black skin is simply contains more pigment than white skin as protection from the sun. As dark people moved futher northward into colder climates with less sunlight and colder temperatures, a lessening of pigment occurs to allow some minor absorption of vitamin E and C through the skin (not totally proven). Meaning there is a physical advantange to lighter skin in colder climates. Same for hair, as the coiled form of hair found amoung Africans today provide a superior form of blockage to the sun's rays than the thinner flat lying hair of Europeans. However straight flatter lying hair allows for a greater lenght of hair meaning it can hang down and cover larger areas of skin. More advantages in colder climates. Temperture playing a role in why Europeans tend to have a greater amount of body hair compared to Africans. Africans have wider flatter noses to allow for larger nostral passages acting to help cool the hotter air they would breath in, less contact with tissue. Europeans developed a more narrow pointed nose which creates passages that while wide bring the air into much greater contact with tissue. This results in the air being warmed as to is brought into the lungs, better for colder climates. Asian while many live in colder climates are a later arrival to those places, displacing the native inhabitants that did have more caucasion features. Also interbreeding lessened the physical differences. Mr D
  4. mr d

    Time Explained

    Hello Gone so missed the first part of this, but seem to remember and old idea that time is merely changes in the state of energy/matter(speed, location, orientation...). Combined with a organisms means of percieving those changes. The past is a former state, the present the current state and the furture a prediction of a state yet unrealised. As to the perception part, time exists differently dependant on the organism. How a plant or house fly interprets time might be totally different than how a human experiences time, and individual humans would show some variation in their ability to interpret time due to physical differences between individuals. Also for items or organisms that can not detect changes no time exists. Any name or numeric value assigned to represent time would be the invention of the organism or species as a means to represent their interpretation for their preceptive range of state change. It would mean that in speaking of time you have to factor into an equaltion who's/what's vantage point you are speaking from. For no time to exist would tend to mean under such an idea that 1) no change in the state of energy/matter occurs 2) all states of energy/matter exist at the same time (human reference word), but organisms only percieve range limited to their species/individual 3)organism's are falsely percieving changes or misinterpreting changes to produce their conception of time. So if a beam of light, photons, are traveling in a wave pattern, if no concept such as time exist why would a wave pattern be produced. Since the perception of peaks and valleys denotes some interval has occurred between to different states? Should light then not be but a single line. Mr D Enjoying the optical illusions included, but doesn't that have more to do with optical formations and processing limitations in the human species. Still find them fun none the less.
  5. Hello No as listed above does not quite explain it. unless I take it, please feel free to elaborate as you said you first post is hard to analyze as to meaning in spots. Time already exists at all moments as a single line, people exist on this single line of time and can not alter it as it has already occurred; and they are only aware of a referrenced point on this single line, our for lack of a better term their current timeframe. Or do you imply time while it is a single line, time is not a single cohessive quantity and that time is attached to each individual components of the Universe. Meaning if a timeloop did occur it only occurs for the energy involved in the time loop and that all other energy continues in time. Also if you could explain: I go back in time and crush a can, I go forward come back to the exact same instant and do not crash the can. Then do the it again and this time throw the can. Under your theory only one of those actions can take place. It is the one that already has to get time to the place that allowed me to go back in time. So do you propose some means that once and action occurs it can not be changed, as what would there be to prevent the other actions if they are occuring at the exact same moment. Unless you argue all three did occur, which I take it is your theory. Mr D out till next mondays at earliest so unforunately will not be able to view or reply anytime soon. But as to your Theory that's already been decided. Must admit it'd be a damn bore if it is. Enjoy your weekend - but you already have/or haven't
  6. hello well I get the simplicity of your reply, but how does your explaination take into count time loops. You travel to the past, time advances till you traveled to the past. How does your system still manage to allow time to proceed forward into a future time beyond that of when you went back? also under said system if from if you sitting at your computer went back in time 10 seconds, are there two forms of your present occupying the same space sitting at your computer? did you become the older state of your energy, meaning you are the person from 30 seconds ago? And if that's true if you went back beyond a time you were born would you disperse into whatever form your energy occupied then? As in Theory the energy used to form you already existed then in a different state, so what is your explaintion for identicle particles of energy being able to co-exist at the sametime. Or if you went instead to the future, does that mean the future already exists with you having gone there. If so would that not mean every action taken has already been predetermined, negating any concept of freewill or self determination? Mr D
