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  1. I don't think that there's a thread for this yet, and the thread search agrees with me. So, I recently saw Sherlock Holmes, and I thought it was pretty good. A little more action-movie/ Hollywood than Sherlock Holmes should be, but still good. I did appreciate the little hints, and I thought the plot was- over all- good. However, it did seem like they were laying the "possible sequel" thing a bit thick, but hey! You can't blame them from wanting to make as much money as possible. What did you think?
  2. I wouldn't call him a "genius", but his music was pretty innovative. He was the first African-American on the music scene, and totally revolutionized it. I don't think he was an intellectual genius, though.
  3. I don't really remember before age 4 very well. This is probably because most important events that I would have a better chance of remembering started at age 4. I have faint memories of earlier times.
  4. I think that this holds true for any creature which is capable of thought. So, if you think animals can think, then animals can be corrupted. If not, then no. I think any exceptions are because people had personality traits that caused them not to get corrupted, or they made a conscious effort not to be. But as a rule, corruption follows power.
  5. Of course the world is flat. How else would people make maps that lie flat on the wall? Irrefutable evidence!
  6. I'm currently reading Les Miserables, Catch-22, and Something Wicked This Way Comes. I'm also planning on starting Crime and Punishment once I finish at least one of the pre-mentioned books.
  7. Yeah, I was wondering if I was the only one having a 1984 flashback.
  8. Happy Holidays! May you utilize these free moment to the best of their ability! Meaning, doing nothing at all.
  9. You can't reason with unreasonable people. Thus, they are "unreasonable". So, I agree with Cap'n. Eventually, they will probably get so frustrated with your arguement strategy that they will stomp off in a huff of desperation. Which basically means that you've won.
  10. Historically, artistic people have been regarded as social recluses. Maybe, talent manifests because of this lack of interaction and they have a need to express themselves, or are talented in spite of being outcasts, but whatever. “Mona” is clearly very creative, and, as she had no outlet for her ideas in the real world, decided to utilize it in creating something in the imaginary world. I can sympathize with this. I, too, am an artistically inclined person. However, while I have never had much trouble communicating with other people, I understand her need for a friend who she can control,
  11. Another thing that helps, is: 1. Practice timing yourself doing problems. That way, you speed up, and won't freak out about time constraints. 2. Be delusional. Say, if you have a math exam and you are scared to death of math, convince yourself that it is actually an exam in a less scary subject, such as chemistry. I don't know why, but that really helps me.
  12. Personally, I do not believe that animal testing is so awful. Alright, it sucks to be the animal, but it's far better that a rat dies than a human. After all, wouldn't you rather use something knowing that it's been tested, and that it's been proven, though trial and error, to be more safe? I say that animal testing is the lesser of two evils.
  13. I think that morality and understanding morality helps guide us in the right direction, but we don't always listen to what is right. Just because we know the path is safer, does everyone take the path? Also, not everyone believes that killing a sentient being is morally wrong. After all, many believe that animals exist for sustenance. Many also believe that if an animal is raised to be slaughtered, there's nothing wrong with killing it, as long as you do it in a merciful manner.
  14. Hello, my name is Anna. I enjoy the sciences, math, art, and music. To give this introduction just the tiniest bit of originality, here's a light bulb to brighten your day.
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