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  1. Water injection is just another scam. Water injected into the fuel will violently explode into steam when the spark ignites the mixture. Mecahnics use it sometimes to try to clean carbon out of the cylinders with the shockwaves. The pressure trying to keep the water liquid is insignificant compared to the thousands of degrees it gets heated to during the fuel/air explosion.
  2. Actually, the speed of sound in helium at one atmosphere is less than it is in air. The speed of sound goes down with density.
  3. Get one of those perpetual motion drinking birds and wire it with contacts that engage at different points of it's motion. Really! You people have no imagination.
  4. Dang. And here I've been carving out the copper with an exacto knife for thirty years. Somebody might have told me about etching before.
  5. I did with a shop vac and plywood. It crashed a lot.
  6. OK. Without the math. You're describing the equivilent of generating energy by rolling a ball down a hill and carrying it back up again. Maybe God can create energy out of nothing, but I suspect that even he follows the rules. Changing free hydrogen and oxygen into water by burning it and taking it back apart again is perpetual motion. It don't work. And oil and gas and coal are all stored solar energy. They were made through photosynthesis a long time ago.
  7. It doesn't have to be water. Andthing that conducts enough electricity in a short enough will heat up and explode.
  8. Since when has any artist needed a practical purpose for their art? Anthropologists are always trying to come up with some logical explanation for everything people did. They were people, you know. They were as smart as any of us, wondered at the stars and had and probably had the same love of creating beautiful things as any artist.
  9. nomadd22

    deja vu

    I remember the second time I had deja vu.
  10. There's no need to break the circuit to measure current if you know the value of the resistor. Just measure the voltage and use the formula.
  11. Daylight savings time confuses my chickens.
  12. They can become real and be seen if you seperate them before they collapse back into nothing. All you need is a gravitational field that varies so much over such a short distance that they're seperated before they can recombine. Near a small black hole, for instance. One particle falls into the hole and one escapes. Of course to pay for creating that particle out of nothing, the black hole has to give up some mass. I think I'll call it Hawking radiation.
  13. I read that the Pope has declared that it's ok to measure weight in grams. As long as you're at 1 gravity at least. If you wan't to weigh a gram of iodine on Mars or in orbit you might have to get picky.
  14. It isn't a competition. We just use the words particle and wave to describe certain aspects of photons. It doesn't mean that photons have dual natures. It just means that people aren't bright enough to describe new concepts with out using familiar words and concepts.
  15. I don't think the type of superconductor will matter. You can think of the superconductor as sort of a magnetic mirror. It puts out a magneting field the same polarity and strength as the magnet near it, so they repel. The height should mostly depent on the strength of the magnet and how much it weighs. Assuming that it's small comapred to the superconductor disk.
  16. Nope. Space is part of the universe. Not the other way around. Both space and time were created at the instant of the big bang. Applying concepts like "when" and "where" to things not of our universe doesn't really mean anything, since the rules of spacetime are part of the universe, and wouldn't apply anywhere/when else.
  17. If you walk around the Earth, do you find the end? But the Earth's surface isn't infinite. You just have to expand your thinking one more dimension to apply that concept to the universe.
  18. Distant galaxies aren't moving away from us because they were thrown out by an explosion. They're receding because the space in between is expanding. No matter where in the universe you looked from, everything would be receding from you . The universe can be finite, but not have boundries.
  19. How many moons a planet has isn't so much counting them as defining what a moon is. Are you going to count every speck of dust?
  20. The big bang didn't throw matter out into the universe. It expanded the universe. Far off galaxy's aren't receding because they were accelerated by an explosion. They're receding because the space in between is expanding. One of the concepts that's hard to grasp is that not having a boundry doesn't mean that space is infinite. And the term "flat" doesn't mean the universe is shapped like a pizza. It just means that it's geometry does't change much. Last of all, don't try to simulate intelligence by using big words you don't understand.
  21. The sun won't go away. It will still be there and most of the planets will still be there. They'll be further away because the sun will have lost some mass. The Earth will probably be there, because it's orbit will have receded beyong the reach of the sun's red giant phase by then. Everything beyond the Earth will still be in orbit around the white dwarf sun that's left.
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