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  1. . Exactly the opposite ... . Life is ... regardless your so-called imagination ... . Imagination is mind fabrication ... . Truth is not mind fabrication ... . Truth is a fact; not made by human mind ... . Truth can be discovered by human ... when ... he is in a state which is beyond mind. When he is pure knowing ... . Everything is as it is ... Whether you conceive it or not ... . You have to fit with truth ... not the opposite ...
  2. . Life acts spontaneously and is spontaneity ... . Life acts meaningfully and is meaningful ... . Hence the nonexistence of randomness ...
  3. . Precisely for this reason ... . And you don't need a paper, unless you don't have intelligence. You need to use your intelligence, not a paper. And I do think you're intelligent, even if acting as a mediocre ... . God does not exist, because there is no beginning to existence ... Existence is beginningless ... . Even if you believe in the big bang theory, there must have been something that exploded. Do you think nothing exploded? If there was something, x, y, z, – any name, I am not much interested in such nonsense things, x, y, z, whatsoever it was that exploded – if something was there before the explosion then the explosion is not the beginning. It may be a beginning but it is not the beginning. And when I say there has never been any beginning, I mean the beginning. Something was always there – whether it exploded or whether it grew slowly, in one day or in six days or in one single moment, doesn’t matter. There must have been something before it, because only something can come out of something. Even if you say there was nothing, and it came out of nothing, then your nothing is full of something, it is not really nothing. Hence I say there has never been any beginning and there will never be any end.
  4. . There is no idea to emptiness ... . Emptiness is ... . Therefore, it cannot be reduced to an idea ... . Life is emptiness ... . And just out of emptiness; just out of nothingness ... existence can manifest itself ... to somethingness ... . There is ideas to somethingness, because just that which is not ... can be reduced to a mere, a simple idea ... . If you break the seed husk ... you'll just find nothingness ... . Then, this nothingness cannot be surrounded by ideas ... by pseudo-entities ...
  5. . No, not according to the regular sense; meaning and use of the term - religion ... . Whether you're a scientist ... or at least ... a person with a scientific view to reality ... or a religious person ... that is ... a superstitious mind. . Science is for evolution. Evolution means nothing is complete, nothing will ever be complete; everything is in a process. . Existence is an ongoing phenomenon. It is not that on Monday God started, and on Saturday evening He looked at what He had created and said, "Good" - just the way I say it; even where it is not needed I say it. And at least at that time, when God said it, it was not needed because there was nobody to hear it. Monkeys cannot understand it, elephants cannot understand it, tigers cannot understand it. And man was yet to come, if Charles Darwin is correct. In fact, even if man was there .... All religions believe that God created man, man is not an evolved animal; God created him - not only did He create him, He created him in His own image. . Evolution denies God. . Let me make it absolutely clear: . Evolution denies God because evolution denies creation. . And if there is no creation there is no need of a creator. . These are simple implications. God is a hypothesis to support another hypothesis - the creation. . If there is no creation there is no God, because the whole base of His existence is demolished. If evolution is the thing then one wonders whether God is evolving or not. If monkeys have become men, what has happened to God? . At least evolution has not happened to God, because no religion can accept the idea of God evolving; God means perfection, absolute perfection. He is the last word - the first and the last, both alpha and omega. There is no way beyond the omega point. . But there's another meaning to religion ... the true meaning - Religion, comes from a latin root: "reconnect to your inner world ... " . And in that sense ... . For me, science and religion are two sides of the same coin. Science is looking outwards, religion is looking inwards, but both are the same kind of looking, the same kind of search. They may have different names - that does not matter at all. . Science calls it observation, religion calls it awareness. . Science calls it experiment, religion calls it experience. . The difference of words simply signifies that their dimensions are different. . Science is focused on the object; and remember the meaning of the word "object" - that which hinders, objects, prevents. . Religion is focused on the subject. Without the subject there can be no object; without the object there can be no subject. . The subjectivity of man's consciousness and the objectivity of existence are totally interdependent. . The true religion is not Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam ... . The true religion is - Love ...
  6. . Atheits are not life-affirming ... They are ... life-negating. . But it doesn't mean that they cannot prove their so-called truth. . Everybody can prove whatever non-sense they want. Logic is a prostitute. It can be for or against anything ... . That's the whole art of a lawyer. A lawyer can be for or against anybody, depending how much he can accumulate from a muderer. Is it worth to defend this convicted criminal for this amount of Money ... ? . In fact, Atheists, theists, are all believers, and belief is not the realm of science. Science means to experience something, that which is; no belief is needed. . You don't believe in the Sun ... There's no need to it. You see it! . Life is not a question to be solved ... Life ... is a Mystery to be lived ... . If you experience God ... through Meditation ... If you experience awe; Tao ... then ... you don't have to believe in it. . Believe means: you don't know. But you'll pretend that you know to yourself and to the world. Whether you know it or you don't. There's no point of believing in anything. . And if you don't know ... Be wise enough ... To declare it. . Understanding your ignorance is the first step for wisdom ...
