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  1. it`s also worth a mention that Tincture is Alcohol based, and Alcohol and Cl2 could easily catch fire spontaneously just as it can with pure O2!
  2. from what I can gather, the other "dimension" is using Color rather that the plain old Mono Pit or no Pit burned into the substrate, it gives a Color value instead of the traditional Binary.
  3. check this out! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/8060082.stm
  4. the problem using that is that it forms a coating of magnesium hydroxide and this slows down the reaction to a near stop quite quickly. I`ll also point out for the record that using carbon electrodes in H2SO4 although it works nicely for H2, you can forget about using the O2.
  5. YT2095

    Sub-Unit MkII

    he`s here, Born May 19`th 9:57am (GMT) 10 Lbs 6 Oz, perfectly healthy too!
  6. a big chunk of Galium in the bottom of a gas jar half filled with water and then just feed it empty beer cans, that`s how I make mine for the Fuel Cells.
  7. without a common frame of reference and this case definition as to what constitutes "human" in an agreeable way to all, there can be no argument/answer or debate, only futility.
  8. Gouging rods from a welding shop will suffice for your purposes, you`ll need to peel the copper plated layer off them but it`s very easy to do.
  9. HUH??? (a)i) why? (a)ii) and NOT filtering will achieve this???? (b) who on earth told you that load of garbage???
  10. a neutralising gas bubble scrubber, and activated charcoal filter would go a long way towards cleaning it. else look into a different production method.
  11. there Are those that are too stupid to see past their Bigotry and asses others with Broad generalisations, this would indeed be indicative of a lower IQ, they tend to be Very vocal about it too and bring it up at every given opportunity. of course that doesn`t happen here, we`re all smart aren`t we?
  12. YT2095

    Being open minded

    it`s foolish comments such as these that give us Theists a bad name! happily this IS a Science forum, and not everyone here tars us all with the same brush, as a Christian myself and Also a Scientist (if I must use that term) I`m well met by most here and respected as such. your brand of nonsense is nothing but Truly transparent to the collective intelligence here. IOW, you`ve wasted your time And a valid User account.
  13. Inquisitor has been perm banned for mass trolling incl racism.
  14. no, because it isn`t the same photon. they all start and end their "life" at c, there`s no Slowing or sub c.
  15. if it`s not formatted the device will show because of the chipset ID, but nothing else.
  16. has it been formated yet?
  17. it`s hard to say without actually being there and seeing it, but in `General` does it say the device is enabled? it might be an idea to see what driver it has as well. failing that, you`ll have to see if the BIOS picks it up, Does it have any s/ware on there, or is a blank new HDD? are the PIP settings on the drive correct also? if in Doubt leave them out
  18. in device manager disk drives, have you double clicked on the drive? it should open a new window with details about it. the top tabs should read something like: General, Policies, Volumes, Driver, and Details.
  19. religion chat is not allowed here. Thread Closed.
  20. religion chat is not allowed here. Thread Closed.
  21. a lower ISO film will give better detail and less grain, but will require a longer exposure, so you`ll need some way of compensating for the movement or make a compromise between grain and speed. happily todays film grades are quite good! so anything up to 400ISO will be fine. the lower the F number the better too, sadly most lens arrays of a long focal length with a low F number are Very expensive. using a telescope however, I`m not sure how that would work out? I`v never interfaced a cam to to one before, but plan on doing so later on in the year with a webcam/laptop/telescope USB setup, the few experiments of tried this year (not published) show promising results
  22. pay the ransom, get the good guy, blow the bad guys out the water, charge them the ransom amount for rescue, take the cash and leave them in the drink. put the whole lot on Youtube as a lesson
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