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  1. Why do scientist "think" they know everything?? Is that a personal opinion! I know scientists would truly admit they don't know everything. take our current world pandemic, the scientists have been battling away trying their best to find a vaccine for the world at large, now if they believed they knew everything then surely last December they would have just put the pan on and boiled up a vaccine and distributed it say January 2020 and we'd all be fine now.
  2. I've no experience or training in this expertise area so please forgive if I don't seem to explain things quite right. Within the last few months I without warning got a sharp pain that just appeared in the right hand side of my chest and slowly seemed to moved down my body towards my stomach, but then disappeared for a short while before returning. The pain appears from the inside of my rib cage on the right hand side now just below my chest area to the side. After a nights sleep the pain is not present the following day until about lunch time or afternoon, and it seems depending how I move my body around will either cause the pain or stop the pain, hence standing a long period of time can bring the pain on, but if I sit down for a while the pain goes and then does not return straight away. If I press on my ribs there is no sensation or pain and the pain I do get has no effect on my breathing. Give the corona virus problems the world is facing my local doctors only do phone consultations and the hospitals are only seeing emergency type problems, which I'm not sure I qualify for that criteria? Any ideas? I have no known health issues other than this. Thanks
  3. Infinity has an end? Infinity means many different things, depending on when it is used. The word is from a Latin word, which means "without end". Infinity goes on forever, so sometimes space, numbers, and other things are said to be 'infinite', because they never come to a stop. ... For example, adding 10 to a number repeatedly. Let me know when you reach the end...
  4. I give up with this topic of God. My experiences show that when we get pandemics like the current one, nobody knows its existence initially, then later when medical science starts to recognise something not so normal, reports are made, feedback sent to the relevant authorities and then government put measures in place to stop the spread. Now worshipers go to church and sit side by side along with their colds and flu etc, spreading the diseases. Where did God write in the bible that CV-19 was life threatening and either God put control measures in place for his worshipers so they would not be affected, or write in the bible that social distancing must take place from 2019. All this bible prophecy appears well written but we must not forget that the bible is rewritten every fifty years. Today I listened to a video presentation from a religious group around the word using "zoom". The way the message was coming across to me seemed like these people in their religion was saying that they were aware of CV-19 before the scientists, the governments and the WHO, yet it was the governments we all know and can see that put social distancing in place and closed Gods places of worship. Last week I wrote an email to the religious group pointing out the facts about CV-19 and their churches and the way they go about conducting their religion. Normally when I write they have an answer for everything, but CV-19 has stopped then in their tracks, they have no answers for me this time. God either exists or does not exit. If he has a conflict with Satan then they need to both get together and sort themselves out, because blaming the human race for what the world is to me is not our fault. In a court case ALL facts must be presented not half a job. The so called Gods should reveal themselves to the human race and stop hiding.
  5. Why would he need to? Look at it this way... When a woman is pregnant she is having a baby, God is not in there putting the baby together, but the power that he created to create the baby is fully at work doing its job. Now if you look at the earth and its functions, gravity holds all masses together on the planet. Another power he created to perform his function, but again he is not actually performing the work, his power is doing the work. I pretty sure that if God needed to block a signal in the mind of a human being to stop a process occurring, he is quite capable and does not require a persons permission to do so. He is the creator and we are the created. God created free will but that is not exactly what people think it is, which is another discussion...
  6. Thank you for your help and advice. My sister opened her eyes today and acknowledged our presence.
  7. So I'm not sure if this is in the correct topic area, but if not please feel free to move it. My sister was diagnosed with bowl cancer about 6 weeks ago. She was given options of surgery or chemo. Having opted for the chemo after 2 weeks the chemo has taken serious effects. Tests must have now shown that my sister has no em-zines which I'm to understand counteract the chemo. She is now in ICU and they are going to reassess her Monday. My thinking based on what I've seen suggests that there might not be a lot of hope for a positive outcome. Not really knowing or understanding about this subject, I was thinking and wondering why they can't reverse the process? They advise that it is very rare for people not to have em-zines so they don't test for them, yet they have now realized problems have occurred and must have now done tests for em-zines?
