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  1. This maybe way off the mark...but I was thinking, to achieve instantaneous states you need to pass information before hand. With regards to particles there is a slight pause whilst this information is passed. A simple analogy would be two people performing a synchronized event, they would pass information before hand so they could synchronize their actions. I'm not sure if there's any correlation there ? Just a fleeting thought. If a particle behaves according to the response of another distant particle...'it can change the direction of spin', there must be some form of communication between the two.
  2. Right...I managed to get a good definition. A steroid is a type of lipid...an organic compund that is soluble in nonpolar organic solvents, but not water e.g fats / oils et.c In humans steroids are secreted from the testes or ovaries, the adrenal gland and the placenta. Many steroids are biologically active hormones that control the bodies metabolic processes...including testosterone / estrogen. The steroid hormones from the adrenal cortex include glucocorticoids such as cortisone (which I believe is my area of interest with regards to the cream I use) and cortisol. The cream I currently use (very occasionaly) is clobetasol propionate...and is a high potency corticosteroid. Funnily enough it promotes hair growth...my house mate has started eyeing the tube Corticoid reduces the bodies immune response and swelling, so that answers my question that eczema is similar to an allergy (hereditary though) http://www.answers.com/topic/steroid
  3. What I mean is antibiotics...attack bacteria by interfering with the cell wall construction, or interferes with the bacterias energy transfer from glucose et.c aspirin...thins the blood, and aids in preventing clots et.c steroids....? I'd like a little more detail than these explanations, especially the steroids explanation Glider you're clearly the expert in this field, I'd be very grateful for some insight
  4. Well it can't...hence my confusion. Like I said, from what I can remember reading, this was how it was put...and as you've pointed out it's nonsensical. I'll try and find the article...I read it from a load of printouts lying around roughly a year ago.
  5. Thanks I've just started learning so technical details are needed. I read that it was instantaneous...but information couldn't be sent using entanglement faster than the speed of light...this was in the same paragraph, and confused me greatly. Now it makes sense, wondering if it was just a typo. thanks for putting me straight. Could you elaborate a little further why it's not instantaneous, or provide a good link please.
  6. Thanks I've just started learning so technical details are needed. I read that it was instantaneous...but information couldn't be sent using entanglement faster than the speed of light...this was in the same paragraph, and confused me greatly. Now it makes sense, wondering if it was just a typo. thanks for putting me straight.
  7. Entanglement is instantaneous. In fact going back to the original post they're using this very principle for quantum computing and quantum teleportation.
  8. Not sure if you already know this but Pauli's exclusion theory is purely that (in a closed system) no two electrons can occupy the same state. This also holds for protons and neutrons...photons are different. In more complex atoms it's possible for an electron to occupy two states...but you'll have to ask the experts about this, maybe this is where the confusion sprung from ??
  9. I've googled related topics on steroids and keep on getting 'dangers of using anabolic steroids' et.c So I was wondering if anyone could answer the below. As a child I used to suffer from severe eczema, thankfully it's now under control. However a couple of months ago I had another outbreak and was prescribed a strong steroid cream called Dermovate. I know anabolic steroids (which obviously this cream is not) inhibits the release of adrenaline, the cream I use seems to speed the healing process...though I'm not sure this is exactly what's happening. What is the fundamental process of a steroid on the body ? I can't seem to see the relation between anabolic steroids and the topical steroid cream I'm using. Also (I know this covers two topics) there seems to be a lot of skepticism on what triggers eczema outbreaks...does it work in the same way as an allergy. I found it very difficult to pinpoint exactly what made my condition worse as I grew up. I know for a fact now that yeast based products seem to cause problems (marmite being particularly bad...but I love it, and sadly beer), I had a really severe case after trekking through the alps in the rain, so I was wondering if this could of possibly been mould floating in the air due to damp conditions ? This could account for weather changes causing problems...but I also experience outbreaks in really hot weather sometimes ???
  10. I find it funny that the British are so passionate about discussing the weather, when ours is the least extreme. I've experienced one hurricane in my lifetime...it was pretty tame compared to what other countries have had to go through. Yet it's been marked as quite a historical moment in British weather.
  11. So true...it's like the handkerchief hanging out of the window joke...when it's raining the handkerchief is wet. Maybe that's the core of meteorology.
  12. When I was watching the regional news they explained the new graphics used for the 'new look' weather reports.... Patronising news reader "So the dark patches (located funnily enough under the clouds)...is that, is that where there's cloud...ok and the light patches, I take it that's where there's (pause) sun ?" proceeds with "isn't that clever" By this point I was crying. Scary thing is that I'm sure there's a lot of the population that need it explained in such a child like manner...excluding the under fives.
  13. Thanks everyone, that should keep me busy for a while...time to retire to the study.
  14. Well I hope to at least get a diploma in physics, I've become fascinated with the subject, and I would like to learn for my own pleasure...i have no aspirations to go into that field of work.
  15. Well not really...if we created God in our image, and we for arguments sake are the chicken, and we conceived the idea of God (the egg) then the chicken came first. If God conceived us, then we would be the egg and the chicken came first again. The chicken and egg question has had philosophers stroking their chins for centuries !
  16. I've been hunting around for courses in physics. However, my local Uni fails to offer evening classes on the subject, and due to financial constraints I'm unable to afford those 'distance learning' courses which are available, so I'm basically tied to being self taught, until next year...but I'm eager to start now. What I need is recommendations on a number of books that can guide me from basic equations on classical mechanics (I'm talking high school / A level) through to relativity and maybe quantum mechanics (if I feel I can tackle it.) I ideally need the books to follow on from the last...I realise it's a long haul being self taught, and I realise proper education in this discipline is far more beneficial but I'm going to give it a shot anyway, and see how I fair. Please don't recommend 'Brief History...' 'Elegant Universe' books for the masses, I ideally need detailed explanation into equations / models and applications, from the very basics to advanced level. I really need to get a proper grasp on the subject, as I get to grips with one theory and get lost with another. I often think 'outside the box' but it's my lack of understanding in the field that lets me down. I searched for book recommendations, but I couldn't trace anything for these particular needs. Suggestions please.
  17. Previously on ER...OK we got cerebal contusions, axonal damage...there's some severe stretching there, we got a hemorrhage people....wheres the MRI !!! We're losing him...dammit !!! Get YT2095 !! who ? (music rises) Cyber Doc ! Excellent, you're advice was exceptionally close to my doctors diagnosis. I have swelling in the right ear, which has excess fluid to prevent further damage and will go over time...in fact my hearing is fine today, small course of an anti-inflammotry...no sign of infection. The 'solid lump' of blood was indeed a sign of healing and the abrasions and swelling on my head and face are superficial. My slight incoherence and ability to focus was more down to shock and the inbalance of fluids which effected my concentration and recollection, but I must say I'm feeling a lot more alert today, and my memory seems fine. Now I can just look forward to the gig this evening. He's made a miraculous recovery...you've done it again YT2095. (pats on back...cheesey sincere grins.)
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