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  1. hierarch


    I meant after I went to bed, I couldn't fall asleep quickly sometimes, but I would fall asleep quickly after listening to radio for a while. Also, keeping regular hours may help your insomnia from my experience.
  2. hierarch


    hi,pha I suffered from insomnia before I became a university student, but I gradually slept well after I loved to play basketball, badminton, pingpong and so on. In addition, I feel that listening to radio lying in bed is often make me quickly feel very tired and want to fall asleep. I am't sure if the two methods would help your insomnia, you can try them.
  3. hierarch

    try this

    It always works when I draw the number 6 in the air with my right hand. Interesting. But how to explain it?
  4. hello, I'm a PhD candidate in chemical engineering from China. I'm fascinated by adsorption science and technology since that is the subject of my PhD research. But I have interest in the other areas of science, too. I like to play basketball, badminton, pingpong and bowling in my spare time. Happy to join this forum and discuss things with you guys.
  5. 119.1 kilobits per second Communications 119.1 kilobits per second Storage 14.5 kilobytes per second 1MB file download 1.2 minutes Subjective rating Mediocre The download speed is really very very low for my computer. I have to use a free proxy server when I want to visit an overseas website, which lowers the speed greatly, or I have to pay out a lot of money for accessing to overseas website directly. Slow as it is, I still enjoy visiting this Scienceforms.
  6. hierarch


    I guess it is from the sizes of some cells are different from that of others. As you can see, the hypotenuse of the top triangle is different from that ot the bottom triangle, indicating the cells are not uniform in size. Is it right?
  7. Excellent explanation, YT . My hometown is exactly in a area where acid rain is common. Though we can't make sure of it, it seem possible at least.
  8. Well I think the shape or structure of the bass drum also has influence on that audible volume. Then, what shape of the bass drum will be easier to obtain high volume of sound wave? Apreciate for furthur responds.
  9. there exist some dihalogen molecules: XY = F2, Cl2, Br2, BrCl and ClF
  10. Yes, I meant the dead. In the past, inhumation was prevailing in China and it was not surprising that there were skeletons exposure to air in campo santo. Some old men said they had seen skeletons' self combustion in campo santo in their childhood. I just heard it, but have never seen it.
  11. Anyway, thanks for your response. You could make sound waves when you bang your hand again desk, wall, bucket and other stuff. But the volume of sound is different from different material even the same force is used. Then the difference is caused by the kinda material? And then what kinda material is easier to generate higher volume of sound?
  12. I know that sound comes from the vibrations transmitted through an elastic material or a solid, liquid, or gas. I am just wondering what kinda material is easier to generate sound? Any body can shed light on it? Thanks in advance.
  13. I am changeing it into: Two women walking down the road, one says to the other "I think I`ve lost an Electron!" the other one says "Are you Positive?" Is it more funny?
  14. I've heard many stories about skeleton's self combustion and it said that the combustion is due to the phosphor in the skeleton. In chemistry class I have also learnt that phosphor is tend to self combust. But I am not perfectly sure about it.
  15. Off this thread, I am wondering why a hen lay some unfertilized eggs? It seem wasteful for the hen to generate its offspring.
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