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  1. Anyone got any good recommendations for Philosophy of Music? My current reading is Margaret Urban Walkers - Moral Context. (Not the same field as philosophy of music but I want to branch out after this to something different.)
  2. Firstly, thank you so much! I do really want to learn to code but my head gets crunched by a lot of the terminology within the first few lessons, however the sites I used weren't the ones you've supplied so I should give it a better go. in your experience, are there certain things you can interpret, that I cannot, about a programmer based on his code? Like say, knowledge, expertise, work ethic etc? I think my first stop there will be Gibbon! Thanks MigL. I have read a lot about the rise of the Roman Empire, but outside the Huns invasion led by Attila and the Ottoman siege and capt
  3. Fair enough. Textbooks allowed. I'll edit the OP to reflect. My apologies. Edit, nevermind. Won't let me edit the main body. Is that just on mobile browsing or can I not edit on pc either?
  4. I believe in a more critical and interdisciplinary approach with freer use of language. As I would in certain types of lectures in a classroom. The only difference is we are all teachers and students here. Ethics and Meta-ethics is broad, trying to answer within too narrow constraints only diminishes the nuance and detail it requires and it's not wrong to write in an interdisciplinary fashion these days. If you think this is bad, try having this conversation in German at Goethe. Even so, you're the moderator. I've made my case. Decision is entirely yours. Thank you for your
  5. Absolutely! I wouldn't be a contextualist if I didn't already believe that. I think an underlying theme in my OP, is an unasked question; Is the binary a good tool for moral education? If so, at what stage of cognitive development, in regards to moral psychology?
  6. Is reality just three lines? Is that what you're equating realism to or am I just misinterpreting what you're trying to paint? Would you be able to rephrase what you mean? I bet you enjoy structuralism too. I agree with your sentiment toward modern minimalism. Just lazy contrarianism if you ask me.
  7. Can you not give me an impression of realism? Maybe that's why I was openly and sincerely appreciative. Any psychologist will tell you that word choice can convey potent and relevant emotional meaning. I think you'd enjoy reading into the concept of "Philosophical feeling" and Philosophy of non-verbal emotive language. If you haven't already, if you have then you are welcome on a future post about that
  8. What is the best entry level book for your field/fields of expertise? Self directed homework. Feel free to add a personal book list in the order you'd read them in. No textbooks please. Unless that is stylistic of an individual relevant and important author. Thanks so much in advance!
  9. New post will be needed soon. I appreciate your artistically and linguistically expressive short responses. I genuinely wish I was capable of that, I made a point to study stoicism but I took temperance to mean only speak when it is required, so what do you do if you feel a lot is required? Unfortunately making myself clear isn't always easy and I can't seem to get away from excessive detail. Oh well, my later publications will require a heavy hand with the highlighter!
  10. Actually yes! I can't see the original comment you made for some reason? Can screenshot if you need proof of that. No matter, I can see it now that you've shared it and agree with everything you said. Unfortunately, there isn't a subsection in philosophy for meta-ethics There probably should be though, you can ask the admins about that maybe? I'm a bit new to the forum to be asking for structural context changes. I do apologise if it felt like I was just straight up ignoring you! Will retract the comment reaction. That was unfair and I'm sorry if it justifiably upset you.. Although also
  11. 😄 Indeed. I do so love this planet. Would be better if we didn't always feel so caught between a rock (People) and a hard place (Nature)... Although... maybe there is only the hard place and I'm imagining the rock?
  12. It is a meta-ethical question actually, what are your grounds for claiming it isn't? I wrote the OP and gave ground to Studiots excellent point, that the OP forces binary choices. So now we've moved onto delineation to escape the binary and carry on a collaborative discussion, instead of me wasting peoples times by defending a point not worth defending, and getting upset by it like I believe, if my idea is attacked, I am attacked. I don't believe that. Do you have an answer to those questions?
  13. I do so appreciate people who reject binaries! However, is it a case of delineation through scaling or categorising? Should we be quantitative or qualitative when we think of things being good or bad? Right or wrong? What sounds better to you; A given action could be said to be 60% wrong? A given action could be said to be a type of wrong? Or a joint application of both?
