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    My name is corey Hawkins. im 18, And im a man on Love and Romance
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  1. I no. but its fun to talk. Is it wrong that I like socializing with people? Or are “Smart People’ to good for that
  2. shut up......Fish have colons? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedlol you cant out stupid me i have a Childs Mind ^-^
  3. Ok let me say how bout you worry about yourself and stop worrying about other people. You do you and I will do me ok...ok
  4. Why noting in the rules that says I have to do that. After getting into trouble a lot I read and studied those rules
  5. Is it wrong to ask questions no mater how stupid they are.
  6. I spelled one word wrong please lay off
  7. But this goes behind the whole concept of evolution. We went supposed to be walking but we trained ourselves to. So in actuality can we train our bodies over time no not need sleep?
  8. I have herd many things for wut a yawn does. but i want to see if thers facts behind wut a yawn is
  9. Can we possibly train our body to go without sleep or would that kind of be classified as evolution
  10. .........i new it.............quick to the bunker awwwway
  11. but wut about people that relly cant sleep...cant think of the term of the top of my head but can the stay awake forever
  12. Why do cats always land on their feet?
  13. I herd from one of my friends that we as humans don’t rely need sleep. I find this accusation false. Am I Wright or wrong
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