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    What use is Sodium Hypochlorite ?
  2. I split tap water, though I didn't test the gases. I used pieces of aluminium foil as electrodes, crocodile clips and a simple 9 volt battery used in transistors. I took long for the bubbles to start forming, but once they started, they were produced at a constant rate.
  3. vrus

    Light Q

    So, that explains why gamma rays and all other electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light and why they have no mass!
  4. vrus

    Light Q

    This might sound dumb; or paradoxical depending on how u look at it. We all know that light has the highest speed practically. Einstein enlgihtened us by telling us that anything at the speed of light has infinite mass and will be too heavy to move. He used the speed of light as a constant. BUT ! And a very big BUT too! How is it that light itself manages its speed ? Is there any explanation for this ? Or have I just lost it ?
  5. There was an Indian mathematician who lived in the first 25 years of 1900 and a few years before that. His name was Srinivasa Ramanujan said to be the 'Man who knew infinity !'. He was a genius, and went to England to continue his work after being invited there by another good mathematician called Hardy. He did a lot of work but died early due to his religious practices that led to very little edible food. He bacame a fellow of the Royal Society ! But the last thing he gave to the world before passing away was something called 'Mock Theta Functions'. Any idea what that is ? Mathematicians today are still baffled by what he did. There is very little on him on the internet.
  6. I don't find them that amazing, Da vinci and Michelangelo.
  7. I want to do Aerospace engineering in Toronto Univ. myself. And then get a job in India in DRDL. But then after thinking about it, I felt I should do a degree each in Aerospace and Engineering Science, as a backup as there aren't that many Aerospace jobs available. My Dad's an Instrument/Computers engineer ME.
  8. In my opinion it was Edison. First Light bulb, First power plant, 1250+ patents RECORDED. Add to that the favours he used to do to people with practical problems that he didn't bother to register as patents. There are many who have gone silently and are hardly known of. I mean Wernher von Braun and an Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan- the man who knew infinity and Gustav Weisskopf, now believed to the be the first person to make a manned flight.
  9. Can anyone tell me what is the white salt obtained after boiling household bleach like Chlorox ? Is it Potassium Chlorate ? What is the gas given off ? Note that I got it after boiling all of the liquid off !!!
  10. WHAT ? Just like maybe 2 months ago I did Moles and I learnt the volume of 1 mole of any gas at RTP (Room Temperature Pressure) to 24 dm3 !!!!!!!! 24 dm3 is 24,000 cm3 !!!!!!!
  11. I saw a documentary on time travel. It said that if u fire a bullet, it goes really fast. Now, if you ran and caught up with it, and your speed and the its speed was the same, then (You r a very good runner) the bullet would appear stationary. But if you went faster then the speed of light ???? Then you would see things going backward ??????????!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@%%%%%%% That would be something like time travel ! (apparently)
  12. I heard ages ago that plastic could conduct electricity, but only recently someone gave me a vague description of how. The Plastic chain has an alternating pattern of double and single bonds. So it goes like :- C=H, then C-H, then C=H, then C-H and so on ............. Apparently, the electrons between the double and single bond are shared. So the charge passes through. Can someone give a more detailed explanation ???
  13. Hydrogen can br used in fuel cells to create electricity. The product is water. Scramjets, or supersonic combustion ramjets also use hydrogen for their fuel, but they combust it and it is much cleaner as there are no carbon compounds formed ! Hydrogen also release loads of energy when burnt !!!
  14. I didn't say that !. Why don't you suggest an alternative ? HOW ABOUT BLOWING IT UP WITH A BOMB ???
  15. vrus


    Can anybody give me basic instructions with limited materials available at a household to make Potassium Nitrate ? (KNO3)
  16. This question has been hard to answer. What do all you ppl. think ? Do what is presently done, i.e bury underground ? Or other means ? I personally think, that they should be packed into capsules and sent into space. Since there is no known life for a few hundred light years, the capsule can float through space and time, until the radiation is very weak and not harmful. Then the capsules can return and with some re-entry problems fixed, the element can be put back in the reactor ! i.e- U-235. The cycle repeats !
  17. Hi I'm vrus. I like Radioactivity, Astronomy, Aeronautics and Energy. I am deprived of any proper science facility here, where I live !
  18. I know a pretty cool experiment. I haven't done it yet myself, but I know the procedures and I will do it soon. It is very simple. You need some flour, a vessel with a top and having holes in it, a candle and something to puff the flour up. Basically, sprinkle some flour in the vessel. Wait for it to settle down, then you put a lit candle in the vessel and close the lid. The holes are to allow oxygen in and make the candle burn. WARNING : WAIT BEFORE ALL THE FLOUR HAS SETTLED OR ELSE IT COULD MESS UP THE EXPERIMENTER AND THE THE EXPERIMENT ITSELF !!! Then make a hole or otherwise insert the puffing instrument into the vessel. When you are ready puff it. There should be a pretty strong explosion, SO BE CAREFUL ! I hope to do it soon. Please give me feedback on this. Does it work ?
  19. Interesting. I'm not saying that I agree with him, but I support anyone who goes against convention. Correct me if I am wrong, but I am supposing that this dark matter is anti-matter, like Positrons and co.
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