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  1. n_n Merely a pondering. Thanks.
  2. So, I'm late in high school and have somewhat known this girl for about four years (we'll call her Mona). She is excellent at art, but has a sort of fixation with fictional character she has created. She will often refer to them in conversation as if they were real people and talks about them obsessively. She seems to have had been a social misfit all her life. Last year in a Geometry course, I sat two seats behind her... between us sat three girls who have always been regarded as popular and pretty. One day I caught them having a conversation amongst themselves, and were suprisingly accepting towards her involvement in the talking. During the conversation Mona expressed HER own surprise by their acceptance by saying something like "I'm so happy your being so nice to me." and recalled to them a time in elementry school when they would tease her and tell her she could not be their friend. Of course, the three girls stared at her wide eyed and silent, put-off by her bluntness. My question is, could being rejected throughout life be the cause of her delusions? You can see why I get lousey mathematic grades... this is what I spend my time thinking about at school.
  3. Taktiq (first of all, dig the DORK! pic... Great and under appreciated comicbook) ... how long did you usually meditate for?
  4. BURN

    Humans as Omnivores

    How and when did humans begin eating meat? As primates, naturally we'd have teeth of herbivores. I believe the change had to do with cold weather and lack of food during migration... but how can an animal just begin a diet on meat. Is it healthy? Could a Gorilla turn to eating meat in an instance of life or death?
  5. BURN

    can man Fly!

    Why on Earth would you increase Gravity to get up off the ground? Is it you or I who's mistaken?
  6. Ah! Just yesterday I was reading about Carnivorous / Insectivorous Plants... While we're on the topic, does anyone here know exatly how an adaptation like this would begin? Was there insuficient nutrients in the soil or something? ... it's a pretty bewildering acheivement for nature.
  7. I even heard something about caffeine lowering the risks of cancer, whether it's true or not... I'm quite unsure.
  8. I know for sure horses/ mules/ donkeys or any other animal of the Equid Family can breed with Zebras, it's an awkward little thing called a Zebroid. Apes an Mokeys are in different Orders, and most probalay, can't breed because of this.
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