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  1. You are not being paranoid and I agree with you. We are heading into a new society where any freedom we once had will be a thing of the past. As the masses are sheep they went willing into the slaughter house on their own ignorance.
  2. See the US bioterror watchdog wants this information censored which tells us you can't trust the government at all.
  3. Creating a highly infectious virus during these uncertain times where the masses are losing its trust with a government that is hell bent on controlling the masses is going to be viewed as intentional for bioterrorist means of using it and that includes the scientists that are doing it with the government that funds the research. When nature produces a new virus, that is the time to find a vaccine to prevent it not one that nature might never create it in the first place.
  4. I have had two nosebleeds on different occasions for no reason at all where hugh blood clots came out of my nose. It was weird but no other problems associated with it.
  5. Yes, and those bullies are forming a army against us as we speak. Yahoo news - North Dakota - police are gearing up in military uniform and obtasining the newest and greatest weapons.
  6. You would be surprised how much time our brains are on "autopilot" and we are not even aware of it. Day to day repetitive activities allows less energy spent by the brain by putting it on autopilot mode. We are brainwashed by first, our parents, the educational system, the media, the workforce, etc so people in general do not have to spend too much time thinking when it is easier to go along with what the masses are conditioned to believe on any particular subject of interest. We live in a large population of our species and all it takes is one individual to come up with a original idea that will benefit the whole species for survival so increased intelligence is not necessary for natural selection to spread it within the population. The majority in everyday society feel threatened by someone that is viewed as highly intelligent and even though they might admire them, they prefer to keep a safe distance from these individuals. In history , many great scientists and inventors were treated as outcasts by their peers, simply because those highly intelligent individuals could not be easily brainwashed and were independent thinkers which maes them an outsider of human social groups.
  7. Yesterday, the media said that science has perfected an airborne virus that would be very effective in spreading on a wide scale globally in a short period of time. This is similar to the HIN1 in 2009 that originated in Mexico. I wonder, if that epidemic was the first test run to see how quickly it would spread and to what amount of variation it would produce by the very same people that now claim to have a perfect bioweapon. I don't mean to sound paranoid but really can we trust anyone that has the power to destroy the masses in such a short period of time?
  8. People that colonized the U.S. were escaping religious control from their origin and it is government that claims they are separate from church. The people that created government knew how powerful religion could be in the influence of the masses since many of them grew up in that environment. By giving them tax exempt status, places of worship cannot influence their followers with anything to do with politics with our government. Once any religious organization becomes motivated to sway the masses to go against their government, they lose their tax exempt status. Money has always been more powerful then the God who they educate about to their followers as well as the rest of society who intentionally or untentionally view the almighty dollar as being all powerful in the name of survival. This is not the case in the rest of the parts in the world. In England, religion has more power then government.
  9. There is a reason why religious organizations are tax exempt and that is to prevent replacing or eliminating government. Think about it, a large body of people gathering in one place regularly would be the perfect environment to organize a stradegy to take over government that is corrupt.
  10. If I were to guess, I would say "less" since the young tend to believe that they are instoppable and take risks. Life takes on meaning much later in life when you really how short it is.
  11. There was an article on the internet that indicated that science was get close to reversing and stopping the aging process. We could possibly live to be a 1000 years old. While this idea might be intriguing to envision living that long of a lifetime, I would imagine that it would produce many undesirable consequences in our society. First this probably would only be available to the very rich and powerful government individuals while the masses would never get the opportunity to live that long. It would turn our society in the worst possible corruption scenario never before seen in our species. Mass execution of the population would occur leaving only a large enough population to keep the species going while serving the individuals that have the opportunity to live for many decades. Does anyone else see catastrophy written all over it?
  12. The U.S. government recently signed the Asia-Pacific region Free Trade Agreement, in my opinion, is due to the fact that by 2020 they will be the largest number of elderly in the world. Which means there is a large market for consumer products which is one of the main reasons why corporations wanted the agreement signed. It is not just here in the U.S. that the baby boomers is created a hugh amount of stress due to aging on a much smaller younger age work force that supports them, China, India, Japan, Finland, Italy and Germany also will have the largest elderly population by 2020. It is Africa that will have the largest population that are under age 65 and most likely you will start to see many corporations moving there to exploit those people since most of the rest of the world's population will have a larger aging population with a much smaller workforce population to support them. All of those species that are in danger of extinction in Africa will no doubt be extinct in the very near future and there is nothing that anyone will do to stop it. I can certainly see now why our government is lax on all of the immigrants that come into this country illegally and why they are making it appealing for foreigners to come live here in America that are now competing for our jobs for less wages. If it is for the reason of obtaining a larger younger workforce to support our elderly then they should make it easier for Mexican illegal immigrants to get their papers so they can start paying taxes. The increasing stress of all countries that are dealing with a high aging population will most likely be forced to reduce restrictions so they can appeal to a workforce age group globally to entice them to come live there. It could become a global competition among governments to attract young workers to move on a global scale to ease the burden of caring for an elderly generation. Regardless of how our global nations is going to deal with this problem, the masses is going to suffer the consequences of their decisions so buckle up, its going to be a bumpy ride.
