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  1. For those who can not focus, when they so desperately want to focus, probably need it. Like right now, I should be doing something else. I need a different prescription, something stronger and different.
  2. Yeah, well a lot of things won't transfer over. I intend on taking those courses, but only a certain amount will transfer. I believe if I were to take calculus three then they would allow me to test out or else transfer the credit. I guess I could ignore the other math credit, right? Calc III is the top for transfer, so I assume they can't make me do anything lower. I do know the credits do transfer, but only a certain amount. credits=hours in some lingo. So, i believe I'll take some foreign language courses and electron transport chain. (etc) i'm getting psycho with all the biology, how fun? oh well.. it's all about what will transfer, how i can manipulate that, and so forth.. must catch the bus.
  3. Well, I guess that answers that question about what's the hottest thing on the planet? Back when YT was talking about how a fusion reaction reactor would be quite toasty?
  4. It is somewhat possible to obtain immortality, the questionable matter is if the research and development can be done in a time alone. Research and development takes many resources. Immortality wouldn't be so bad, I could deal with that. *jumps off cliff* *Holds sword in air to guide lightning towards it* There may be a possible way to throw somatic brain cells into mitosis. Cells that relate to the brain in great rank don't multiply often-sometimes every 30 years. I think throwing the mitosis switch would be easier than creating some artificial/clone replica and then implanting it. Braincell mitosis I don't like the idea of replacing braincells. The brain has not been fully discovered, and I like the idea of having braincells create new braincells by mitsosis than other ways. Other objects such as organs could be easily replaced. The brain's parts never have a chance to be replaced often, if impossible at times. The clone would be unnecessary and the requirements for transfer IMO would be more complicated than the advancement of excelling mitosis in braincells.
  5. I liked creating password screen with macromedia flash.
  6. I assume it can have its own wiki. It competes with scienceforums.com as one of the leading scientific forums on the web. Of course there are other specialized forums [physicsforums.org(sp?)]. However, SFN is a broad and general website for all talks of science and engineering. *always editing my paragraphs of indefinites.*
  7. I really need some help here. I'm interested in biochemistry, bioengineering, neuroscience, and cybernetics of the mammalian body. I'm into cognitive processing and more. I assume that Illinois isn't my best bet if I want to go far in these fields. I've been looking at the University of Wisconsin. I just have not been able to figure out which school does more scientific research and actually established found discoveries. I'm simply poor and broke these days. I could get a bunch of loans and never pay them back, that's not a problem. "If you understand the value of money, you'll borrow some." - Benjamin Franklin My parents are not accepting of that idea. My problem is finding a good school. I spent a year or so in college now only to notice many classes I have taking are worthless. They aren't actually worthless too worthless; they transfer to a close-by university. (NIU) (Wiki) Of course, this university is somewhat low-grade, and I want to go to a place with more power, research facilities, and prestige. I don't really care too much about the prestige per se. I care about being able to dive into research, learning, and further development--R&D simply put. That's why I want to aim for UIUC, UIC, or Illinois state.. I've been so busy with other studies and keeping up my grades, I seem to have lost track of "who is doing what" in universities. I'm not sure if readers live in Illinois, but I would enjoy some pointers. I sat down with a counselor today, and he said a good amount of the biology courses I've taken won't transfer. I thought, "My god, I've wasted a year or so here." Here's the irony. The liberal arts transfer.. *is galling by the way society is* The social sciences transfer also, I don't mind what I've taken. Except, U.S. history. Hmm.. seems I've got another long distance of things to do. Perhaps I should start taking 6 classes a semester. Maybe two a summer. Well, I won't be dating a girl for a while. lol. How should I go about transferring to a University from a Community College? How will I know it will serve my intellectual wants and needs? I originally planned on doing a biochemistry major--I get the best of both worlds. I'm into neuroscience, beceause I'm into transhumanism. Let's not debate this, this is my view. I just feel that somewhere along the line, an understanding of biochemistry and neuroscience could help achieve a type of nootrope as shown in the Flowers for Algernon. I see such a nootrope in the near future as a reality. I just want to be able to push forth and obtain that goal. I don't know the proper steps to do so, I'm sure some people are slowly getting to the whole idea, I just want to push faster and harder to it. How would I go about achieving that in a sense that I'm not violating and federal laws? I mean seriously, college and universities are crap. We all know that, but there are limitations on the freedom of research. That's why I want to become a professor. I sometimes question how it would be to become a neurosurgeon.
  8. Nezumi


    Back in the day those things rarely looked at a website. Ever since google came in, it seems like there is a militia of them.
