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  1. If my arguments are bad, why has nobody rebutted them? Sure, many people may disagree. But nobody has been able to explain why. It's just emotive nonsense. And honestly, I'm not offended. I just want rectification. It's only right. I never attacked anyone on these forums ever. I only attack arguments. I wish the same were only true of Mokele. And by the way, you never answered my question. Even if what I said was bullshit--which, by the way, I don't believe is true for a second--is that still excuse for moderators to abuse members?
  2. But you didn't "kick the intellectual crap" out of me. In fact, as I remember it as you being the one who forfeited the argument. You not only lost the intellectual battle, but you also abused a member of the forum. You think you "made your point," but I clearly rebutted it on all counts. Maybe you could give me a small example of you "kicking the intellectual crap out of me"? I should surely get some amusement from this. I'm actually really interested in how you think you won that argument as it's clear you're the one who quit. Furthermore, even if you personally think I was making bullshit claims, is that an excuse to abuse members?
  3. I suppose I'm not getting an answer. Abuse from moderators who should be models for all other posters is acceptable apparently.
  4. The worst I can be accused of is perceived boorishness. However, I never attacked anyone. I don't have any enemies on these forums. I don't have any problems with anyone. However, I have to say that the way I have been treated here is plain wrong. I am sorry if I am perceived by you guys as being boorish, or rude, or whatever. I still don't think that is reason or justification for me being abused.
  5. So he was right to call me "maladjusted asshole" and a woman-hater and a wife-beater, etc.? That stuff is permitted here? Is that what you're telling me?
  6. I take it that you think there's nothing wrong with moderators who do not listen to the arguments of others and base their decisions on emotions. As long as it comes from well-meaning emotionality, it's perfectly acceptable for moderators to name-call, to flame and abuse members. You know. Kind of reminds me of those extreme Christians who bomb abortion clinics. They attack and murder doctors with families. And they're convinced that they are fighting on the right side. But are they right? Is Mokele right? All I want is an apology. For Mokele to admit he is wrong for abusing me. And also for my infraction to be reversed. Thanks for listening.
  7. In retrospect, I should have specified it, yes. But I mean, how hard is it to figure out that I didn't mean all women? Indeed, is there anything I could say that would be true about all women? I could say "Women have clitorises." But I would be wrong... Because not all women have clitorises. I could say "Women have two X chromosomes." But I would be wrong. There is a weird genetic abnormality in which some women (perfectly normal women, mind you) have an XY chromosomal configuration. It's rare, but I'd still have people like Mokele saying, "You shouldn't make blanket statements! Not all women have two X chromosomes!" And he'd technically be right... Not all women have two X chromosomes. But you see what I'm saying? Explication is really not needed. But in retrospect, if I had known some people would be so rigid and literal in their interpretations, I should have specified. Whoops. But I mean, honestly, it's ridiculous. Thing is, he probably really thinks I hate women and think they're inferior and I also beat women. It's ridiculous. Does anybody here besides me think Mokele is the teensiest bit out of line when he first gave me an infraction, then implied that I beat women, and then called me a woman-hater, as well as an "emotionally maladjusted asshole"? ... just because I implied that women are a bit more docile than men? Does anyone besides me think that's a bit much?
  8. That's just plain bad logic, altogether. "Bill told a lie, therefore he's a liar"? I've lied before. But I don't think of myself as a liar. Certainly you've lied before. Do you consider yourself a liar? Furthermore, who decided that docility defines women? I only said that women are more docile than men. Not all women are more docile than all men. It's just a tendency. Do you want to know why I didn't explicitly qualify it? It's because it's implied. Let me elucidate how absurd your qualms with this are. Say some person makes the declaration "Women are physically weaker than men." Assuming we're talking to a sane individual, he means "Women are generally weaker than men." But let's say he used the first instance. Do you think simply because he didn't explicitly qualify it, it means that he thinks the weakest man on this planet is stronger than the strongest woman on the planet? Do you think he means that a man in an ICU with an IV plugged in, who is dying of cancer is stronger than strongest female body building champion? Do you think he believes that when he says "Men are physically stronger than women."? He doesn't qualify it because it's assumed. I don't think you're stupid and I think you're fully capable of figuring these things out on your own. So what the deuce? The thing is, I didn't do that. I made a generalization. I could also generalize that women have clitorises and men have penises. Those are hardly sexist comments. Yes, release your anger, Luke! Also don't forget non-sequiturs. Now you're imposing your own personal prejudices on me once again, imagining how I must treat women, given that I think they're a bit more conformist/docile than men. Thanks, Dr. Phil. I can now finally see how much I bitterly despise women. Slippery slope? How are docile and conformable intrinsically different? Maybe you could expound on that for me. If the words are so different as you say, I should find it curious to learn that docile is a synonym for conformable. http://thesaurus.reference.com/browse/conformable Once again, I wasn't including all women. Do you really think I mean that the most docile and conformist man is less docile/conformist than the least docile/conformist woman? So... Already went over this. I didn't qualify it because it should be obvious enough that I didn't mean it as all-inclusive. Think about it. Once again, it should be obvious it wasn't meant as an all-inclusive statement. And second, I still think you're wrong for associating conformity with weakness. Sure, in some instances, docility is not desirable, but in many instances it is highly desirable. Without conformity, there certainly could not be groups and organizations. And certainly we could not have strong and powerful organizations and groups if conformity is not demanded of its participants. Yikes! Quite a compassionate liberal you are. I'm just a pathetic "emotionally maladjusted asshole." Is that how you treat people who are in dire emotional need? Do you pick on bums hanging out outside of 711s? "Get a job! You're pathetic!" I really don't see it as such. You made it plain that double standards don't bother you. It only bothered you that I made a generalization about women--even though I did the same with men. I think we ought to do away with double standards because there is always that arbitrariness factor. Who decides what kind of discrimination is acceptable and what is not? I don't like double standards and I don't like it when people condone them. How do we decide what discrimination is okay and what is not? Who gets to make that judgment call? Wouldn't it be better to just do away with discrimination and double standards altogether? I'm against discrimination. You're the one condoning double standards--not me. You think it's permissible to discriminate against men, but not against women. I think neither is permissible. Makes this statement a bit ironic, don't ya think? Let's briefly recap why I am a woman hater, according to you. 1. I said women are generally more docile/conformist than men. (Even though explication of qualification isn't necessary, when you think about it.) 2. Some men who think women are inferior also think think they are docile. 3. Therefore, I hate women, very bitterly. I am also an asshole and I beat women, apparently.
