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  1. I think, therefore I am. (Rene Descartes)

    1. Itoero


      I am, therefore I think. (Itoero)

  2. Thanks for your detailed response. Yes, I was talking about meniscus. Furthermore, I can not understand that how does the liquid above the line of 20 (in this figure) not affect the accuracy of noting its volume as 20?
  3. Do chemical interactions i.e. the forces of adhesion to the wall make differences in the curves in both cases then?
  4. I am working with heavy metals during my research of M.S. Biotechnology. I am thinking about writing a review article and need collaboration from any other student related to this subject. If it is possible or anyone is interested in the idea then do respond me. It will be mutualism. (:
  5. No, I think we don't have. I was just wondering about the point that does only color has any role in the volume or at least in noting a volume?
  6. I am Maryam, an MS Biotechnology Student from Pakistan.
  7. No, it is not. Actually, I have started my research degree a few months ago and many basic questions strike my mind regularly. That's why I signed up here to ask and let my concept become clearer.
  8. Whenever volume of water is measured, its lower layer is noted. While in the case of any colored liquid, upper layer is noted. Is it so? Why?
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