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  1. Ok you gave me a very scientific answer to my theory and while I must admit you lost me at parts I am understanding that you missed the main reasoning for my theory. I talked about black holes and all mass coming together as one as an example to describe my loop theory, this example can be debated and I am not convinced on this theory myself. The true point I was trying to make was more the life of the universe and the concept of the start and end. I was trying to explain that there cannot be nothing at the end of the universe and the big bang could not have been the definitive start. The big bang could not have happened without the existence of something to spark the reaction and if something existed before the big bang it had to come from somewhere this is where my the point of my theory comes in. The something that caused the big bang had to come from somewhere it couldn't just appear one day from nothing therefore is it not logical to assume that something was left behind from a pervious universe to create our universe and is it not also logical to assume that it is going to happen again? This is where the idea for my loop theory came from. You seemed to prove my example of how the loop may happen wrong however I am still convinced the actual loop theory is correct I just don't have another theory on how it may happen just yet. My key argument: If there could have been nothing before the big bang then there never would have been anything to cause the big bang.
  2. Disclaimer: I am not a scientist, I do not read other peoples theories. These are my own ideas based on my own reasoning and my general knowledge of the universe. If my ideas are close to anything written by any famous scientist it is purely a coincidence and I have no intention to try and steal others ideas and claim them as my own. Remember it is possible for more than one person to think the same way. My theory on understanding our universe. First of all my theory assumes that there are two fundamental rules that make our universe: Rule number 1: You cannot have something without nothing and you cannot have nothing without something, think of this as space and matter. Rule number 2: Time is an illusion. For the same reason that you can't have nothing without something there could never have been a beginning and there will never be an ending. The reason for this is because if you assume there is a beginning you are assuming that before the beginning there was nothing and if you assume there is an end you are assuming that after the end there would also be nothing. This would contradict the 1st rule since there cannot be nothing without something and therefore I belive the universe is constant and there was never a beginning and there wont ever be an end. The theory: So I have established my rules now I will explain my theory that is based on them. Without a beginning and end we have to assume that an event would cause a loop back to what we call the big bang at some point in the future. My theory is that in the same way matter is pulled by gravity into a black hole eventually all matter will be pulled back into a single point. As more black holes appear throughout space and consume more of there surrounding matter they will become much larger in size until all that is left for them to consume is each other. At that point all matter in the universe would be packed together and the huge amount of gravity produced by this giant mass of everything will attempt to condense itself even further until a supernova like event takes place and matter is exploded back out into space to start the cycle once again. This is the first time I have bothered to share my views with other people, the reason I wrote the disclaimer is because this seems so plausible to me that I would find it difficult to belive I was the first person to have this idea. Regardless please let me know what you think, thank you.
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