  7. Hello Was trying to take the 'Energy can neither be created or destroyed, but merely change forms' sort of idea into my time displacing. Thus you still occupy your time, even though in another, so you are neither removing or adding energy/mass in either time. Also was looking at the problem of time looping, as if I were actually to join the past time line. That would loop time as I actually removed the mass/energy that was myself. Time would keep going up to when I left, go to the past, time goes up to when I left then loops back to the past. If I take my time frame with me there is no loop, just that bubble of time, as it were, went with me and continues in its timeframe just located elsewhere. Meaning I could still rejoin my timeline. Mr D
  8. Hello Got how basically you have all instances of past time travel already occuring, therefore they did not change time but created it to form the present. But trying still to figure out how matter or energy, in his case you, could exist in the same location. Example you go back 1 minute and try to occupy the same location you are in now ( we'll fore go Earth rotation, orbit, galatic spiral all that stuff where you'd actually have to travel quite a ways to be in the same spot). How is it that the same energy can compose both you and the minute ago you? How does the energy that is you now co-exist with the energy that is you then? Could you both occupy the same space? Still figure the only way to carry that out is same space and energy but in different times, or at least the energy is existing simutaniously as seperate times within the same time line. Mr D
  9. Hello again Well perhaps co-existing, but non-intermingling time, would be a better term. Both times 1907 and 2007 existing at the same point in time physically, but the matter each existing in its own time frame. Mr D
  10. Hello Having fun trying to figure out a way to handle that pesky problem of time travel where you go back and kill your father. Most ideas put into solving this the idea of multiple timelines co-existing, which seems a bit over complicated so tried to think of a way less complicated. So how about this; not Time Travel but Time Displacement. You can go back in time, but in doing so you do not become matter in that timeline, but are matter from your own time displaced into the other timeframe. You may be in the year 1907 but your matter is still existing in 2007. Hence the energy that is, or will be you can share the same space, because you are not sharing the same time. Also you can not kill your Father or really change history in any way because though you are in that time, you are not part of it. Any action you are taking is not occuring in 1907, but in your displaced time of 2007. You could not shoot your father then because the act of you shooting is occuring in your timeframe,100 years in the future. What do you think, what other ideas have you got? Mr D
  11. Hello Well though I stated boredom as the reason to pose the question, the implication that this thread is only for entertainment purposes is of your own creation. If you read the originally posted statement it was more of what has been said, and what can you invent; including a possiblity of replies used to judge inventiveness as to contest. I saw no reason to include reference to scientific use as that was as you say not the entended purpose. And my conclusion (perhaps in error) that participants at this site would not be hampered by linear reasoning that occluded a multitude of ways to interpret responces. But I do thank you for participating, and the information gleemed. Mr. D Oh...btw my choice of the beginning verbage of 'am drunk again' comes from an old case decades past. Stemmed from a carved stone found in the Northeastern United States that found two historians arguing as to origin. One held firm it was from very early Native Americans. The other that it most resembled Nordic runes. In the end an assistant had placed the stone on a table and went to retrieve something. Coming back toward the table he noticed scrawled at a odd angle on the stone 'am drunk again this day' and a date in the very late 1600's. Seems you need to look at something from every angle.
  12. Hello In younger days I tended to see the universe around me as a rather complex place. But now with age (forced upon me without conscent) I see the Universe as a very simple place, simple parts, simple componants; which when combined can form complex objects and systems. And as such that's the beauty of the Universe, as with a few basic building blocks you can create about whatever's needed. Conversely that's the danger, complex systems can be brought down by fauilure or change in a simple building block. The object or system is only as strong as its weakest componant. What we have here is one hell of a Lego set. What say you? Mr. D 'Never a leader, just the idiot in the room'
  13. Hello Hmmm... try thinking about it this way for your more scientific angle, pychological and social analysis of mental reasoning. Why does a culture, group or person find they are able to to concieve of, or believe in these conspiracy theories? How does that reflect on the mental processing behind such reasoning, and from whence did that line of reasoning develope; is it cultural, education, political, or socially derieved. Listening to the conspiracy theories, folklore, and urban legends can open many avenues for insight into the thought process of people and cultures (plus aliens - they are amoung us you know). Mr D
  14. Hello Though you may work in a scientific field that work, and your life in general, is not conducted in a vacumn. The vast majority of science is carried out not so much because it is what would be the best for science. But because it is what someone is willing to pay to be conducted. This is related to political, social, and economic influences, and for you to operate effectively in this enviorment you should learn through your education in Liberal Arts (History, Literature, Sociology...) to better understand and gauge how these forces will effect your career in science. Mr D.
