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  1. Kevin Mulisa Isaya

    How do you feel about being dead forever?

    No need of being in doubt, because when you are alive death Is not there, and then where there is death ,means you are not there(alive) You can't feel anything
  2. Kevin Mulisa Isaya

    Is having high bone density a good thing?

    I think to stick in this thread can make me gain let me pass on
  3. Kevin Mulisa Isaya

    Stuck on computer's login screen

    May be he is hiding something from us
  4. Kevin Mulisa Isaya

    Will a Second Civil War Happen in The US?

    Already begun since Trump elected to be President, Civil war is now of whites in USA against blacks
  5. Kevin Mulisa Isaya

    HIV & AIDS

    HIV was a project of developed countries against those of Africa and Asia, The intention of HIV developer was to make developing countries suffer from aids, and forgotten that one day the globe world will be interacting , and then spread HIV aid to creators , haha ,they become aware of this when HIV is uncontrollable phenomenon anymore, let us suffer all
  6. Kevin Mulisa Isaya

    What option I have with degree in Biology?

    May be sir, try your luck
  7. Kevin Mulisa Isaya

    Questions about Black Americans

    Black America origin is Africa, mostly west Africa, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria and other parts of africa, and this happened when they transferred to America to work in plantations then, They are strong since then, because of nature of Africans
  8. Kevin Mulisa Isaya

    What option I have with degree in Biology?

    May be you teach biology, the only option you have is to become a biology teacher Yes this will be a good option to him
  9. Kevin Mulisa Isaya

    Continuity and uncountability

    The integers are countable (by definition) but they do not possess the property that between every pair of integers there exists another integer Kevin Isaya
  10. Kevin Mulisa Isaya

    Iceberg to Capetown

    the bergs will periodically roll to adjust as the ice below surface melts quicker then the ice above the water line. Having tow lines pulled over or under the burg could be quite exciting for the crews involved and would likely lead to their disconnection by breakage or intervention that would then result in considerable delays for reattachment, and putting crews up close to reattach the lines would be almost criminally irresponsible if you could find anyone brave enough to get that close to an unstable massive block of ice of those proportions. Kevin Mulisa Issaya
  11. Kevin Mulisa Isaya

    Is it possible to construct a functioning miniaturized nuclear reactor?

    A nuclear reactor is basically hot metal with some coolant taking the heat away. A lot of the bulk is with materials and equipment to contain and use the nuclear material safely I agree with stinky
  12. Kevin Mulisa Isaya

    U.S. Immigration

    Even Trump, migrated from elsewhere, even if not trump, but his wife comes from Russia,
  13. Kevin Mulisa Isaya

    Are Humans better Designers than Nature / Evolution !

    Don't think so, because in nature also we consider human among it