  8. Not something I've ever looked into to be honest, but given that manufacturers say they should last 60,000 miles before changing I'd imagine they have done their calculations reasonably accurate, and I'd like to say I don't see spark plugs failing in service nowadays like I used to 20 years ago.
  9. Given the Almighty is supposed to be the Alpha and Omega and know or understand everything, his wisdom has clearly proven that it is only as good as his weakest link.
  10. From what I understand God put the serpent into the garden to watch over Adam and Eve. Although they were perfect that does not mean they knew or understood everything, they had not had the time to gain long term experience, which is not much different to us now. We all fall foul of some people who take advantage of us and we get what I call the short straw, which hopefully we learn by our mistakes not to get it again. It is said that Eve was deceived by the serpent who presented himself as a snake. Some talk about the apple, but I think it is more to do with understanding desire, the knowing and wanting something, so maybe it was more likely the serpent said something to Eve that caused her to take the bate. Presenting this bate (whatever it was) to her husband Adam caused him to agree with her which is where the problem with God arrived. God knew something was wrong at that time because Adam and Eve were said to be hiding in the trees, because they had become aware they were naked. Do children growing up not go through this very same experience, I think we all go through it. The problem I have here is that we all die because through Adam sin past to all men, however conversations I've had over time people tell me that Eve was deceived. Maybe that could be true, however if I tricked you into something that would put your life in danger of dying, would that be your fault? If Eve was not to blame or partially to blame, she would still be here today, but she is not. It is also said that a balance had to be created to allow imperfect humans to co exist, so Jesus was sent to earth as a human sacrifice for all those who exercise faith in him. Where is Jesus our mediator today? He died over two thousand years ago, he made a name for himself but where is the real evidence that God or Jesus are real? It is said that the bible is a book of knowledge that tells us about diseases and how to live etc, but take covid-19 now, did God instruct worshipers to stop socializing? No that was carried out by our governments, who took advice from scientists. Where is Gods involvement in the current world pandemic? Many and many questions but no evidence of a real world invisible God or Jesus.
  11. I can't say that I got or heard full facts about what I'm going to say here, but on the TV the other day Trump was putting the view forward that people injecting dettol or detergents into themselves could possibly kill the virus. Then Trump turned to his doctors at his side and her face was a picture to the seem. At some point Trump said to the press you are all lies and Trump said he is in his words god, and what he said for the American nation goes, and he seemed quite stern the way he came across, in fact if I had of been an American voter I'd not be voting him in next time round. To me if your American you need a new President and quick.
  12. You might be interested in this science research; https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2020/04/04/latest-scientific-knowledge-covid-19-symptoms-global-search/
  13. I suppose that would depend on his meaning and understanding! There are many bones in the feet with varying names like; metatarsus, cuboid, calcaneus etc.
  14. I heard a rumor that the Russians have totally combated this problem, and when asked how, they said, we now use type writers.
  15. I've already read that the scientists know the above and have already made reference to things like the bodies own immune system fighting off the COVID-19, but sometimes the individual persons immune system goes into overdrive and floods the lungs and then kills the person, which is just one reason why the immune system alone cannot defend against COVID-19. IVARMECN is a known drug that kills coronavirus but might not be fully compatible for COVID-19. If this were a man made virus based on over 6500 deaths per day then I hope they have a good vaccine behind the schemes to stop it when the numbers drop because if it is genuine and no vaccine is found based on the numbers of deaths, the human race will surely dwindle.