  7. . Because ... an atheist is one ... who knows only a part of reality. He only knows the ugly part of reality, hence his pilgrimage; his adventure towards God ... ceased ... or probably didn't even started ... . And if God is perfect ... he cannot create any kind of ugliness ... hence God doesn't exist ... . This is the reasoning of a so-called atheist ... . However, he totally misses the fact ... that ... the other part of reality permits the existence of the ugliness ... . Futhermore ... with the other part of reality ... ugliness can be transformed to beauty ... . This other part of reality ... is the inner light ... that every human being carries within him ... . Certainly, with the presence of Light ... you totally miss darkness ... but that's just a consequence. With Light ... or ... with a higher state of consciousness ... you are aware ... about the existence of lower states of consciousness. . For example ... an intelligent man easily identifies a mediocre. But a mediocre cannot identify an intelligent man ... . And this inner light can be discovered through meditation ... . An atheist is not a meditator ... . Otherwise he could have discovered the fact ... that ... God is within us. . Karl Marx was not a meditator ... . Yes ... the ... Theological God does not exist ... It's a Myth ... . But it doesn't mean that Life has no meaning ... because of this fact ... on the contrary. . If God as a judge existed ... sitting in Heaven ... then ... Man's Life would be condemned ... with no freedom ... . But Man has freedom ... precisely ... because he can turn to a God ... . He is just a seed ... ready ... to blossom to a God. . He is just a potencial. He is not complete yet ... he is just a process. . And ... the key ... is meditation.
  8. . You may not have thought about it at all. You have heard – the whole of science depends on it – that cause and effect is the base. You create the cause and the effect follows. Life is a causal link. You put the seed in the soil and it will sprout. If the cause is there, then the tree will follow. The fire is there: you put your hand in it and it will burn. The cause is there and the effect will follow. You take poison and you will die. You arrange for the cause and then the effect follows. . This is one of the most basic scientific laws, that cause and effect is the innermost link of all processes of life.
  9. . Yes ... they do complement each other ... . Science is the form of Knowledge which looks for the inner, hidden power in matter. Religion is the form of Knowledge which looks for the inner, hidden power in consciousness. There is no conflict between religion and science ... Why would they be non complementary ... ? . Religion is like ... the center of reality ... and ... Science is like ... the periphery of reality ... . One must make a synthesis ... between ... religion and science ... between ... the abstract and the concrete ... . So I say to you that there is no conflict between religion and science, in the same way that there is no conlifct between the body and the soul. Anyone who lives only on the level of the body will lose his soul, and someone who tries to live in the spiritual dimension will also not be able to live rightly because he will lose contact with his body. . Just as human life is a balance, a synthesis of body and soul, in the same way a complete culture would also be a balance, a synthesis between science and religion. . Science would be its body, religion its soul.
  10. . The death penalty is a crime committed by the society against a single individual, who is helpless. I cannot call it a penalty, it is a crime. . And you can understand why it is committed: it is a revenge. Society is taking revenge because the man did not follow the rules of the society; the society is ready to kill him. But nobody bothers that when somebody murders it shows that man is psychologically sick. . Rather than sending him to imprisonment or to be executed, he should be sent into a nursing home where he can be taken care of – physically, psychologically, spiritually. He is sick. He needs all the compassion of the society; there is no question of penalty, punishment. . Your so-called civilization ... is ... as much barbarian ... as it used to be 2000 years ago. But now, politics is way more subtle ... than it was ... 2000 years ago. And ... they do the same ... but covered with a thick facade. And this facade is apparently invisible to the mediocre mind ... which represent ... the sheep of the society ... . Society does not want you ... to be a Wolf ... to be a Lion. It wants you to be a stupid sheep ... always ready to obey to stupid politicians ... always ready to obey to stupid priests ... always ready to obey to stupid so-called group moderators in service of the morb's Truth ...
  11. . Money should be seen as a means ... not as an end ... friend ... . When you love something ... you put it ... as an end ... unto itself ... you understand ... . If you Love money ... you cannot Love people ... by the very nature of it ... . You'll be a miser ... trying to manipulate whosoever ... so you can achieve to your goal ... somehow ... related with money. In that circumstance ... people ... would be ... secondary ... and money ... primary ... . The scenery you mentioned ... shows money as a means ... therefore ... one ... who applies it to a reality ... in order to satisfy certain needs ... in order to achieve an end ... is not loving it ... is not adoring it. In that case, money is being used as a mere means ... . If you don't have the hability to understand a mere answer ... shut up ... or meditate carefully over it ... friend ...