  14. This is all very context-sensitive. I'd say that the avocado cannot be the thing that makes a moralistic determination. If I had fed you avocado five minutes before you told me you were allergic, I'd have done something bad. Because I've worked in kitchens and know better than to prepare a meal for someone without asking about allergens or dietary requirements. Even if it is just a mistake, my knowing better makes it negligent. An amateur to food safety rules and procedures would have made an honest moral mistake which would be wrong, not bad. It would be bad for you to se
  15. Prospects for life elsewhere. The candidates are all pretty far away, however the hope is identifying the characteristics of these types of planets would give us clues as to how to locate them more locally.
  16. Using pattern recognition to identify and treat sick people, is probably a better way to phrase this. Bad is quite the strangest term to apply to an individual. I blame whatever maladaptive family and support culture they came from. Genetics has it's role in determining certain aspects of disposition in life, most individuals of most dispositions, given intervention and guidance can find moral functionalism somewhere in this wide world and wellbeing and security along with that. I don't care what anyone says, I want my surgeons to be at least a little bit sociopathic. Their hands don't sh
  17. My claim; All bads are wrongs. Not all wrongs are bads. A 5 year old claims; 12+50=71 Wrong, but bad? Clearly mixed up the tens and units column in 12. 5 year old child hits his sister. Wrong, but bad? I have attached a simple logic puzzle, image in attachment. This logic puzzle is a good example of where we are also being asked; How many times do you need to be wrong, before you can be right? Let's add the ethical spin; Let's imagine that each time an incorrect choice is made, a bomb will go off, killing a nearby person standing a safe
  18. Really like this one actually. Biocentrism for the win.
  19. To live and be life. What else is it supposed to do? I certainly can't be a rock!
  20. Agreed, we can also misinterpret reality. Another way to phrase your point, would be to say that the mind paints a picture of the world. Internal and external. Especially when we speak about the mind. Part of the universe is inside too and the mind has to paint a picture of that. It's kind of like how the more pervasive belief is that we only have 5 sensory systems. When in reality there are 9. 5 for external stimulus, 3 for internal and 1 for both. All that being said, are we going to talk about the mind/body problem or the explanatory gap between how brain states can bring about mind o
  21. MSC

    NRA dissolvement

    If you can't beat em, join em! Change from within. That's what liberal and centrist gun owners are trying to do. Definitely agree with removing their tax exempt status. One way of expediting that is changing the demographic structure in the NRA until the voices crying out for reason drown out the ones that are crying out for selling fully automatic weapons of war onto civilian streets. What are the older members gonna do? Leave the NRA and start a whites/Republicans only gun group? Please. They'd never get that organisation onto a tax exempt list if they are that unconstitutionally
  22. Regular folk are not a moral monolith. Folk ethics isn't a thing. Neither is cultural relativism. Shock horror, it turns out our moral stances have so much variance they don't even stick specifically to culture or within national borders. How dare they! Something to understand is that all of our explicitly laid out moral theories come from our innate sense of morality, as you would put it. Utilitarianism is only a thing because ethicists and moral philosophers observed and described what was clearly already a part of our moral psychology. People were observed saying and doing very utilita
  23. - Mr Miyagi, OG Karate Kid Can we include use of the thick concept "Stupid" as one of those harmful things? We are fallible, this doesn't make us stupid. I'd argue that what makes a person truly stupid, is not realising that each and every one of us fluctuates between moments of intelligence and moments of sheer idiocy. Personally, I am of the belief that every moment is a teachable moment. I can't call your post here completely stupid because it has opened up a dialogue that has the potential of reducing those moments of idiocy we all so enjoy mocking. Now, I'm against most
  24. Increased odds of survival too. I'd argue that human success as an organism is due in no small part to our ability to adapt, respect and value differences in thought, action and character. Is cultivating diversity over strict conformity not an ideal? Setting ideals is acceptable to me, so long as we are willing to change when any aspect of human societies is or becomes maladaptive to our continued survival, flourishing and well-being. Having an ideal is one thing, the modal quality of the actions we take in order to reach that ideal is where we should really focus our efforts. That do
  25. It's meant to seem that way. It wouldn't be a literary paradox otherwise. All Paradox means in this context; an anomalous juxtaposition of incongruous ideas, for the sake of striking exposition or unexpected insight. It's a literary device, a dramatic figure of speech, if you will. The problem is actually very carefully worded and my answer is an entirely reachable answer based on only what is there. I left nothing out and no information is missing. In order for it to be a paradox in this sense, since it has been up for over 24 hours and I am now no longer limited to 5 respons
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