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  1. Would the outcome be different today if we had elected the other candidate?
  2. Because after 9/11 laws were passed immediately to address the issue of terroist on U.S. soil so it does not make sense to pass the Defense Authorization Act 2012 when the first one cover it.
  3. The OWS protestors are hardly big enough yet to be a threat to national security so the acts of brutality by police officers should be a wake up call to the public that we really do not have the right to protest and the powers that control us will do whatever it takes to stop any protest from growing in numbers in the future. This bill of 2012 will give them the authority to control the masses when the day comes when most of the American people have finally had enough of corrupt government control and will want to protest. It is not a matter of "if" it will happen, it is a matter of "when" it will happen in the future. Our government is fully aware of this being a reality and they are taking steps right now to prevent it. Right now, they are not going to lock up protestors since they really are not much of a threat, as well as the fact that the number of people living in poverty have not increased to the level for a mass revolt from the public. Our government are masters at the art of public brainwashing though lately they are slacking since many are catching on to their game that they really do not care about the people they are suppose to govern.
  4. After seeing this video, it is amazing that the public were not outraged by this demostration of police brutality. Yes, pepper spray is nasty stuff and it was totally unnecessary for the police to behave in this manner. It's obvious people do not have the right to protest in this country.
  5. In history, we already know what would happen if abortion is made illegal. Many women died from botched unregulated abortions but this won't stop women who become pregnant from seeking someone that is willing to do an illegal abortion. The adoption process standards are too high for many people who wish to adopt. If abortion becomes illegal then the adoption process needs to lower their standards for approving adoptions. As it is right now, women are being left with little options other than to raise a child that they didn't want. There are no easy solutions to problems that arise from unplanned pregnancies and there is no one solution fits all cases. This issue at this particular time in history when the number of people that are currently alive are struggling to support themselves is on the rise makes no sense whatsoever.
  6. Since when does our government act with reason and tact when handling anything, maybe in the past but definitely not in the last 50 years. Since we already have 2001 authorization to use military force then why was it necessary to sign the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012? The reason is deception since it can be changed to include american citizens without the public being aware that it was changed by congress at a later time. As soon as the protestors begin again in the spring or if any other new group emerges that compromises their ability to support themselves and decides to fight our government, that bill will include american citizens with a simple word change in the document.
  7. This problem is not only in Russia but global in textbooks that were rewritten during a different time frame. Take two countries at war with each other, each country is going to describe the war with their own cultural beliefs mixed in with their version of the truth. You can't declare anything that you read to be 100% factual from its source. In science, old beliefs of evidence are replaced with modern interpretation of the evidence in that time in that time frame. Information is subject to evolution just like any other that we call evolution. Its content can change with time even the religious text throughout history.
  8. I do understand your response that is coming from your background experience with dealing with the worst case drug addicted cases. However, there is a high percentage of individuals that have tried different drugs for awhile and stop without any desire to continue using or have experienced severe withdrawals that you mentioned above. Their brain chemistry for some reason did not respond in the same way that would lead me to become a drug addict. So is this right to make it criminal for those individuals that have brain chemistry that makes them addicted? People with ADHD, Depression, etc. are given prescription medications that really are not that effective for many people and that is why they prefer street drugs. In my opinion, neither prescription meds or street drugs can fix the problem or relieve symptoms effectively. In reality, many people are hoping that science can figure out the brain chemistry to someday correct all addictions and mental health issues. Until this happens, drug addiction should not be a crime and it is sad that society is so cruel on this subject.
  9. Philosophy is relevant to science in that this area has the freedom to interpret the scientific evidence that gives an opinion of another way of looking at the evidence that does not always agree with mainstream science community interepretation of the same evidence. Philosophy is relevant to science in that this area has the freedom to interpret the scientific evidence that gives an opinion of another way of looking at the evidence that does not always agree with mainstream science community interepretation of the same evidence.
  10. Philosophy is relevant to science in that this area has the freedom to interpret the scientific evidence that gives an opinion of another way of looking at the evidence that does not always agree with mainstream science community interepretation of the same evidence.
  11. It is not just limited to dopamine but also seratonin, adrenaline, and other chemicals that are not being sufficiently produced in the body that make people seek drug of choice so they can feel normal in many cases, or if that is not working will tend to take more of their drugs thinking it will make them feel better. This of course, does not work in most cases and it creates additional problems for these individuals. Science has a long way to go to understand the chemicals in the brain in order to perfect the drugs that are currently available on the market. As mentioned above there are numerous reasons why people become addicted to drugs but I believe they were attracted to them in the first place because they are lacking the chemistry that allows an individual to feel "normal" in their brain's ability to deal with emotions, interaction with their environment on a social level, etc. It is a medical condition and it is unfortunate that our society treats them as criminals and that they did it to themselves.