  9. Perhaps some misogynists do do that. Doesn't give you the right to lump me into their category. That's like using this logic: KKK members are typically white. Aswokei is white, and therefore he must be a KKK member. Outstanding work, detective. No. No, it's not. First off, I never said all women are docile. Second, is criminality ever considered by people as whole as desirable? No. Criminals are bad. Conformity rather, is quite different. People, as a whole, very highly value conformity. Therefore, your comparison is, well, I'm afraid to say, dumb. What?! It's true. What "tactics"? Once again, I do not hate women, nor do I think they are weaker than men (Obviously they're weaker physically, but you know what I mean.) I do not think of women as untrustworthy. Actually, I love women and I think they're great. I just happen to think they're a bit more conformist than men. And they tend to thrive better in man-made artificial systems than men. That doesn't make me woman-hating. It's really not that complicated. I don't understand your problem. Just because men in the past may have said "Women are meek, and are therefore useless!" doesn't mean that's what I'm doing. Really? It's absolutely known to be false? I'd like to read some scientific literature about that. Do you know where I can start read some studies that prove that women absolutely are not more conformist than men? Strictly speaking, that's not true. Even if it were true, however, I never implied that I think of women as the "weaker sex." You chose to see it as such. It's less complicated for some people to just lump others who see things differently into a category they already have internal labels for. So therefore, we should allow and encourage double-standards? Just because whites have enslaved blacks in the past, does that mean we should give them extra rights? Personally I think they should have the same rights as whites. No more, no less. I think it should be the same for women. Same rights. No more, no less. Do you think women should have more rights than men because they have been mistreated and exploited in the past? How is it obviously false?... oh. I guess I would know if I got out and went socializing, huh. Okay, fine.
  10. Misogyny--hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women. I see a non-sequitur here. I characterize women in general as docile and hence I hate, dislike, or mistrust women? Wow... such cutting, incisive use of logic! I am in awe. How other people's prejudices cause them to react is really not my problem. People could, if they chose to, perceive conformity as a virtue--in fact, I do. We all do. Without conformity nothing could be accomplished. But for some reason I am given an infraction and stigmatized as a woman hater because I suggest that women are more conformist than men. Interesting. Didn't I say men are more aggressive and savage than women by nature? Why didn't anyone accuse me of misandry? You guys ought to open your minds and stop thinking with your hearts. Yes, that noodle exists for a reason. It's not consuming 25% of your body's metabolic energy for shits and giggles.
  11. How does my characterization of women as docile qualify judging me as misogynist? Now that's a bit hasty.
  12. Yes, women are very docile compared to men, especially in the presence of men.
  13. No, there's nothing wrong with believing in God as long as you keep it to yourself and don't impose your beliefs and consequent actions on others. For example, if you think human embryos are humans because God created them and decided to condemn stem cell research as a consequence, that would be wrong. Similarly, killing people because your god told you to would be wrong. Imposing your beliefs on others is wrong. But as long as you keep it to yourself, there's no problem. But that's the thing--not many people keep their beliefs to themselves.
  14. You can't prove God doesn't exist. Therefore he does! It would be a sad, desolate, cold world if there were no god. Therefore he exists! If God doesn't exist then all these people on this planet who are praying to him are praying for nothing. That is a sad thought. Therefore God exists! I find the notion of a loving creator comforting. Therefore he exists!
  15. I agree. Humans are very good at overriding instincts. Those huge frontal lobes sure do come in handy. However, it doesn't make our instincts irrelevant as you seem to think. Take racism, for example. In many places people who look very different from each other can get along fine--even though a small part inside of them may whisper "Don't trust him!--he's black, or has slanty eyes--he's your competition!" Many of us are able to override our natural predisposition to not trust people who look different from us. However, many aren't. It's that instinct that says, "Don't trust him!" that causes things like racism. It's instinct. Just because many people can override these instincts most of the time doesn't make these instincts irrelevant. I'm just saying war, in particular, is a time when rape is rampant. I'm also willing to bet that wartime rape and pillaging shapes us and our genes a great deal. Even during times of peace, in normal polite society, rape is pretty common. By the way, you know I'm not in any way condoning rape, don't you? I wouldn't doubt that rape has crossed your mind at some point in your life, whether you're willing to admit it or not. I know I've thought about it--I'm not ashamed of it, either. I'm a human. However, also like a human, I am able to exhibit strong self-control. However, just because, perhaps you and I are able to control our urges does not mean everyone else can. haha
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