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  1. lol, thanks for the update. I got them pretty confused.
  2. Wow this is bad. When it hit Florida where I am it was a hurricane 1. Cat 5 is gonna be bad. Prayers and luck to people in New Orleans and anywhere in its path. Be prepared.
  3. what were the ones went to the moon called? i forgot. sorry for the mix up. was it the atlas rockets, were those manned? I cant remeber
  4. arent we all a good community
  5. btw the space shuttle we have now does not have the capability to go to the moon. the older ones we used did but the new ones are used for low earth orbit http://www.nasa.gov/centers/kennedy/about/information/shuttle_faq.html#15
  6. ok thanks for the explanation
  7. Hi im Stu. I'm a junior in high school taking physics this year so I'm def no expert, but willing and wanting to learn.
  8. I was searching around the internet for a while to try to solve this and I found that light does travel in a straight line, but the curvature of spacetime explained in gr makes it a wave. is this correct?
  9. ok thanks for the info. so its relative mass and energy which increase.
  10. Another question about simple physics I guess (im in 3rd year at high school so im here to learn) why does light travel in a wave. wouldnt it travel the shortest distance, which would be a straight line. maybe im severely misinterpriting this, but u guyz could set me straight plz. ps the only reason i culd think of this is because of particles in the way, but what about in a vacuum? Help plz
  11. From what I understand as an object aproaches light speed the mass becomes greater? How does this mass change? Can some1 try to explain this to me thnx
  12. Its actually spelled acupuncture and was used by ancients chinese more than 2000 years ago. i think its targets pressure points and is shown to relieve pain and many more symptons, including addiction, headache and stroke recovery. Many of these cure may be to placebo effect but it probably, and most likely, helps in other ways too. it involves using many needles inserted into the body to target certain spots "known" to help. I dont think it is proven scientifically, but it is shown to work.
  13. This is in the quantum theory right? Can you guyz help me understand the theory. From what I get : We dont go through walls (for e.g.) because of the em forces, not the molecular structure. And these em forces between atoms or molecules are not constant (not sure if that part is true?) so you techinically have a 1 in infinite (or close enough) chance that all these em forces between every atom/molecule in the wall and/or your body will stop at the same time and you can go through. Is this right? Can someone help me i think my understanding may be wrong (so dont yell at me im asking for help)
  14. Have you guyz heard about these Mega-Tsunamis? They form from large landslides and can be much taller and more desructive than a tsunami. A show on discovery said that a part of La Palma island off Africa is gonna break off in like a century or so. It would create a huge wave headed to America. Whats your opinions on this? They showed this on a show on discovery, and they may have exaggerated some things because Wikipedia said different stuff. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megatsunami and the discovery show was http://dsc.discovery.com/schedule/episode.jsp?episode=0&cpi=23086&gid=0&channel=DSC but the link says little about it.
  15. i was confused on this subject, and I have little knowledge so maybe u guyz culd help. the speed of light, c, is the speed of light in a vacuum correct? so it is slower on earth because of air molecules and would be even slower going through, for example, water or a prism so is the speed of light isnt constant? maybe I'm looking at this wrong, culd u guyz explain it
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