  12. When the criminal justice system becomes a profitable business, the system becomes corrupt and they end up having the tax payors pay for many lawsuits of prison immates who die due to prison guards brutality when it wasn't provoked by the immate. I live in Arizona and our criminal system is so corrupt that our prison system allows their employees to commit murder and are above the law so no punishment is given or sometimes a week off without pay. Az has tougher sentences for victimless crimes and it is those individuals that make up the highest percentage of immates. There is absolutely no rehabilitation and there never was in the justice system. Once a felon, you are branded for life and hardly anyone wants to hire a felon, rent to a felon, on your credit report and nevermind all of the costs involved to get your case closed. We have the dumbest laws with very harsh sentences and if you ever had the opportunity to sit in a courtroom and listen to a judge, you wonder how this person got the position to be a judge who absolutely makes no sense when deciding the verdict. Luckily, I have not had the misfortune to be subjected to this corrupt system but I know many individuals who have and I would sum it up to pure insanity. It amazes me that the public allows our justice system to behave without justice.
  13. My husband and I had a strange experience one night while I was asleep, my husband was meditating. I was dreaming that my husband was falling down a cliff and I bolted upright and screamed. My husband that was meditating felt his mind was falling down a deep dark hole and when I bolted upright and screamed, he snapped out of his meditation state. He said he became fearful in his mental state that he could not get back to normal state of mind so my reaction to my dream brought him back to reality. To this day, we cannot figure out what actaully happened but it was a mind blowing experience that affected us both.
  14. I am in no way suggesting we should bury our head in the sand and stop scientific research. Yes, my problem is with infallibility of humans. As a species I don't believe that humans have matured or evolved enough to handle the responsibility of what science and technology can accomplish these days in genetics,bioweapons, military weapons, etc. Yes, I do agree that we should spend more time with the knowledge that has been acquired to use it wisely. However, I do not have much faith that those in power are actually wise individuals.
  15. How does religion have anything to do with whether other species are conscious or not?
  16. I know it's a matter of opinion, but I think that the chances of being destroyed by religion and tribal clashes between different faiths is MUCH higher than the chance of being destroyed by truth or the outcomes of research. iNow My response to this is that they are both equally capable of destroying humanity. Scientists have recently created the "super flu" that could wipe out a population and this could easily end up in the wrong hands to use as a weapon of mass destruction. The fact we are causing massive extinctions of other species with the belief that new evolved ones will emerge in the future by speciation. What if science is wrong and there wasn't mass extinctions of biota in the past and that those species changed in form through descent with modification. The fossil evidence does not contain all of the biota that lived in the past and it may very well had the numbers in biodiversity throughout history. The fossil evidence can be viewed as a snapshot of what they once looked like in that time frame. I am not saying that speciation does not occur but I don't think it is to the extant that science believes that explains the numbers in biodiversity. Many of the other species of mammals will no longer exist by 2050 and it would be devastating to realize that humans ended the long line of descent that began in the Cambrian era. I am not saying this scenario is the actual truth but what if it did turn out to be reality in the future. This is just a small tiny example of what the masses are taught about evolution. Believing that biodiversity can recover by speciation allows humans to continue to destroy other species habitats thinking that in the future, nature will evolve new species. The evidence that science has is not being questioned here, it is how it is interpreted to what it means is where humans can get into trouble. This applies to both religion and science equally. This is just my opinion as I tend to look and put myself on both sides of the argument.
  17. I agree with you 100% but it is wrong for scientists to conclude that other species are not conscious due to the language barrier of communication. All species are conscious, as to how it is compared to ours remains the mystery. I agree with you 100% but it is wrong for scientists to conclude that other species are not conscious due to the language barrier of communication. All species are conscious, as to how it is compared to ours remains the mystery.
  18. Your theory has one major flaw and that is the human body is not just home to the part that you label as "you" but also home to many different species of organisms. Ask anyone that is suffering from major depression and want to kill oneself how hard it is to fight against its own body that wants to live when the "you" part wants to die. It is usually the body that wins this argument otherwise the suicide rate would be extremely high in the human population.