  12. . Money is not what it appears. Money is more deep-rooted. Money is not just there outside in the currency notes, it is something to do with your inner, mind, attitudes. Money is your love of things, money is your escape from persons, money is your security against death, money is your effort to control life, money is a thousand and one things. Money is not just in the currency notes, otherwise things would have been very easy. . Money is your love – love of things, not of persons. The most comfortable love is of things, because things are dead, you can possess them easily. You can possess a big house, a palace – the greatest palace you can possess easily – but you cannot possess even the smallest baby; even that baby rejects, even that baby fights for his freedom. A small baby, howsoever small, is dangerous for the man who wants to possess him. He will rebel, he will become rebellious, but he will not allow anybody to possess him. . People who cannot love people, start loving money because money is a means to possess things. The more money you have, the more things you can possess; and the more things you can possess, the more you can forget about people. You will have many things but you will not have any contentment, because deep contentment comes only when you love a person. The money will not revolt but it cannot respond either, that’s the trouble. . That’s why miserly people become very ugly – nobody has responded to their love ever. How can you be beautiful without love falling on you, without love showering on you like flowers – how can you be beautiful? You become ugly. You become closed. A man who possesses money or tries to possess money, is miserly and he will always be afraid of people, because if they are allowed to come closer they may start sharing. If you allow somebody closeness you have to allow some sharing also. . People who love things become like things – dead, closed. Nothing vibrates in them, nothing dances and sings in them, their hearts have lost the beat. They live a mechanical life. They drag, burdened, burdened with many things, but they don’t have any freedom because only love can give you freedom and love can give you freedom only if you give freedom to love. . People who are afraid of love become possessive about money. People who love become non-possessive, money doesn’t matter much. If it is, it is okay, it can be used; if it is not, that too is okay, because love is such a kingdom that no money can purchase it. Love is such a deep fulfillment that you can be a beggar on the street and you can sing if you have love in your heart. If you have loved and you have been loved, love crowns you, makes a king of you. Money simply makes you ugly. . I am not against money. I am not saying to go and throw it away, because that is another extreme. That is also the last step of the miserly mind. A man who has suffered too much because of money, who has clung to money and could not love anybody or become open, becomes so frustrated in the end that he throws away the money, renounces and goes to the Himalayas, enters a Tibetan monastery and becomes a lama. This man has not understood. If you understand, money can be used, but people who don’t understand are either misers, they can’t use the money, or they renounce the money, because in renouncing they are also saving the same mind. Now there will be no difficulty in using it: you renounce all and escape. But they cannot use the money, they are afraid of using it.
  13. . The question ... as such ... is stupid ... friend ... . And your warning is not far away from that point ... my friend ... . In fact ... both ... have the same nature ... . Existence does not know your so-called believes ... . Belives mean ... I don't know ... but I will pretend to the world and to myself ... that ... I know ... . If you don't know ... be humble and simple ... and just say ... I don't know ... don't lie to yourself ... you're the only victim ... . By saying it ... you're giving the first step ... for real knowledge ... which always ... comes from you ... which always ... comes through you ... . But your so-called society ... teaches you ... as a mice is taught ... to like borrowed things ... to think not from oneself ... but according to what others think about you and about the world ... . You like borrowed knowledge ... it's easier ... isn't it ... . I won't tell any believes ... Is it not enough what the society does tell you in form of stupid believes ... ? . I have no belives ... but ... I have Life ... . In fact ... I'm Life ... as you are Life ... too ... but your understanding still ... is ... far away of reaching this point ... . You have stupid believes ... and ... I have Life ... . I give you the truth ... rather ... friend ... . But you prefer the fake coin ... you prefer ... having stupid believes ... . Because ... in order to know truth ... you must experience it ... it is not a so-called a priori idea or conclusion ... . And ... what do you know about Life ... In fact ... ? . Your thinking about Life is just like the thinking of a blind man about Light ... . A blind Man ... can have ... a Belief about what Light is ... Still ... he will miss the experience ... because ... Light is an experience ... it is not something ... which ... can be taught about ... You don't need believes to know Light ... what you need is ... eyes ... . It is what it is ... Everything ... which is under the sun ... is what it is. Your believes are pseudo creations ... . I stop ... if you tell me ... . If you believe in the sun existence ... ?
  14. . There is no point of ... believing or disbelieving ... in anything ... . Whether you know or you don't Know it ... friend ... . I've never came across anything ... whose nature ... is apart of God ... . All is Brahman ... All is God ... . God is an experiencing ... It is not a person ... ready to judge you ... . This is a subtle craft created by priests ... so ... you can be easily exploited ... through fear of Hell and ambition for heavenly pleasures ... . Yes ... God ... exists ... Everything is God's manifestation ... or if you don't like this word ... call it ... Love, Tao, Dhamma, Awe ... . God is ... and only god is ... Not the theological God ... but ... the existential one ... . TAO is God ... whose nature is ... Godliness ...
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