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  1. there`s also a software malfunction that can occur (genetic) called Fatal Familial Insomnia and as it`s name implies, it`s fatal! usually about 5 to 9 months from the onset.
  2. go into "Start" then click RUN, then type "dxdiag" into the box and hit enter. it should give you your basic system specs. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedthe other way is to right-click "my computer" then go down to Properties, let that open and then click the Hardware tab, then click on "Device Manager". it`ll give you a list of what it sees.
  3. how about air fired chaff mortars and lasers?
  4. I`v no idea, it`s just something I remember from when I was a kid after asking my mom a load of questions about nerves. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedI just did a little research to check, and it IS a know test, here: http://www.usd.edu/coglab/2point.html it`s called the "two-point threshold test"
  5. the problem with photography paper is that it`s sensitive to a very wide spectrum of light, although some types drop off rapidly in the Red part of the spectrum, sunblock doesn`t alter that, only the Blue and upwards and all papers are sensitive to that even in minute amounts. you`d need to rig up some sort of Very fast shutter mechanism that will work consistently, 1/250`sec and faster would be a good start.
  6. one that I find interesting is to get 2 sharp pencils of equal length (not sharp enough to cause skin injury), and put them side by side, with your victim blindfolded, put the 2 pencil points to their skin to that both tips touch at exactly the same time, then ask if they can feel 1 or 2 points. try this in various places on the skin. Then increase the distance between the 2 pencils and do it again, record your results. what it will show is nerve density for a given area, some not so hot zones you can have a nerve servicing a patch of skin over an inch sqr (they will only feel One pencil even though there is 2). another test is blindfold your victim, and then starting from the inside of the wrist using your finger, make little circle movements that gradualy progress up the forearm towards the elbow crease, ask them to say Stop when they think you at the elbow crease (most will be a good inch away from it in reality).
  7. YT2095


    bad idea, Tylenol contains acetaminophen, a Known hepatoxin esp when combined with acetaldehyde.
  8. YT2095


    coffee is indeed a diuretic also, however the caffeine in it Will speed your met rate helping you remove the toxin faster.
  9. the quack. c`mon man, it`s YOUR damn post, who did you think I meant?
  10. a) only those close to me. b) prove her wrong. c) yes, but not for me.
  11. I thought you would come back with an example, so that I may ask you; How do you think the computer Felt about that? as an aside, Obesity brings it`s own doom, I wouldn`t waste the wattage if I were a machine.
  12. watched "Terminator" much? and anyway, How are we "mean" to computers? I personally shower mine with Gifts and such, when was the Last (or even 1`st) time you saw anyone being "Mean" to a computer????
  13. and it would do that, Why? who`s to say it might not want to date a Cheerleader or become a Master Chef?
  14. I thought it was "Taken down and used as evidence" anyway, Phi`s Embroidered Underpants.
  15. here`s Govornment a list of all the garbage allowed in UK cigs in way of additives, the final cigarette product is about as far removed from Real tobacco as you can get. http://www.advisorybodies.doh.gov.uk/scoth/technicaladvisorygroup/additiveslist.pdf the stuff that comes directly off Lans farm I`d happily smoke, but when the big corporations get hold of what starts off as decent product, they ruin it for the sake of money.
  16. not exclusively, any more than metal or plastic is.
  17. There has the word HERE in it, the ` in They is just a marker for A (they Are). same for wHERE. Too has more O`s toO many. that may help you remember mine are Effect and Affect, "it will affect/effect the outcome..." I have to really think about that one when typing.
  18. YT2095


    I think it`s the act itself, in fact it`s been know for people to burst blood vessels in the eye from puking or even straining on the loo. Blike would know exactly what and how it happens.
  19. YT2095


    the act of throwing up alters your BP, a Low BP gives a headache (like a nitro headache), puking raises this. I expect that is part of the reason it seems to work too.
  20. you have Gotta be kidding right!?
  21. you don`t even aford us the courtesy of TRYING, so before you throw a hissy fit, show at least Some willing!
  22. is it too late to plead the 5`th?
  23. I for one am glad it makes a difference, I should hate to get sucked through my TV next time I watch a Star Wars space scene!
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