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  1. I've read the article https://pingpongacademy.org/ping-pong-vs-table-tennis/ and turned out what's the difference between ping pong and table tennis.
  2. Yes, your understanding of how helium-filled balloons work is mostly correct. As helium atoms are smaller than the molecules in air, they can slowly leak through the walls of the balloon. This results in the balloon losing some of its lifting power over time. When the pressure of the helium inside the balloon is equal to the pressure of the surrounding air, the balloon stops rising and reaches a state of equilibrium.
  3. No, the negative result of the glass greenhouse experiment does not prove that climate change is not caused by greenhouse gases. This experiment was conducted on a small scale and may not accurately reflect the complexity of the Earth's atmosphere and climate system. Climate change is a complex issue with multiple contributing factors, including greenhouse gas emissions from human activities, deforestation, changes in land use, and natural climate cycles.
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