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  1. i think finding that graviton will be very hard because we have to find the particle that efects time itself
  2. so u can calculate it by 3.3c times 13.7 bilions years ( if u dont include the speed up and the inflation ) and u get its lenght?
  3. i know its speeding up but what speed is it going ? and if we know can we calculate its lenght?
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_test_experiments
  5. if u dont know i'll explain this test u take 1 photon and split it in half , the u put them in a barel witch on both sides has two holes- left and right we fire each photon on its side of the barrel and they both go through the same side of the hole ( for instance they both go through the right side ) .. we can repeat this a milion times and they always go through the same hole my question is how can they send information to each other if the photon is the one transfering information? pls explain
  6. i have a question we say that the universe is infinetly big , but cant we calculate its lenght? we just calculate its speed and the time it had to expan ( 13.7 bilion years ) and we get it and another thing : what what speed is the universe expanding? relativity thory forbides it to go faster than the speed of light, but then we could see the end of the universe ( because light would have time to reach us if its faster than the expantion speed ) pls answer
  7. if u read my line closely u will see that i wrote '' whats best for a man IN THAT MOMENT OF TIME''
  8. http://en.wikipedia....ationary_models look under Early inflationary models
  9. there not violent and so what is they r ? my father let me watch ''saving private ryan '' .. now im 13 years old and i understand everithing u say in the phsisics part.. what does thet tell you? that im not a mass murderer and we should learn children about violece not just hide from it , they will encounter it when they get to school anywais thats like when i watch some cartoon about king arthur and they dont kill each other, they just smack eachother to the head.. i mean really .. and then they never show blood in cartoons, well blood is a natural part of us its not something scary , thats like censuring the nose or something i think the same abour pornography
  10. well we r just photons in the big bang only energy came out ( photons ) witch , using the formula E=mc2 , turned into pairs of matter and antimatter those two anihalated with each other , but a breaking of simetry ( 1 bilion antimatter to 1bilion and 1 matter ) caused us to be here today
  11. i think religion keeps us down for instance a lot of religiouse people still dont belive in evolution, some dont want to be scientist but want to fight with them, and then we spen ALOT of money on churches and other religiouse stuff.. noow picture a world without religion.. we would already have a base on mars
  12. but thas that always happen? i mean uj have 2 stars and they radiate light , when those 2 waves meet will they interfere ? or when a star raiates light can that light interact with other light sent from the same star? if so how could the doppler effect work?
  13. i belive that nor good nor evil exists , its just a thing that we invented so every1 would feel ''good'' my definition ofgood is- something that is best for the man ( that is wondering what is good) in that moment of time the evil also for instance - u hit a man , is that good or evil? well u hit him because u were mad so to u that is good, but for him its bad ( because he is hurt ) and who r u to tell them that they r good or bad its all relatyve
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