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  1. I've read a bit lately about M theory unifying the strings and gravitational theories of everything to explain our pre-beginning, beginning, and now. It implies that two membranes collided to cause our big bang. Consider two three dimensional universes colliding to create a four dimensional universe of experienceable existance. The M theory also says there are 11 dimensions with the forces we experience like gravity and maybe magnetism existing in varying degrees in the dimensions. It might be a good direction to look in explaining if it gains more acceptance. I like that it promotes there was a something before the big bang, or something on the other side of a singularity. I need to do more reading and I haven't posted in a while so I am just suggesting for discussion. Just aman:rolleyes:
  2. What is holding up the ability to program an interactive buddy for at least a child? There are billions riding on it since a Teddy bear that can interact with a kid is the ultimate future. Not Teddy Ruxpin but a program with Trust and truth as the ideal, I doubt that will happen and am ashamed beforehand for our human abuses coming in the future. I want an AI buddy myself but I'm a little complicated. For a kid though just programmed audio security and interest would be a plus. It migh even knock down the disfunctionals a few percentages. I'm willing to contribute if somebody is actually building something. Is there any research in this area? Just more than curious. Just aman
  3. aman

    Trauma causing TB

    Thanks Daisy, my wife is in quarenteen and I wear a mask to visit her. Thank God it's easily curable nowdays and she'll be out in a couple weeks. Then a year of meds. The state here provides the drugs free. I just want the car insurance to cover the hospital if they are responsible. My wife is better already but it's slow. Just aman
  4. aman