  9. Thus, why you have a large post count. I think you need WINDOWS 2000 for parallel... Otherwise: Anyways, here's the deal. Build a computer can be easy. However, there is some math involved. A lot of manufactures these days teach people how to put stuff in somewhat because of documentation that comes with hardware. However, you have to understand what you want inside of the computer If you have a basic understanding, you know that the obvious compents are: - Sound card - Video card - Disk drive - CD Drive The ports of a computer are often found on the motherboard; They are soldered on. Most people get confused about the box, motherboard, and powersupply The best thing you can do is get the box, motherboard, and powersupply altogether. As one package.. You may or may not be able to do so. There is often a standard "box" (case) people put PCI cards in. The best thing you can do is walk into a computer store and hit the technical guy up for answers. These guys sometimes work on a quota so they will be willing to "help you" (actually they want to sell it more importantly) and help you figure out what you need to buy. Ask them about what type of box you need. - What type of box should I use? (You may find one fancy) if so.. - What type of motherboard does the case use? - What type of RAM sticks should I use? - What do you think is the best CPU to use at a decent price for this motherboard? - Do I need a 240v PSU or 120v PSU? (depends on nation/country/etc.) Building a computer is somewhat complex because there are hard things to understand. First off, the computer guy could give you everything you want, but he may sell you the most expensive stuff. That's why you've got to understand a few terms and concepts: - RAM (DDRAM) I'm behind, I haven't built a computer in about a year. - Cache - CPU (will it be the best for this motherboard?) I think it's AMD (right?) they one the battle? There is usually a lot more, which is why I suggest some more people here throw out serious things. Those are some of the basics, though. THE MOST IMPORTANT CONCEPT: Don't shock the shit out of your equipment when you put it in. There's a joke where people will put computer stuff in naked. I simply control my movement when I'm on carpet. Other people buy the wriststrap shock asorbers (most common thing to do) I suggest you buy one, it has its handiness if you want to do more electronic stuff in the future, something fun to invest in.
  10. So far all I'm getting is how it would relate to politics. I assume the reason I have to take it is because the ignorant mass of human life on this planet doesn't allow the system of money to be taken away so easily. In other words, people still use money and the world is based on money which relates to politics. As a scientists, although one that understands money=paper, I still have to figure out how to manipulate the system. The system being how the ignorant people still bow down to people who know the system but keep it built on money and psychological control. In all truth, though, without money or politics or ethics, etc. etc. It is somewhat pointless.
  11. Having seen one of these sites before, I can say that they are not sexually explicit thus they are not pornography. If they were sexually explicit, then they would be considered so. I think the sites that are really messed up the are the child model websites with girls in very, very skimpy clothes showing thier body.
  12. Going through college I assume most of you know the situation. You're a science major, yet you have to take courses in history, sociology, and art. Although it's not such a bad thing to know how to explain your ideas through art as Leonardo Da Vinci did, you start to find that very little of this relates to your major. Slowly, your GPA comes out of your grip. What is the point of taking liberal arts courses to obtain an Associates of Science degree? I really don't see the point whatsoever as to why I have to take these courses. Right now I'm taking a U.S. history course and I find that it is completely worthless and I will not use it later on in life. I don't want to use it later in life, therefore it is pointless to me. I'm sure history in a sense when it includes science has its uses, however people, places, dates, wars.. none of that really matters.. none of it really matters at all. To me it seems the only thing those courses are there fore is to lower a student's GPA to slow down economic competition among educated people. In other words, as long as you can make the other guy look bad, you keep on looking good. I really don't see much other use for these courses except to deter people and bring them down. A waste of time. I like to look at these things by the perspective of power. I'm using my time to learn about history which will give me power in history... I don't think that type of power is going to do me anygood. I don't have a use for it, never did growing up when I took it in middle school. I don't have any use for it now. I'm anarchist and I don't care about governments, I'm only worried about watching my own tail. I don't see the point of some of these courses. If a person is into business then sure, some of it matters. I'm not a business major. I'm sure it would be fun for making conspiracy theories about bullionism saying that the NWO broke off from Atlantis and that's why people had to collect gold, because the NWO was conducting scientific experiments in the 1400s. As a scientist knows, silver is a better conductor.. therefore gold is crap.
  13. I checked into it, and it seems to be like behavior conditioning. Just a different label without alterations, but it has the same principles: behavior conditioning/modification.
  14. Homosexuality is not natural, but I'd be a fool to continue the argument. Simply stated, you've got the pscyho-social-bio influences. In all truth, everyone has the possibility of being everything. In such an uncontrolled world where your choice can be overpowered by brute force, such a person can be raped by woman/man and then turned into bisexual. Other than that, social influence would create a feminine type man into a more accepting type where their idea of gender rules is thrown away and they decide to be who they are. Simply saying, their radical ideas and attitude allows for them to be free as they want without restriction.
  15. Creates hypothesis: "For the smart to succeed, they must first keep the idiots at bay." Hmm.. breaking the cycle.. a pattern I see. Simply find the alternatives quicker so that people stop being frantic and then keep getting money for other projects. Alright then, off I go.
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