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  1. Hume would disagree but then whether or not something is "abrasive" is subjective. Some undergrads find compatabilism "Abrasive" to their beliefs in free will. No but it is a requirement to do science well. God forbid any premise to any scientific argument is missing or wrong. Not a strawman. Learn some manners and respect when people go out of their way to do the same for you. You're easily the most "Abrasive" moderator here. No one is going to convince me that I'm in the wrong here without first learning how to speak respectfully to others. Your comments to me yester
  2. The primary focus can't be science if there is no logic. Without logic, no science. Tell that to Swansont.
  3. I would but there is no section for it all to be found. Why should I have to promote logic at all? It's a field of study you can take a class in at most University's and you can get degrees in it. It's important. It's not my job to explain the reality of that to others who allegedly went to university. Just so you're all aware, I could have 1000 downvotes and still not give a shit. They aren't real communication and half the reason they are programmed into anywhere is to make the screen more addictive. "Oh yay I got an upvote, free dopamine!" "Oh no I got a downvote from a stranger, I
  4. Why do you assume it's because his dad isn't on the scene? You do realise most black fathers aren't leaving. It's a vicious stereotype that needs to stop. It's not like there aren't absent white fathers too.
  5. Yeah, my behaviour is clearly the problem. Only asking for my field to not be denigrated and insulted. Clearly I'm bang out of order. Projections are a pound a piece here it seems. It's not like I'm not also stressed.
  6. My petulance? What about Swansonts petulance yesterday in the general philosophy section? Takes one to know one.
  7. Our own making. Collectively or as individuals? A number of pragmatic theories of ethics highlight that in terms of blame, Society is the object of moral responsibility and is far more deserving of moral condemnation than any individual who happens to randomly be born into it, without any say in the matter or any say in how society treats them for things beyond their control. It's all very well to say that individuals have to do more to contribute to our moral ecology, but institutions have far more power to do this than any one individual can and many actively try to uphold a mala
  8. Differences between moral and causal responsibility. Would you say this to a five year old black kid, who's teachers have point blank said to him to give up on his dreams? Does the five year old black kid need to take personal responsibility for his failure there? Is it even his failure? Or should he just be put through it all and left to figure out at 30 that his teacher was talking shit? Responsibility cuts both ways. A good attitude and a willingness to learn gets you nowhere when it comes to career prospects and getting around other peoples prejudices and biases. It is not a fai
  9. Everyone should read this book. Until you've read it, don't talk about logic. You don't know what you're talking about.
  10. Trying to drum up interest in these fields. Focussing on Logic. Is there a good reason why Logic should NOT be added to the forum? One that isn't based on whether or not people show an interest. Lot's of people have no interest in mathematics in their daily lives yet it's still important. Same is true of logic, especially when there are clear misunderstandings of what logic is and how it is used, being shared on the forum. Which makes it impossible for logicians to take things seriously.
  11. What are some of the barriers to providing equal opportunity to every one, within academia? Seeing a lot of ignorant and entitled posting lately, which doesn't even make a point to address this. It's a shame really, a lot of discouraging and disparaging comments being made about people, who through no fault of their own, simply are not offered the sort of education their disparagers have allegedly had and have no means of getting it.
  12. Palpable entitlement and privilege. You also use "logically" impossible/possible incorrectly. Which is ironic considering the mention of Math. Seriously moderators can we have a logic section already so people can stop misusing the tool of logic like this? I can't even engage with this seriously due to this complete misunderstanding of what logic is. Basic logic skills are in serious need of overhaul in this post.
  13. Why don't you just decorate your classroom with the relevant data and formulas? My highschool math teacher had "Pi = 3.14" on the wall among countless other aids. Then your memory of those things just gets better every time you are in the space.
  14. Want to start an open discussion on empowerment theory applied in therapy.
  15. 31 Fallacies in 8 minutes Good video. She's hilarious.
  16. How do you treat symptoms of systematic attack on the normal development of feelings of personal power and agency in Moderate to severe forms of PTSD/C-PTSD?
  17. I appreciate the sentiment and the help. My partner is actually a woman and I'd never ever have them committed to an environment where I don't know if I can trust the staff. There are other ways for allowing deep self reflection to occur. Without getting in to the specifics, a trump move last month has my partners work sector having to work massive amounts of overtime because of the empty love bombing move of the administration in the run up to the election. She is also pregnant so the initial event that proceeded my creating this thread may also be hormonal in nature, contributing
  18. Thank you, couples therapy is something that has now been broached and accepted as constructive by both parties. Thanks for not echo chambering and being impartial too.
  19. This is quite a charitable interpretation of my question and I'd like to thank you for altering some of the parameters of it so that it actually made sense. I'm glad people are aware that I am only dealing in complete hypotheticals for the sake of testing how my imagination is trying to explain to me how gravity, expansion, BHs and Dark matter all fit together in the same universe. Since I don't know how to use Math to do it. Rolled up in my question when I read back on your reply, is a thought. Why are things expanding more rapidly than most models can account for? What is missing
  20. It might be friendly though and I want to give it a hug.
  21. The point is to answer OPs questions in the general philosophy section of this forum. The point is to collaborate to do that. I'm not trying to reject your statement that they aren't the same thing. I'm sorry for upsetting you. I really don't think your second statement is fair either. Why would I want to take us off topic? Why are you taking me out of context and ignoring the parts where I explain why this is pertinent to the topic of the thread? Really confused.
  22. So the only way in this scenario for the earth to fall into our sun, turned BH, is if the earth is within 3 km radial separation of the event horizon or for the mass of the BH to increase so that the required radial separation to stop escape velocity also increases? Or is it always 3km no matter how much the mass of the BH increases? Maybe the more appropriate way to ask my original questions; how would the universe look differently to how it does now, if the mass attributed to dark matter was to be found in unknown collosal black holes found in voids in the cosmic web? Would our galaxy
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