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  1. So basically, if a human was to remain in the car, he/she would be at the same potential as the car. so thus cannot be electrocuted no matter where he touches the car. So why does this article: http://www.boston.com/news/local/articles/2008/09/07/safe_haven_in_a_storm/ conclude that the lightning car is safe cause of the skin effect? (an example of many articles) To me, the skin effect is just an observation.
  2. hello, i was talkin with a phd student, an he said the 2nd law of thermodynamics, was more of a statistical law, an is based of what has happened. So the 2nd law is empirical in nature. Is that correct in saying? or is entropy, a fact, not just somethign made up to fulfill a consistent observation? also, if anyone knows, why is it uncommon to turbocharge v8's.
  3. how do you solve this for u, thanks u[sinh(cu)]^2 = k where c and k are just constants.
  4. why is it not common with street performance cars to both turbo and super charge their engine? Also, what are peoples opinions of electric turbo's?
  5. is everyone like an american posting on this threaD? im just wondering...
  6. how would it get tracked back to me? veedo answer my question from above!!!!!!! :)
  7. ive also thought about that... i have a crazy friend who i could pay to bash someone.. not kill.. but its a similar concept... BUT the problem with my friend is.. that he isnt loyal. an no doubt if he got caught by the police in regards to the severe beating he administered he would explain to the law enforcers that i paid him to do it, an then i would prob get in trouble. wont that just happen with these gangs? why would they take the whole fall for a murder? how do you get insurance that they wont dob you in. or can you just deny it all
  8. http://www.mos.org/sln/toe/skineffect.html i cant really understand what they are saying... can somone just put it in really layman terms... so is this the answer: "So the charge from the lightning spreads itself all around the outside of the car meaning there's a very low charge inside..." an tahts due to the skin effect. having nothing to do with a faraday cage cause this isnt static electricity.
  9. why is it safe to be in your car whilst being struck by lightning? THanks science communitye!
  10. but do you honestly think that they will eventually get arrested? the scenario is tho, that no one saw the actually pushin. except the two friends. an the two friends said they were asleep or something similar.
  11. ola, you know when you buy a piece of computer hardware, lets say a hard drive, they usualy come in that dark grey bag, to my understanding thats an antistatic bag. How does it physically work. thanks my science friends from the time of no return.
  12. if i go to wherever you are now an "puncture" you.. how can they possibly link that to me? how does the method of killing someone allow you to narrow down to a group of people with no previous convictions
  13. wow.. thanks for all your time to write that. it was awesomely knowledgable. haha thanks Genecks for referrig to ninjas.. i can understand much easier now haha. also, just say "someone" kills someone an no one saw the incident, apart from the follwoing left behind FROM the killer : hair, clothe fargments, the murder weapon, blood. what else could be left behind to find the killer. and.. is this correct to saY: "america utilises more advanced crime solving techniques than australia" if that statement is true... does that mean its easier to get away with a murder here compared to U.S and A.
  14. oh man.. this is a science forum.. not a girl scout meeting. im just curious.
  15. could you please list them.. but how simplified does CSI make the procedures... its seems pretty tech what they GO ON about. thats what i was thinking.. like ive watched like stupid CSI once or twice.. an like i wasnt sure that much effort would go to every murder case. e.g the one i HYPOTHESISED!!!!!!! and.. no one has really told me how to hide a body.. is burning the body a good solution?
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