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  1. He's talking about time dilation. If you have a relativistic object events outside of that object occur more quickly so that object is sort of stuck in the past. Now reversing direction at those extreme relativistic speeds length contraction reverses so the object experiences length dilation and time contraction so time relative to that object occurs much faster than outside that object so long as it is decelerating from relativistic speeds. That's actually a proposed way for a spacecraft to buy back time lost due to time dilation
  2. They acquire these things from resources and garnering willpower or effort. Money is why endangered animals are worth more which gives incentive to hunt them so throwing money at the problem is a joke and a prime example of how counterproductive the whole idea is.
  3. For instance, instead of throwing money to help endangered animals what they really need is someone to protect them or adopt them and feed them, the money actually does nothing by itself. By itself it may not even give incentive.
  4. And yet the whole point is to rise above our basal urges.
  5. The question is should you even do this and that, and why. Not do you have enough money to do it. Money takes away from reason, you do it because you were given imaginary incentive to do it.
  6. Well if it can be used irresponsibly than Murphy's law says it will be used irresponsibly so the whole idea is whacked imho
  7. I think reality itself is composed of space and a gravitational wave stems from two or more planck spaces, or neutrinos, overlapping. When the centers of two or more planck gravitons have the same coordinates, it is a black hole until the next planck time where the strength of the two gravitons halves. Of course photons interact as energy or temperature values, as two gravitational waves cross radii with centers neutralizing the charge of gravitons or annihilating opposite charges or same charge from opposite direction. If you think about it when a black hole forms, the singularity might actually jump into the future and expand back in time as fractal neutrinos inside of it pass through one another creating a microverse of gravitons until it is just black holes which were the centers of the gravitons produced by the neutrino preons of the star that collapsed into that black hole. And at the moment after that jump forward in time, the spheres of space fall away from one another as isolated 3d objects whose outcome or origin would be the result of having spheres crushed into circles and circles split into curves and curves unbent into lines and lines reduced to points which all occurs in lower dimensions outside of time as the inevitable outcome of geometrized Murphy's law
  8. There are all kinds of atoms, elementary and composite particles, that we don't know about, that could be recreated by a mathematical big bang as well as their particle pair production moments, positions and trajectory in the propagating quantum gravitational waves It's like opening a game of pool, the big bang set in shape a series of reactions that had a fracture point of all the matter
  9. I don't believe in a brain anatomy problem more of a hivemind deciding who gets what and the result I think is pretty ridiculous
  10. The only crimes occur cause our nanites are suckier than theirs. If I had better nanites I'd have another form I could use to help myself They give guns to white people too. In fact all cops carry guns.
  11. Well you could be dating someone online but have no physical relationship in which case that someone is most definitely getting some from someone else in the physical plane
  12. From the time we're born we develop distinct personalities. How do you think that is, why aren't we just replicants or copies? Something is going on, more so in primates, neanderthals, than in lizards personalities become more dynamic. If our electrons are really entangled it is possible that an abstract entity can in fact hack our biological mainframe and design personas.
  13. This subjective census, while it is my perception, is what keeps me from mating. It's risky to find a mate, it should be that I have their visouspatial cortex attached to my I eye . To my mind's eye, I mean, imagine being able to use two bodies at once, much less two minds at once. With entanglement this may already be happening yet the individuals have a separated identity and their purpose becomes to seek their other pair so to speak. But Genghis Kahn consumed all the pairs for himself. Then there's the wonders of cybernetic organs and in another thread I talked about not just uploading the human mind but surgically replacing it with something better without disrupting one's continuity of consciousness. I know the simulation coordinates evolving change is time in a 4th dimension in non-flat spherical space, I mean I know one way to show express the coordinates for a simulation of the big bang, the trick is some zero d coordinates are closer than others or further away and one needs to be able to show that disparity of depths with ones and zeros. There's so many changing coordinates, and so many possible deviations depending on if this is a stellar mass singularity or a dark star smbh singularity our universe is somewhere in-between. But I know how to use grav and planck constants over c cubed and to the 5th for that 9^28 • radio wavelength for mass particles to become an event horizon, and then again with the •9^28 density before the singularity goes Nova in a fractal universe
  14. 1. What details are you referring to? 2. Again, can you give me an example where the thermodynamics are broken, other than "getting more energy in than out" you're avoiding the specific mechanisms involved. Let's start with beam narrowing for example. It was demonstrated that it's possible to narrow and it was shown that this made the beam hotter. Perhaps it was the conversion of a dipole moment in a thermodynamic black hole to beam concentration by ballistic resonance? What details are we applying the laws of conservation? Which laws of conservation!? There's plenty context in the details to counter-argue
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