  19. Given that eukaryotes origin come from the symbiotic partnership of archae and bacteria in an environment that needed an organism to take in large amounts of oxygen which could compartmentized an area for archae who preferred an environment without oxygen while its partner required the oxygen environment was the perfect solution for the introduction of a planet that was now changed by oxygen waste.
  20. Would it convince a science minded individual if a dog could speak our language and say, "Yes, of course I made that decision to chase after that car becausing when something moves I want to chase it." No further explanation is required because to the dog it is simple. The dog would then be clearly labeled as "conscious" then the next question to ponder is, "is this logical" and the merry go around continues.
  21. The common ancestor is believed to be a squirrel type species so neither man or ape had any resemblance to each other at the time of the split that both went their respective ways. And then again maybe it wasn't!
  22. I am a person that loves to learn all the new information in science but I also was raised as a catholic which as a child always questioned its authencity. My morals came from the teaching from my religious faith and my parents who learned them from that faith. My behavior, I felt was under close observation from a higher power "God" so it obviously had a great deal of influence of me choosing the moral high ground in acceptable behavior verses the choice of choosing to act in behavior that is deemed "sinful" in the teachings of religion, of society, the laws, etc. The day I realized I no longer believe in the story of my religious faith nor any other faith about creation. I thought for a moment of perhaps panic and said to myself, "I'm still here and my brain is still in tact knowing that my whole belief system my entire life that I had made every decision and action based around those beliefs was absolutely not part of my reality any longer." so I said to myself, " I am still grounded here in this reality and I was eager to learn and have an open mind to the many possibilities of our existance." This fork in the road takes being responsible for one''s ideology that is now completely replaced with the unknown. This is where I have to agree with the op's view that science is destroying our society but not in an intentional dirrect manner. The masses need the comfort of their religious beliefs thinking that a "God" is watching over them and they are accountable for their actions. Because face it, if they didn't what would stop the masses from turning on each other and taking what they want knowing the only consequence of their actions was they may lose against the opponent. No big deal, humans are certainly manipulative enough that they can find some way of getting what they want without any remorse for any other human being that gets in their way. The evolution of our brains that brought inventions that allowed us to live in a perfect temperature environment which is not an option for all other living entities that we share this planet with on a continuous state of existance. Without that, we could not have further advanced us in the technology we have today. The drawback to our bigger brains also creates our own extinction because it can be used against each other. The creation of religious beliefs is just as much a part of our evolution that enables us to survive as a species with the addition of our human traits. To me, I find more comfort in the fact that the masses still believe in their faith over science's version of evolution. Even though science maybe right in their research, the truth might very well destroy the human species into their own created extinction. I may not be explaining my thoughts very well so I hope you get an idea of where I am coming from so I appreciate any comments.
  23. The gorilla can understand human words by translating it into sign language but is unable to speak words due to biological barriers. Our pets, cats and dogs also can understand human words but are restricted of using speech due to biological barriers. It reminds me of a time when my two cats got out of the house through a broken window and I couldn't find them. I told my third cat to go find the other two cats and bring them in. I was on the phone and when I said that to her, I really didn't think she understood me. When I got off the phone, my third cat came into the room with the other two cats, I was shocked and amazed that she was able to understand me. The other two cats were not very happy with her the entire day since they hissed at her all day long letting her know they were pissed that they were forced to come back into the house. That was the only day in the entire time I have had all 3 cats that they hissed at the third cat. Coincidence, maybe, I don't think so and I believe she understood every word I said to her. The proof is what actually occurred that day. So while you may point to the slow process of evolution, it still allows cross communication between different species even though they possess traits they do not have in common.
  24. Excuse me, the american voter has no choice since both candidates never follow through with what they promise. They are all corrupt!
  25. The story of Adam and Eve began around the time humans were doing agriculture and domestication of animals. Prior to that humans, I believe were more primitive and relied mostly on instincts and their brains were just beginning to evolve self awareness. The story of Adam and Eve is when they realized they were naked after eating the forbidden fruit which translate to being self aware. It is obvious that agriculture was already taken place since their "God" told them they would have to work hard to grow their own food. Pain in child birth was felt more then other mammals that give birth apparently was a trade off of reduced chemical reactions that allowed us "being self aware" which means we would feel more from our existing environment where other animals have more of a numbing effect since animals that felt more pain in labor would draw attention from their predators. Have you ever noticed when an animal is caught by its predator, the prey acts like it is drugged and dies quickly. If you translate the story of Adam and Eve to a evolutionary change point in history when our brain evolved more, the story has some truth to it but not from the religious view.
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