  16. Sorry I meant the mean average per day. As of the 18th April the total figures were 160,047.
  17. My two pence worth... The world has not changed. The world is exactly the same now as it was in the beginning. Look at the wild life world population and ask if they have changed over long periods of time! You'll find that they have not. Now look at the most (so called) intelligent life on the planet, us the human race. We've hated each other created wars and world wars against each other, we tried and tried to reinvent the wheel many times to sort of get one over on each other, like I'm better than you attitude. We as the human race has caused each other nothing but suffering over time and had to fight off serious pandemics along the way, and the latest one now COVID-19 is another war, which the National Health Services are the front line soldiers fighting this war on our behalf. Up to the 18th April over 6500 people have died on a world scale from this virus and according to data I've read its not actually plateau out at this time. This is the human races next war, the invisible killer that is killing off our most previous people, the health services, and if we loose all those the human race would then be left to their own devices, which amounts to no defense at all. We seriously need to stop and think about this, the world has not changed, but human attitude has, and not for the better.
  18. As I have advised previously about this subject, I'm no expert or deemed to have any professional understanding of this subject, but a research medical journal I read advised back in 2017 about corona virus and trials that were being carried out back then. You start to get to a point that you hear people on the TV in the medical world with a lifetime of experience trying to advise you things that they are being told to keep their mouths shut about. Two doctors on the TV recently tried to speak out about this virus and one doctor was told to shut up and could not say what he wanted, and the other doctor had contracted the virus and since has past away. Recent information I've read had this to say about the corona-virus going back as far as 2017; Ivermectin Lab tests performed by Australian researchers showed that this anti-parasitic drug stopped the coronavirus growing in cell cultures within 48 hours. This widely available drug has already been shown to be effective against other viruses including HIV, dengue, flu and Zika. Ivermectin is already approved by drug regulators and is widely available although it would have to be trialled in patients before becoming an accepted therapy.
  19. Thanks, it's something to do with the instructions when using a calculator that I'm not understanding. I have a Casio fx-85GT plus, and a TI30XA Texas calculator and both books for me don't make it clear how to use the memory function for more than one operation on the same calculation. I had similar results to your previous ones myself but your last result is correct, however, it won't work on these calculators I have for some reason!
  20. May I start by saying this is not a college course. In GB now we are expected to carryout about 3 hrs per year CPD training with regards to our jobs, its a government requirement. I see the benefits of it as our vehicles are all fast becoming high voltage electric vehicles which are or can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. I am a qualified auto-electrician by trade and been in the job some 30 years, but not as a specialist as I carryout other areas of work routinely. So I'm doing some research and I have been refreshing my understanding of determining resistances in parallel circuits. I like knowing I can work mathematics out on paper rather than using a calculator, but having half a dozen calculators I can't seem to get the understanding of this calculation where the author is using a calculator but does not tell us what make and model it is! It is a simple enough calculation but the author shows it like this; 1 divided by 3 M+ 1 divided by 4 M+ 1 divided by 6 M+ divided M_RC = I know the answer on paper is 1.33 ohms but using calculators I can't get anywhere near that solution. I have books on the calculators I have but they don't show how that type of sum is work out! Has the author missed some steps?
  21. Multiply that figure by millions of vehicles produced and replacements when required. I think you be surprised that a big difference will be seen in costs to the manufacturer.
  22. It certainly doesn't look like anyone wholeheartedly believes in an Almighty God, which is probably the most realist idea of why earth we live on is so plagued with so many problems.
  23. My understanding from past research completed over the years understood that God is not ignorant to what is going on, at the beginning of human life Satan was to have supposedly said to God that mankind will only ever turn to you when they want something, like a type of selfish desire. Does that not sum up the human race? However there are some areas I don't profess to understand. Job from the bible was supposed to be the best imperfect model of a man we had and every test Satan put upon him he past. It is said that Jesus was sent to "balance" the scales of life that we lost. I'm to understand that imperfect man cannot balance the scales so that God will not communicate with mankind except through his written word the bible. It is also said that God has set a time for putting things right, but that time is not recorded so we don't actually know when it is. it is also said that it does not matter that much what man thinks because he is imperfect, but that what he holds true in his heart that God can read without your permission.
  24. They would have been there but not imbalanced to the extent they are now. Humans were not the first life on the planet.
  25. Interesting reading peoples views, understandings and misunderstandings regards scriptural knowledge, but one thing always stands out to me, and that is nobody seems to take the time out to do the research to prove to themselves why all the problems are here in the first place!
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