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  1. and i was hopeful funny thing is this is for a philosophy class!! but anyway i really need help so anybody, ANYBODY, if you can show me a picture of an organism combining http://www.mycolog.com/4_Aspergillus_herbariorum.jpg and http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/9080/sporezp4.jpg i would definitely give you your propers thanks jon
  2. I found this other picture that looks a bit like it, thought it might help in clarifying http://www.mycolog.com/4_Aspergillus_herbariorum.jpg these just happen to be Aspergillus herbariorum imagine those in this pic http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/9080/sporezp4.jpg and not transparent
  3. a chemical reaction? the picture isn't 2 dimensional the things in the picture stick out at almost a complete 90 degree angle from the door, with the white balls at the tips. could it really be a chemical reaction?
  4. any idea where i could find the answer? like is there a photo gallery online somewhere i could search thru to try and recognize it?
  5. can't bacteria, plants, fungi, and protista all have spores? and yes everything in that picture is independent. The white "balls", perhaps spores but I guess not?, are at the end of each protruding white "stalk", but it may not be a stalk. It looks like tiny white sticks with very small cotton balls at the tips of them, in a spiral positioning, sticking off a door. US, in Texas. It looked completely white.
  6. Hey I need to identify this for a class and I searched google for anything I could find, and an accompanying picture, but got nothing. I'm wondering if I'll find help here. Here's a picture I drew of it. It's horrible, but it's what it looks like. http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/9080/sporezp4.jpg ALL white, spiral with two or three rotations, about .5 cm stalk length, with white balls (spores?) on the ends. I found it on a door on the outside of an upstairs building in a perpetually shady spot. Any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks Jon
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