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  1. So you have no problem with a male teacher identifying as a female being present in a girls changing area?
  2. Like I said no change is going to please all people all of the time. Change for improvement is about the greater good. (i'm sure dim will come back with "what is the greater good?") I'm assuming nothing. The parent was speaking in an audience environment in front of a panel of education board members. It wasn't some person spouting off to a news reporter or on social media. No one in the room contested her statement so one could argue that there was probably some element of truth in it. The point is, there are people out in the world who believe that this situation is acceptable since they truly believe the rights of the male teacher Identifying as a female trumps everything else. Just to clarify, I'm not from the USA and I don't have a political opinion on any other country outside of my own. +1
  3. Ok, so this should go on the list of improvements - Equal opportunity for all. Maybe even the number 1 "best" thing for humanity. I could argue many but I don't have data to back any answer up, though I was asking you if there has been continuous improvement, and if there is....? I would probably argue that advancements in medicine, disease control etc... Which could be a sub section of the general "technological" advancements within the past 200 years.
  4. I wouldn't say its "unanswerable" I would suggest that there is no one right answer. You are never going to achieve Utopia, that's an impossible goal and possibly fallible for all the reasons you have mentioned on this thread. But one should ask, is society a better place to live than it was 100/200/500 years ago? Cause if it is, and the general consensus is it is, then I would argue that we are continuingly improving things for humanity and have been doing so for years. What I fear is that this continuing improvement may plateau, and worse start to decline for all the wrong reasons. Then dimreeper is correct, and the question in this context is unanswerable. There can not really be any "one" thing, though one could argue extinction since it appears we are destroying the planet.
  5. Not really is it. We can make predictions based on data and previous observations. The more data we have then the more likely the prediction is to be reasonably accurate. Yeah sure there is always the possibility of things occurring unexpectedly, there is sometimes that which we did not account for... The whole point of weather forecasting is to try and attempt to predict what we have to deal with in the future. Its not going to be 100% accurate, but over time the predictions become more successful, in part based on the data from previous reports where patterns can be ascertained. the further forward we want to forecast the less accurate the prediction is likely to be. But based on the historical data we can likely rule out certain situations. We have a fair bit of data and the results of previous actions in human history. So we should be able to ascertain to some acceptable degree the best course of action going forward. There is going to be a learning process even with this sure, also there maybe some sideways or backwards steps to take (re route) to get back on course. But doing nothing, or worse, heading too far off course is not moving forward. Well yeah, what is best for each individual is not going to be equal. But there are aspects that benefit all. For example a less violent society, a more effluent society, reduced disease in society... we can formulate a list that bears improvements for all, some more than others granted. But improvement for one at the cost of nothing to others can be said to be an improvement regardless. You can't please all the people all of the time.
  6. Would certainly help towards reducing the obesity pandemic that is gripping the USA and many other "privileged" western cultures. I haven't a link, it was an example I saw where a parent was addressing the education board at a school in the USA. When an over corrective measure is used that introduces further issues without successfully addressing the cause of the original issue. Or when the original intent is misrepresented and used as a weapon for other agenda. Or when common sense goes out of the window and a society is left with confusing and conflicting ideas. Change is a great thing and should be encouraged, supported and implemented, provided the change improves. Funnily, I expected a similar response from you also, great minds and all that... I see no problem with correcting mistakes, learning from them and future prevention, that's my point.
  7. Biased? I'm pointing out a fact not an opinion. If he wants to complain about something that only he himself can sort out then that's his prerogative. To your point about knowing better, well in part this might well be true since I have 35+ years extra experience in many things especially life lessons. Which doesn't mean i'm going to be correct, but I think this qualifies me somewhat. Reading through the thread I can see that any reply I make will be pointless anyhow. I'm basing my thinking on personal experience local to me. An example of extra privileges which is a real example experienced by a family member. My cousin, who works in a local hospital as a ward manager has been told by her senior managers that she must prioritise all ethnic minority patients so that the hospital can show that they are being inclusive and diverse. Wokeness gone overboard; A male sports instructor/coach who chooses to be identified as a female is given rights to enter the female changing room whilst young girls are changing. I have no problem with equal rights and equal opportunities and mending/learning from the atrocities that still go on and went on throughout history. But there has to surely be a line drawn when things are taken too far. That's fine so long as you don't steer too far the other way else you will still be off course. You have to ensure you actually get back to centre. So I will reiterate, I have no problem with steering the ship a little excessively to get back on course. I do however have a problem with steering too far.
  8. Nowhere, This sounds absurd I know, but the hot dense state came into existence at the same time as spacetime and rapidly expanded, like really rapidly. Its hard for us to conceptualise something that is beyond our imagination and/or descriptions.
  9. Good luck with that young padawan
  10. Well we can test to see if telepathy is a thing or not. How do you test for a god? Now being a Jedi is definitely cool, where do I sign up?
  11. What is almost infinite? Ok, that aside, it is not certain that there was "mass" in the way we understand it before 10-43 seconds after the inflation began. Also it is theorised that space and time came into existence at this point. Basically, it could be that the current laws came into existence also, which means we have no way of even beginning to understand prior to the BB if "prior" to even means anything in this context either. Definitely a head batterer!
