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  1. It's just that some people can control their desires better than others
  2. Why do some of you just have to be over scientific when responding to a question? You're not helping at all.
  3. I so agree with you because nobody knows our undesirable thoughts that consume some to the breaking point.
  4. I wonder if the movement of time in that it's constant is dependent upon the universe expanding?
  5. I'd be happy to tell exactly in what my true story is on the subject. I would give my back ground and all the details leading up to my not believing in god 4 years ago when I was 51 years old. But what would it matter to someone who still believes? Imo, people can't make you believe or not believe, it is a personal realization that leads to ones decision. So agree, one can see things are going terribly wrong here on Earth for the bible's depection of such a loving and just god to have created it and run by him. And imo, it will remain as so until the majority of individuals on earth come to the realization there is no god and now it's up to us humans to have real discussions on how to greatly improve things instead of praying out to a god that cant do anything because he cant hear anything because he dont exist.
  6. Forgive myself? That's quite comical because forgiving myself doesn't apply as I've done nothing I feel is wrong to myself. And another thing christianity is not the creator/basis for being able to forgive nor any other positive aspect of human interaction with another. It makes me pissed knowing our species hasn't evolved into 100% knowing not to believe in such things that others "make up" with no proof whatsoever.
  7. To et pet. Omg ( no pun intended) I think you're a brillant individual in all you said, the way you said it as I too feel the same way all the way down to no capitalization of the subject matter name. I always make damn sure I correct the auto correct for typing on my mobile device when I use that "word" in any application that warrants it. Anyway your rendering is so spot on I had to elaborate.
  8. What I realized also is that we don't need to believe there's a god to be good, nor a devil to be bad. All those years I thought it was my belief in god that made me do good and not do bad but I haven't changed in that sense. Anyway I came to my own conclusion there was no god having no input from anyone on the subject. Another thing is when I believed in god I was prejudice somewhat toward other people but now I'm not. I think it's so ignorant for people to pray to god thinking all things will be handled by this (non existent) being and until everyone comes to this realization that no such being exists it's up to us to make this world a better place.
  9. I was 51 damn years old when I finally wised up. How I wish I would have been much younger when I realized. So for 51 years of my life I lived a lie. That pisses me off.
  10. Like I said I'm not swayed into making a decision on what another one says, like you in this instance, go ahead and remain ignorant in your thinking cause I can make decisions on my own by what I perceive to be good and in my best interest. How ignorant it is to make a decision based on what others think. For the record you haven't a clue about who I am and what I know. Now run along. Immature and dont esentially know squat about life. Now you run along too.
  11. Now why would I post it here only mattering to me when it's already jotted down in my mind? People, better yet nobody in this world sways my decisions about anything. In what they say or say they feel.
  12. And Lawrence is 100% correct in my views. When you understand "why" the bible was written you understand why no loving god that's depicted in it can and don't exist .
  13. Wow have I got some things to say but who will it matter to? Just saying.
  14. Well, lol I google searched it and the results pretty much gave truth to this. Water isn't wet until it comes in contact with something else. I just can't wrap my head around that..
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