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    Stuck on computer's login screen

    Can files be restored after the system is reinstalled?
  2. omaser

    Stuck on computer's login screen

    Local accout ,not any accounts . Thank you again , i got it.
  3. omaser

    Stuck on computer's login screen

    1.Home network. 2.It is Windows 10 64 bit , home. 3.I have been using local accounts on this computer,no Microsoft account . If the info i provide is complete,do you have any good suggestions ? The state of the computer: I am not allowed to access this computer with password , i guess is that the password is invalid or wrong, because I've already checked the keyboard ,nothing unusual .
  4. omaser

    Stuck on computer's login screen

    The computer kept saying my password was wrong .
  5. omaser

    Stuck on computer's login screen

    I just returned home yesterday. the computer doesn't accept my login password ,,and Windows 10 has password recovery features doesn't work for me , A Windows 10 computer returned to work three years later only to find it inaccessible with the login password . You mean I won't lose any files doing this . Thanks for your advice , As i can saw from it , i am allowed to create a bootable disk to boot the locked computer with these free methods.
  6. This is a computer that hasn't worked for 3 years , is it possible to bypass its login screen without password ,i want to access this computer right now , but i am stuck on login screen. This computer is running Windows 10 .