  12. Lol, yes of course I have reconstructed a persons voice when thinking of a phrase or other they have said which I have previously heard. But I have never had another voice conversing independently within my own mind. No, I just think it would be more plausible that a form of telepathy could be conducted between separate minds based something on the lines of em waves or similar since neurons in the brain fire electrical impulses. This seems much more plausible than the fantasy of an all powerful omnipotent being. My personal angel would be cool though.
  13. Yes, Sorry, I was reinforcing your point but didn't make that clear.
  14. The only voice I hear in my head is my own. If I found that another voice was present then I would seek medical help as I would most certainly be going insane or suffering with some form of mental illness. In fact I would sooner believe in telepathy over god as a more plausible supernatural explanation. If god exists and wishes to reveal him/her/itself to prove me wrong then fine I'm ok with that.
  15. I would imagine that as you said there would be some consistent results influenced on what each religion prescribes god to be and also load of random made up answers that were influenced by personal experience. In which case the survey would be quite pointless. God has never spoken to me in any form, so until he/she/it does then I will remain skeptical at best. Then even then, if i started to hear voices other than my own, I would be looking to seek some psychological help to begin with.
  16. What makes you assume I'm privileged? I have no problem with giving up any privilege if that means sharing with people less fortunate. The problem starts when those less privileged are empowered with extra privileges more than anyone else as compensation for the lack of previously. It just then becomes a vicious circle, where's the equality in that? Just to be clear before I get accused of being something else. I'am a white male (possibly privileged) my partner is a black female, my kids are mixed race. I'm more than aware of prejudices, especially racial. I haven't forced anyone to do anything, nor would I try. My son complains about something only he has the power to change. Go figure
  17. If you want to survive you will be bothered to feed yourself, if not then you may have a different agenda, I guess. So if someone chooses not to act towards something that cannot be ignored and has no valid reason to do so, other than they "can't be bothered" , then what term would you use to describe this?
  18. Ok thanks for clearing that up. If a system appeared by all attempts close enough to be conscious then is there any reason to assume it wasn't? How would you define which is and which isn't "conscious". Tricky I guess.
  19. Well that's an easy argument to address since you have answered it in the description already. Just cause you are sitting on your arse not doing anything physical doesn't necessarily mean you are being lazy. Deep thinking is not being lazy, chilling out to re-energise is not being lazy. Being lazy is not doing something that needs to be done for no other reason than you can't be bothered.
  20. You can easily program a machine/computer having discerning senses. It just takes some form of receptor / probe and then software. So it may not necessarily guarantee consciousness. However, the ability to "experience" may require a certain amount of perceptual input and indeed maybe a requirement for consciousness.
  21. This is a very interesting question and one not easily answered. I presume from this experiment you are supposing that consciousness resides as an independent entity not born from the mechanical/chemical, process/connectivity or complexity of neuron evolution?
  22. A good point. Rather than build and aim a projectile towards a planet why not redirect an asteroid. At least this way there is less obvious evidence of an intentional attack. In fact why not redirect lots of naturally forming objects. One could even argue (conspiracy theory alert) that Oumuamua was a failed attempt. Agreed, I think since we are speculating and things like FTL have been mentioned. Then it would not be out of the realms to consider any sufficiently advanced technology that is capable of lightspeed may also be capable of forming and utilising wormholes. This would be a far more efficient method to observe and make a much better planned attack from. I can easily imagine an advanced alien technology detecting our presence via radio signals even far into our future. Then they form a wormhole close enough by to observe us temporally simultaneously to see what stage of technology advancement we are at.
  23. Fair points and I guess you are correct. "Both sides seem to be engaged in a war of lies, deception, and fear against the "other" forgetting we are all the other to someone else" I will admit, I certainly get caught up in some of the lies and deceit, mostly unawares.
  24. If your reason is that you can't be bothered then that is an excuse for being lazy. Its not about what i think you should do its about what is the most logical or right thing to do for a whole host of reasons. The main one being your own personal state of mind. "get away with doing something" or avoid doing something that you know needs to be done? There is a difference. I've got no problem with this people can chose to do what they want so long as it it does not cause other people suffering or harm. I ain't "bitchin" I'm pointing out that people complaining about something that they can fix themselves are lazy. Yeah pretty much. The current wave of extreme "wokeness" (at least round my parts) is doing exactly the opposite to what it's supposed to be doing. Its creating a divide and confusion, aggression and so on... amongst people. The basic principles behind it have been taken too far to the extreme by many and made it a ridiculous situation. The genuine activists who's intents and principles are morally sound have been in many cases overwhelmed by the extremists who use woke for their own destructive agenda, to drive an idealism that is biased and discriminate. Diversity and equality is about balance between all, not loaded to one way or another just because of past atrocities. No voice should speak louder than another, all people should be held accountable and all people should be treated equally. The current woke culture around my parts is driving a bias towards certain groups being discriminated against. It seems that I will be out of my depth in this conversation since its going to be half a dozen against one and I just cannot keep up with the replies.
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