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  1. the OP has been answered sufficiently, anything else is just OT or derailing, Thread Closed.
  2. well actually No, I wouldn`t "freak out", it`s not in my nature, but that`s an aside. what I`m asking you is this, are there any Other things (of a simpler nature) that could be responsible for this, and how do you account for the times where it Doesn`t happen?
  3. and that`s the Only answer you can draw from this? it`s not very Occam friendly is it!
  4. awww, I read the "wake up" bit and expected "Neo... the Matrix has you" directly after
  5. Sometimes it contains the nitro compounds, but not always, and it Will undergo DDT quite easily too, esp as a rocket setup when it hits certain harmonics of resonance *BOOM* Cheddite: "Since the 1970s, the commercial name for an explosive compound used as an explosive primer for shotgun cartridges. It contains 90% potassium chlorate, 7% paraffin, 3% petroleum jelly, and traces of carbon black." from:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheddite
  6. I don`t think making Chedite would be a good idea!!!!
  7. yeah, those Romulan cloaking devices Rock!
  8. meh, I`ll see your Machete and raise you one Klingon Bat`leth no, I`m not kidding, serious!... http://irdial.com/blogdial/?p=346
  9. I think there will be a small percentage whereby it Will be seen as a green light to go ahead and have sex whereas before there was doubt and trepidation, but it sure beats the alternative of kids having kids!
  10. all "Normal" well balanced people Do have both a masculine and feminine sides to them, I don`t like cars, Fighting or football (or most any sports), I love cooking and spending time with my child (soon to be childREN), and I`m more Maternal towards my child than my wife is. we`re both quite "Normal" and well balanced though. try not to Over-Think stuff so much, just enjoy being You
  11. YT2095


    blue and UV blocking filters are used in photography as a matter of course all the time, esp the UV blockers as these colors tend towards a haze effect on film, orange and yellow Pass filters are often used to make a scene look better.
  12. don`t forget banning BBQ`s too!!! the PCAH`s as well as all that CO2
  13. a nice way around that is to use the numerical contents of the register that stores the Time as a seed value for the RND function.
  14. another good Aid to education is to get yourself a Personal 3-band Cell Phone blocker/Jammer. they`re quite affordable, and renders useless any mobile phone within a 15m radius, even a call in progress will be stopped within a couple of seconds the battery lasts a good 3.5 hours and it`ll run indefinitely on the mains Charger (plenty long enough for your average lesson). my Lab is a Cellphone Free Zone
  15. here in the UK, you`re allowed to burn rubbish in your back garden anytime you like, and Nov 5`th almost every street has at least 2 bonfires going and fireworks. I`ll put 30 seconds of a bonfire and a handful of fireworks against a Years worth of my pipe smoke! I prefer smoking outside anyway, and if I did want a nicotine hit whilst indoors I have a small tin of snuff in my waistcoat pocket that does the job perfectly the Pollution argument is a Joke!
  16. YT2095

    Button Cell Question

    the cells are 1.5v probably LR44`s (AG13`s) making 4.5v total. these lasers trigger at roughly 3.5 volts, but there`s current limiting circuitry in there too so it doesn`t blow, and cct takes up a certain amount of voltage to work as well. you lose 0.7 of a volt for every P/N junction you pass through.
  17. because there`s no gene to determine where these spots or even stripes should be, let alone that there Should be any in the 1`st place.
  18. you simply alter the flights at the back. rather than running perfectly Parralel to the shaft they would have a slant, forcing the back end to one side in flight. same with a paper airplane.
  19. you Should be able to curl an Arrow quite easily, and so by extension a Bullet too BUT it can`t be riffled in anyway, and you`d have to load the specially shaped bullet in the orientation you`de want it to curve. this would exploit drag to create the curve, and so you`de lose a little distance/velocity a bit faster than you would with the ordinary equiv.
  20. awww you mean you missed the "My Little Pony" avatar I had yesterday too! anyway, a bullet (spinning or not) never travels in a straight line as we think, in fact it`s falling towards the ground as soon as it leaves the barrel, and it`s falling at the same rate as it would if you just dropped it. so, in order to hit a target you actually have to aim slightly Higher that it really is, and by the time it gets there it`s fallen to the correct height again. so the actual path when seen from the side is an arc
  21. all bullets fly in an arc anyway, sadly this only works on the Y axis.
  22. YT2095

    good passwords

    My method is to use Chemical Formula, all the best/Strong passwords are a combo of letters and numbers, And it`s easy to code the passy so you don`t forget, IE/ C12H22O11 you can write down "Sugar" as a reminder. but it gets Really cool where the password text is Case Sensitive, you can get really funky like; Na2CO310H2O you can write down "Washing soda". just a thought
  23. I kinda cheated there, I bought my Cd and Co, although I Have tried extracting them NiCd batteries and Minerals respectively to no avail in the past. I may try again though, I know quite a bit more now than I did before, and have a Fully stocked Lab at my disposal whereas I didn`t before. Please, Post your results as when you get some, Pictures make it all the more Valuable too edited to add: Please be careful with Cd and it`s salts, beyond being Toxic as a heavy metal, it`s also a carcinogen!
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