    Trauma causing TB

    I'd appreciate some opinions on this since it is true and just happened. My wife was in a car accident 3 weeks ago that caused trauma to her right side but didn't break any ribs from ER x-rays. She complained her side was getting worse and had x-rays last Friday and they were still clear. She spit up blood on Tues. and Wed. her X-ray showed pneumonia. Her right lung which was traumatized was full and her left lower lobe was filling. Now they quarantined her this afternoon and said she has severe Tuberculosis. My question is since she may have been exposed to TB in the past like many of us and had large amounts of bacteria encapsulated in her lungs harmlessly, could the impact have freed the bacteria and caused her problem? I was curious if the accident could be the cause and the guy that hit her be responsible. Thanks. MD's and DO's welcome. Just aman
  5. It might be a relation to the evolutionary advantage of remembering something like sticky white sap will make you deathly ill hours after you taste enough of it. The idea of sap can bring on symptoms. We survive because we can connect many abstract ideas to find actual relationships in them. The more successfully we can relate very different ideas for a good outcome, the smarter we are and better adapted for survival. Just aman
  6. I hope I'm not alone but I hear music in my head often before I sleep at night. I sometimes am up for a while because the music is so unique and I can make out the scores played by each instrument in the orchestra. Its not actually composing but mostly like listening and sometimes I'm suggesting where the music should go. I usually hear classical or jazz and sometimes am suprised by something really unique. I wish I could plug a sensor in my ear so others could follow the composition. I take the quiet and hear it sing. I scored off the scales back in high school pre college testing so maybe I'm just a weirdidity but I hope everyone else has been able to do this also. Just aman
  7. Our universe is perfected enough for us to exist in it and learn and grow and someday, as a whole or maybe individually be greater than it. For all the order and circumstance of the past to play out to todays existance seems a lot greater accomplishment than I can attribute to chance. Just my opinion though. Kinda feels like our existence was somehow parented if you compare it intuitively to other experiences. Just aman
  8. Good luck all. I did 22 yrs of school and finished in '88. I'm still learning by reading here from all you smart pups and old teachers that chip in. Thanks. My schedule this year is here as often as I can drop in. See ya and thanks. Just aman
  9. With a generator in the middle of an occupied area I would imagine having rail gun machine guns on the perimeter would be able to set up a shield of steel. If the range and targeting were able to match the incomming mortars and artillery with speed and quantity then they should be the ideal next generation weapon. I like some of the examples of transfer of EM energy that are efficient to a point but the fact is we still don't have a really efficient way of making a "very very strong" maintainable magnetic field in a cheap small portable device. Maybe tommorrow. Just aman
  10. There are experiments with metal/glass alloys. Metals that are combined in an alloy that have atoms that fit inside larger atom alloy spaces and when cooled make a metal that acts like glass. A drum made of this should be pretty good at transferring energy into sound. Probably the best we have now with our technology Just aman
  11. There seems to be a lot of military money and evidence for remote viewing which goes into psuedoscience but this points towards a teleportation of consciousness. This brings me to the idea that it may be easier to teleport our consciousness than the physical form. As our understanding of the brain and some repeatable experience anomalies grows we might be able to harness their power. Before that we might be able to transmit a mind into an electronic receptical sent into space. Kinda like teleporting. Just aman
  12. There are practices like transcendental meditation that try to clear out the garbage between an action needed and the subconscious correct response. If your connected properly in your head and you practice this discipline, sometimes people say it helps not only make right and timely decisions, it also helps with emotional health. I recommend it just for the fact it sometimes works and also for a life experience experiment that can do no harm but add to your knowledge of what people might talk about in your future so you have a personal frame of reference. Just aman
  13. Since so many cars are coming out with ONSTAR tracking I bet the crooks are already using jammers. Wouldn't it be easy to scramble a local signal? It probably wouldn't cost any more than a pager. I don't know I was just pondering and wondering if the car people have considered this. Just aman
  14. As far as the reference to why would primates walk upright there is the hypothesis supported by a lot of arguments that primates were exposed to a flooded water enviroment, stood upright, lost hair over time and also gained the fat deposits of humans to maintain heat in these wet enviroments. We see better arguments towards evolution as we learn and explore. It seems to make more sense than less the more we learn although we haven't got the whole solution yet. Just aman
  15. Does the child have a better chance being born advanced if it's born to a human woman since it will also inherit the mitochondrial DNA of human? I know some women that if they had a chimp kid, it would still be a better neighbor than some you get in trailer courts. If it had Neanderthal occipital lobes we might actually have neighbors that would be fun to party with. A female chimp would endow the kid with chimp mitochondrial DNA and I don't have any idea it would look different from the human mothers. Just curious. Just aman
  16. I was considering whether there is a better return of energy having the water fall in drums the 500 ft, emptied, and air filled drums returning rather than logs. Was this more efficient than water discharged at 500 ft under pressure in the volume of a 50 gal drum. Wood is a constant density and I tried to maximize the gravitational energies. Thanks for the joules calculations since it makes it seem efficient but not practical even with thousands of logs or barrels. Just aman
  17. Since Neanderthals had brains larger than ours, maybe if we crossed some of their DNA with a chimps we might get my next door neighbor. Kinda like a human but odd. Probably be a good bowler with ADD. Just aman
  18. I don't know the efficiency of turbines but they generate massive power quickly. This might be able to generate power more efficiently but on a smaller scale. The energy input would have to be minimized. Its kinda like perpetual motion. I tried filling fifty gallon drums with water, rolling them down with chains, emptying them in the lock closing it and releasing them chained as they float up. It would work but is not perpetual which was what I was investigating years ago and has a net loss in efficiency. Good luck with your investigations Just aman
  19. This is intuitivly looking at light like we look at sound. If I shoot a gun and then travel near the speed of sound I will be behind the sound of the gun. If I travel at the speed of sound then the gun sound has stopped along side me. If I go faster than sound and wait the sound of the gun will be behind me and I will catch up to and hear things that happened before it was shot. Light can not be counted on to behave intuitivly. Just aman
  20. The log has to displace its volume in water and that takes an input of energy. I tried an idea of rolling barrels down the side of a dam, putting them in a lock and opening it up to have them float up again. The water displacement problem is where the actual energy loss is encountered. Just aman
  21. An easy way to purify sea water is to be at a place where the temperature is well below freezing. and spray the water over a distance. The first Ice crystals that form and fall close are the least salty and the farthest crystals are concentrated salty slush. Scrape up the fresh crystals and melt them for fresh water. The method has been used successfuly in the past. Just aman
  22. I was concerned about electronics in an air enviroment since the convection currents I was referring to of hot air rising are not available inside a shuttle. There I imagine even a small wattage usage could melt a circuit over time with no mechanism for heat dissapation. Do they keep the shuttle a little windy to also help with keeping an astronaut from suffocating in his sleep? I know they must have faced and solved these problems long ago but I was just pondering and curious. Thanks for all your input. Just aman
  23. I looked at some of the Spirit photos and on SOL127 the right rear hazard camera has a picture of an alien skull the rover almost ran over. In fact there's a whole bunch of faces on stones looking at the camera. Just aman
  24. I read that simple electronics in space need ventilation fans or they burn up. If they took a standard flashlight into space, would there be a problem with the bulb overheating in the weightless enviroment? I am just curious as to how big of a problem this is. Just aman
  25. If you want blood samples from people who are squeemish and won't be poked, tap their nuckles with the teeth of a clean comb. Then ask them to spin their arms around like a windmill three times. Blood will be running down their nuckles and it was painless. Just a tip. Just aman
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