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  1. Casio

    God in troubles...

    It certainly doesn't look like anyone wholeheartedly believes in an Almighty God, which is probably the most realist idea of why earth we live on is so plagued with so many problems.
  2. Casio

    God in troubles...

    My understanding from past research completed over the years understood that God is not ignorant to what is going on, at the beginning of human life Satan was to have supposedly said to God that mankind will only ever turn to you when they want something, like a type of selfish desire. Does that not sum up the human race? However there are some areas I don't profess to understand. Job from the bible was supposed to be the best imperfect model of a man we had and every test Satan put upon him he past. It is said that Jesus was sent to "balance" the scales of life that we lost. I'm to understand that imperfect man cannot balance the scales so that God will not communicate with mankind except through his written word the bible. It is also said that God has set a time for putting things right, but that time is not recorded so we don't actually know when it is. it is also said that it does not matter that much what man thinks because he is imperfect, but that what he holds true in his heart that God can read without your permission.
  3. Casio

    God in troubles...

    They would have been there but not imbalanced to the extent they are now. Humans were not the first life on the planet.
  4. Casio

    God in troubles...

    Interesting reading peoples views, understandings and misunderstandings regards scriptural knowledge, but one thing always stands out to me, and that is nobody seems to take the time out to do the research to prove to themselves why all the problems are here in the first place!
  5. I forgot to mention here, people don't get locked up, they are not prisoners and should not be treated like dirt under peoples feet. We're all in this together, and if the boat sinks, we all sink together. My boss at the end of March told us that we were not to attend work from the week after Monday, he did not say whether we would receive any money the week after or not. To date we've had no acknowledgement from the company about money and I've recently learned that the government are looking at paying us up to 80% of our wages from the end of April. If we have no funds to live on, how to we live to then? People who live day to day or week to week don't really need to worry about COVID-19 as hunger will kill them before the end of April.
  6. I'm no expert in this subject at all, and if it were not so affecting humans to the degree it is worldwide, I'd probably of never had an interest to look in on the subject at all, however, that said, I think that some serious questions must be raised to ALL world leaders after this COVID-19 is resolved, if it can be resolved as Russian indicate that it might never be resolved.
  7. A lot is now being done where schools and business are closing although some business are doing their best to keep open and active. In my trade the government control us and are currently advising that we can't stop Statutory testing and examining motor vehicles. Today I've read about some businesses saying that they are asking customers to turn off their heaters and remove any items in the vehicles like food stuff, cans, cups etc. How serious should this vivid 19 be taken as a working class person dealing directly with the public!
  8. Here is a Government UK link to statistics etc regarding the virus. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-the-public#risk-level
  9. One should always try to live a life as relaxed as one can in the circumstances. No matter what everybody might think or believe, nobody has complete free will. What you can and can't do will come from various sources, such as one's ability to understand what one might want to do in their free will, and a main one these days being the society we live in, which does control what we can and can't do quite a lot nowadays.
  10. Maybe a better question might be to ask who formed the earth and the environment so that the humans could occupy it in the beginning. If you are thinking of going back further than that, then maybe asking what or who had the consciences to understand and be able to form life in the beginning, even if that boils down to matter, atoms, fluids etc, who formed them and if the big bang enters the equation, who created and caused that ?
  11. This is a long thread and I admit I've not read every post in it, but would just like to say that, if a person is ill in a mental state of one form or another, then any reasoning that person tries to put forward can't be taken seriously. A person must be of sound mind and put their views forward backed by evidence. I can however fully assure all readers that nobody will put evidence forward from bible scripture to convince anybody to believe in it, and the reason for this is because the bible is fully based on FAITH. If you choose not to believe in it, then you don't see the understanding, its a simple as that. It is said that the god of this system of things blinds the minds of disbelievers. I've also learned that the bible gets rewritten about every fifty years. I questioned this some time back with a religious group who told me that being inspired by god the wording used meant the same but was changed slightly because peoples languages are changing over time, i.e. the slang. I pointed out that in the book of Revelations that God Almightly was very specific in that he said in writing that the wording of the bible must NOT be altered, or words to that effect. Once I bought this conversation forwards the replies were not forthcoming. There is however a lot to be said for the funds that are generated as registered charities in these organisations. Looking at whether the flood ever took place or not we might never know. Am interesting point of view was once put to me from a farmer about the flood and the ark, and that was that if the ark contained two of all wild animals, domestic and otherwise, in a closed system that was supposedly sealed off, then the smell from the animals, the waist etc would have killed off the human lives there in the ark over that 40 days and nights of the flood period. Then the religious group came back with another good answer to that problem, where they said God has the power to put the animals to sleep through that time period and then wake them up when the time is right for them to go back to the wild. The only real things the human being knows is that we are here, we are alive for a time period and humans die. What we don't know and can't prove is whether we have lived before and or will live again after death in the future. As far as evidence and facts are concerned, the only ones available to us is that we are here now and conscience that we are alive at this time. Nobody can't dispute that evidence.
  12. AIRBRUSH has a point. I work with one bloke to seems to give the impression that he hates people for some reasons or another. In a passing conversation a few days ago he did say if he got this virus that he would pass it to other people. As sick as that is I believe him, his mindset is deranged in some ways. As far as I'm concerned if I suspect anyone I work with of having this virus, they don't need to worry about passing it on or calling 111, I'll do it for them whether they agree or not.
  13. Nobody I socialize with daily smokes, but handling money is something else. To me something about this vivod 19 or whatever its proper name is seems odd. Some weeks ago I first heard about it and it all started in China as far as the TV news was concerned. Quarantines were talked about and restricting peoples movements within a short period of time, then a few days later (or it appeared that way to me) the news was showing this virus in numerous countries all around the world, infecting thousands of people at that time. It seemed a little too quick for me for the virus to have spread so fast in so many countries and then so many people affected so quickly. It looked to me that the virus had been around much longer than the news presenters had advised the world population.
  14. I'm no expert, but I'd of thought the Earth met those criteria very well. The Earth cannot survive without the Sun, everything living on it and growing from it would die, hence the sun is feeding the earth light and heat. Everything naturally grown from the earth appears to die in one sense or another, surely that is recycled waste? Recycled waste is not necessarily dead as far as the living planet earth is concerned, hence new trees grow, plants grow each year, so their seed must evolve from the waste of some description!
  15. When you enroll you are supplied access to a website and you carryout your studies online. During your studies you will be invited to tutorials and when you graduate you'll also attend your graduation day. The University will after graduation make arrangements for you to receive your certificate.
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