  13. Recently Science Daily had an article that said that organ formation is done by bioelectrical code - voltage plus ion flow
  14. Extinction of Homo Sapiens is inevitable but we do have the intellectual capabilities to extend our extinction date but as it is realistically, it also requires us to act responsible in addition to intellect and that is where humans appear to be lacking. Free will has consequences with those choices we make and I feel sorry for the last generation that is facing extinction of the human race that fully realizes that we could have prevented or prolonged it a long time ago but we chose not to.
  15. When corruption is viewed as "plain old politics" there is a hugh price we pay as citizens in the U.S., laws were once based on morality and they served to protect its citizens from criminal minded individuals. Now, our justice system has been infiltrated with criminal minded individuals whose sole objective is to make a profit so they no longer serve to protect its citizens. The problem is many people are still blindsighted and believe our justice system is not corrupt until the individual has the misfortune of experiencing the justice system with a first offense. As citizens, we do not demand accountability from our government, we don't have a system in place that protects its citizens when the government no longer serves its people and becomes a threat to its citizens ability to survive. Laws are being manipulated on a regular basis to increase profit for Federal and State authorities which in my opinion, are based on greed and power which is the opposite of a fair justice system. We cannot improve our system based on this acceptance of corruption as being the "norm" and this attitude will eventually cause our society to collapse. The reason why the masses do not want to accept this reality is mainly due to the fact that the masses would feel obligated to do something about it. The masses are comfortable being sheep and they are not comfortable with having to take actions against their herder who is not doing its job. Restructuring a system results in chaos and fear since the system will retaliate against anyone attempting to fix it. The question posed from the op, "is your government corrupt?" YES! Now the next question is, "what do we do about it?"
  16. I agree with "question everything" but I also realize that both religions and science is Human created in that we name and define everything in order to have meaning to us. The argument between science and religion is really about how life was formed - Science - undirected, no goal verses - Religion - directed, goal No one has witnessed a "God" shouting from the Heavens that claims its responsibility for creating life nor has science determined how the first cell originated with solid evidence. There is no third party life form that has existed since the beginning that speaks our language that can tell us which version is correct or provide us with the correct version of the story of life. The third party would have to know how it came to exist with evidence too. If everyone decided to believe in the science version of how life was formed, would this be based on reality since no Human was here to witness it therefore no evidence to support it? Is our word choices capable of defining life in its exact detail of its processes that reflects reality as the absolute truth? As soon as we begin combining those words together to create a story this is where different slants of the story emerge and it results from the limitations of human condition. If everyone decided to believe in the religious version of how life formed based on faith, would this be based on reality since no Human can be taken on his word or provide actual proof of a God that exists? There was a time when most if not all people did beleive in a "God" but the problem with that is every culture had their own interpretation of the story and even those individuals that have the same faith didn't always share the same interpretation of its meaning. To add more confusion to this version is that God started out being plural meaning many Gods that were assigned to nature and then new Gods were named to defined each of our emotions when we were adjusting to living in large groups of people when prior to that we were mostly hunters and gatherers which did not require our emotions to be held accountable as later in time. The bottom line is Humans may never really know the truth based on our physical limitations as a species. The fun part is we can certainly convince ourselves that we can and debate these subjects on forums like here.
  17. I like your concept and it is something to think since science has never found thoughts that are stored as objects
  18. The "mirror" test does not work for many species since many don't use sight as their primary sense to obtain information from their environment. For example, a cat will not react to its reflection if standing still in front of a mirror. If the cat is moving and see its own movement it will paw at the mirror. My cat will sit in front of my computer screen if I am moving my mouse curser alot and she will follow it with her eyes. The cat's vision is limited in that it can't define the objects on a screen like we do with clarity. Cats primary mode of communication with the environment is through its sense of smell. Cats typically have a conversation by smelling each others butt and it attempts to do the same with humans but we don't want to smell their butts and will turn them around and face us. Many times, I assumed that they see the world as we do, I now realize that they don't and I am curious to be able to see through their eyes. If I am sitting at my computer and my cat will meow for me from down the hall, I respond by speaking before my cat enters the room. If I don't speak or move my body when my cat enters the room, she appears she can't find me or see me until I move my body or speak to her.
  19. You think its likely that we will be able to "headed off-planet" in the future with our molecular structure in our bodies that would rapidly degenerate outside of our planet? I think, not likely!
  20. Thanks Imparticle, I appreciate the support since I feel I am always up against a brick wall of close mindedness individuals on forums.

  21. Thanks Imparticle, I appreciate the support since I feel I am always up against a brick wall of close mindedness individuals on forums.

  22. The defense bill that Congress had a majority of their members approve it will give our military the right to arrest, or detain anyone here in the U.S. that they view as a terroist. What this really means is stop the protestors and punish us for free speech which is no longer "free" in this country. Anyone complaining about our government betrayal of its citizens will be held in our prisons for as long as they want without even charging them with a crime. Why is this insanity being allowed to continue?
  23. Sad but true! Your comment about birds though reminded me of what I saw at our local park just the other day - There were lots and lots of birds and what I noticed about them was the larger birds all were gathered in one area while the smaller birds gathered together in another area, then there some other species of birds that also gathered with their own members. All of them were grazing on seeds but they reminded me that their behavior was not any different from ours in social settings.
  24. Do you view your own microbial biota as a parasitic relationship?
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