  15. Hello Think about River - size and volume Cave in - deepth of cave location and surrounding makeup of earth above the cave Mr D
  16. Hello Put me down as another one of those preferring Red Dwarf to the others. Why? Something comforting to know a halographic jerk, a slob, a mentally challenged creature desending from a human's cat, and a malfunctioning piece of robotic machinary are what survive to carry on humanity. And if you watch the show they actually handle sciences ideas like blackhole, time travel, and artificial intelligence better than the more serious shows. Plus it it's funny dam it Jim! Mr. D
  17. Hello I think the answer is simply. They're saying what you want to hear. Mr D.
  18. Hello Bored again today, haven't seen enough wacked out conspiracy theories lately, and the Weekly World News is in a slump (a far more informative and authoritative periodical then one would care to believe). So what nice crazy idea can you come up with to explain some current event or social-political or economical movement? Or what is the best you've heard lately? OK I'll start us off Why is Bush ignoring the will of the American people and continuing to build up the war in Iraq. Because it has be devulged to him by Pat Robertson that he has been annointed to bring about Amageddon. And that Iran really has no Nukes but members of the Skull and Bones society are secretly funding a media campaign to convince the World that it does, therefore allowing Bush to continue to press forward his War in hopes of drawing in Iraq and Syria thus causing the deployment of nuclear weapons and a end of days. Hey, its as good a reason as any other. So join in and get as crazy as you wanta be, they whose idea is the most matches short of a pack is the winner. Mr D 'I can see dead people' well you all are going to be some day.
  19. Hello I don't equite equate it as complex as Multilevel programming, more a simple subsystem notification arrangement, one for amount of liquid being processed and rate, and the other just a storage capacity check. If amount and rate is more than current capacity increase storage capacity through system purge. Mr D
  20. Hello I believe part of it is your body clearing the way, or basically your kidneys and such know it will process the water quickly, and a signal is sent to your bladder were if anything is there its gotta go to make room for what's coming. Mr D
  21. Hello The Gulf Stream, or the North Altlantic Conveyor, circulates water about the Atlantic in deep oceans streams or currents (also refered to as rivers). Highly simplified: Sea water that has a high concentration of salt is heavier than less salinated water. Within the Conveyor starting by England (cold North Sea) the salty water sinks down and helps to form the deeper Conveyor system. This moves southward down the coast of Europe and Africa, then across to South America and up the America's coast and then redirected back across the Atlantic toward England along the Gulf Stream. So that warm air from the Caribbean is carried along and warms the climate of England and Europe. As Global warming increases temperature even hotter wind is carried across meaning even warmer European temperatures. However as Global warming causes melting of ice it is believed it could lead to less salt in Ocean water. Less salt the less heavy the water when cooled, meaning a slowdown in the North Atlantic Conveyor system. As that system slows the effects of the Gulf Stream slows and results is less warm Caribbean air being circulated into England and Europe bringing temperture drop. Look at Canada and it's cities at the same latitude as English cities and take note of what their average temperature is. As they do not benefit from such warm air circulation, you can begin to understand why some believe if Global Warming continues it could lead to a furture Ice Age in Europe. Mr D btw: the same system is believe to be bringing fertilizer residue from farms in Africa by winds into Caribbean, resulting in Fungal infections of Coral.
  22. Hello relating to persons ablility for altruism, freely giving without expections of reciprocation, and brain structure http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6278907.stm Will have to see more of the full paper to tell if its simply structure, how the structure processes, or a combination of both. Question is: As we map out more of the brain and it's functions, and possibly determine how to direct developement, what possible benefits and possible abises could arise? Mr D
  23. Hello Was just wondering if dark matter exists, could dark light also exist, and if so what properties might you expect it to have? Mr D
  24. Hello Back for now till dragged away by work. Anyway about genetics and intelligence, as somewhat stated earlier part is potential, part is physical. Physical is simply physical characteristics of your brain, how large, how are the folds shaped; what sizes are different portions of your brains as needed for processing such items as sound or vision. How stong are your synapse connections, how well do the chemicals used for electrical transmission and storage of information work. Add on to this how well does external stimulation reach your brain, such as your hearing, optic nerves, spinal column, and nerve receptors in your sky amoungst many others. Then there's the second part the external stimulus portion, your brain has to recieve the stimlus needed to fully develope your brain's potential. Example: a blind person has the same basic physical brain structures as a sighted person, but since the visual portion of their brain does not get stimulate as would a sighted person it does not develope in quite the same way. And infact portions may instead develope to aid in sound prosessing instead. So you may be born with better sound processing abilities, but your never exposed to different types of music. While a person who has less processing ability did enjoy a wide musical experience fully used what they had. They would develope their area more and hence understand music better than you. Even though you had more potential for music. As to identical twins, since brain structure is the same, if both recieve the same amount of stimulus there brain will develope along simular lines. Mr D
  25. Hello Shall be disappearing for the Holidays, so I extend my most hearty seasonal wishes to the distinguished ladies and gentlemen of this forum. Mr D
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