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  1. Mg(ClO3)2 is the majority result (assuming passive elecrodes).
  2. the outer layer of protoplasm (IIRC), so what`s wrong with that?
  3. well, you only have to look at the word "TERRORist" to see what`s right or wrong. of course what exactly Defines a terrorist is another matter entirely.
  4. yeah, the lower frequency ones are the ones that present the most "pain" too, HF and above is pretty easy to shift, SW and below.... can be a nightmare! and of course altering something for One frequency can work against you for another and serve as an antenna so it`s no real surprise that some recording kit can (and does) pick up Voices from the "ether" that sound a little out of place/ spooky, esp if you`re predisposed to that with some form of suggestion.
  5. Absolutely! and you can get it from all around the world too! I often get germany on an old guitar amp I have when I plug a certain lead in it, and then in the afternoons I get some asian country like China or summat. I`m sure everyone`s heard the dit, dit dit, dit, dit dit... from a Mobile fone too close to a TV or radio or amp before, it`s the same principal that even a Closed cct can pick stuff up.
  6. I have inow on Ignore, I was responding to lan, not him. don`t make More out of this than there is, Pleeeze!
  7. as much as I hate having to bring it Right Down to the vulgar basics, Follow The Money! and with TV shows it`s all about ratings and Not that hard to figure out. as for "Ghosts" I tend to lump it with UFO`s, observable Phenomenon sure, Unexplained sometimes, but rarely! and for Voice recordings (and I don`t expect anyone to understand this), but any amplifier circuit is 95% of any basic radio! two wires running side by side form both an inductor and capacitor cct, enough to form a simple TRF radio when connected to an amp.
  8. I grow enough to Supplement shop bought tobacco, and I don`t roll them into cigs, I`m a pipe smoker. although I did try rolling it a few times when I smoked cigs, I found it Much better in a pipe. I`v heard that before, Thanks... (I think)? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged naah, these suckers get to like 5+ foot! and the curing isn`t that smelly either, in fact it`s quite a pleasing smell (I might be Biased though).
  9. just Ignore the Bigotry dude, some will bend over backwards and break their necks just to post something derogatory and demeaning about our faith. they`re quite sad individuals filled with Hate, and are more to Pitied than anything else.
  10. I grow Virginia Gold, but Now they`re on their 4`th generation and have acclimatised nicely. I used to do 3 rows of 30 foot each, but this year I`ll only be growing a dozen or so in my back garden as I had to give my allotment up due to poor health (not smoking related). I let some cure in my greenhouse, and the rest up in the attic on a line, I make small bundles (3-4 leaves), and put a paper bag over them and peg them on the line. I harvest them from the bottom up rather than chop the whole thing and cure that, so I get to check each time I add a new bundle that the others are doing ok. this year I`m going to try and have a go at Cavendish, I have plenty of time to do some studying an research into this, and hopefully it should make for an even Better pipe tobacco.
  11. yup, grow/cure and smoke my own, I`v got this years seedlings on the windowsill right now
  12. yeah tobacco likes plenty Nitrogen (I grow my own also).
  13. YT2095

    Cool Facts

    The worlds largest peanut, grown by Earl Adkins in North Carolina, was 4 inches long!
  14. sure, I`v been here nearly 6 years and have a few good posts to my name, stick around, you`ll get 29 and more in time
  15. read here: http://www.scienceforums.net/forum/showthread.php?t=8699&highlight=upload+image from post #27 onwards, I`m assuming it will work the same in PM also, if not you`ll have to wait until Admin get here and they`ll know if it`s even possible or not.
  16. yeah, mixtures with Chlorates are never a good idea IMO, they certainly scare the hell outa me anyway! anyway, I`m putting this thread to bed now, cheerz to all who took part
  17. ya know what, I think you`re going to get banned. Seriously, I Really think that`s going to happen!
  18. thread closed, it`s all moot now.
  19. a single "hit" (the 1mg you mentioned) isn`t enough to get you hooked, you`de need a low regular amount over a reasonable period of time to get hooked. even a single Large dose won`t do it, I know weekend and only when drinking smokers and they don`t get the withdrawl symptoms that a long term smoker gets. although it`s said to be More addictive than herion for instance, it`s based on reoccurance rather then the Hook. Crack is the Single-dose-you- hooked sort of junk that can do it though.
  20. meh, it was blackboard erasers when I was a kid!
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