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  1. As in they rather continue believing in the religious text rather than confront the reality that the doctrine have been built on lies.... That's another way of viewing it.
  2. The forums are suppose to be a place of discussion but from all that I have been reading in the religion part, there is no sense of a discussion to improve upon what we think but rather a push that I am right; as it pertains to religious individuals. Hence, I am saying that they suffer from cognitive dissonance. They have a belief in something that differs greatly from their actions. Hence, it makes little sense in debating them. The moderator does a good job of keeping discussions in line. Interesting, I never looked at it that way especially with what is known about the li
  3. You mean they try to justify that whatever they think is what Jesus would have. For claiming humility, the arrogance of knowing what is so puts one in a difficult place. Things that cannot be questioned will pose a problem. Thanks for contributing.
  4. The argument against religions often failed due to rampaging cases of cognitive dissonance. How then do you have constructive debates with the religious? There is always a fear that if you highlight the inconsistencies in their religion it will a. Lead to you being someone trying to pull them from their religion and b. Maybe you are the demon incarnate as well. Debates are suppose to foster a different way a looking at one problem but, we have seen enough of religious arguments to know they go nowhere. Why bang your head against the wall?
  5. "Nothing is good or bad; thinking makes it so" To what extent is the premise of this statement true? There are numerous examples out there that have highlighted some validity for the statement. For e.g.. the concept of demons and angels. For some reason...demons are being viewed differently in some aspects. Yes intrinsically their characteristics model "evil" but it is their actions that is the end game yes? I see this a lot in animation and games and the saying reflects it. Could anyone relate it to other things in reality?
  6. The discipline of Pharmacology and Toxicology plays a crucial role in the Medical Sciences. I wish it could be added to the forums so that discussion of the idiosyncrasies associated with it can explored. A lot of ignorance surrounding drug concepts are alive and well;this avenue could provide some enlightment.
  7. That is awesome! I too am in search of my own path. I wish you the best in your journey as well.
  8. A lot of cognitive dissonance taking place in trying to ascertain the answer to these questions. However, the God concept is something that forms a crucial part in society and it has impacted us in a wide variety of ways. I would simply want that despite our beliefs we do not allow it to affect our judgement but it seems as if that is impossible seeing that is exactly what is going on.... Circular arguments really. Sorry I left out was it the post before. I have been looking up Somerset and Caesar..I am not seeing anything really. Could you provide clarification? Also,
  9. Welcome Lorri! Student of human nature? What does that involve?
  10. The discussion is quite interesting, some has gone over my head. However, I am concerned though with validated an existence about a God; why the necessity? What will it solve? There would still be the need for clarification as to why all the atrocities were allowed to happened when the God who is alll-everything exists with the premise of him being all good? It becomes a circular argument really..and I wished we focus on fixing and unifying the world rather than debate things that are no consequence to development. It is simple a pat on the shoulder to gain a high over oth
  11. Good afternoon, Name is Janielle, 24 year old aspiring scientist seeking communication with those on such journey. I have a First Class Honours Degree in Pharmacology and I am looking to pursue further graduate studies. Link me please Could you describe the challenges you faced in obtaining a Ph.D. I was accepted into a uni but failed to get a supervisor so I want to know how to go about maximising my chances. I really what to start school next year. I am looking forward to any discussion you might come up with. I want to get involved in the scientific community
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