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  1. So how much memory could these hardware keyloggers store on average ? Everything from the time you started ur pc the first time ? Formatting affects them ?
  2. RyanJ why don't you get some qualifications yourself and start your own business like those mentioned by YT ? That would be kinda cool!
  3. Thnx 5614.. Thnx again Phi. And besides people, it wasn't a friend, just someone i know, who must have some trouble ! I was just interested in some background info.! And RyanJ I know how to open MS-DOS
  4. Can someone tell me what prompt is? A person I know told me that it has something to do with saving everything that has been typed in a computer... I don't believe this, as the computer can't possibly hold all this data... So I am curious to know what exactly it is. I know it has something to do with MS-DOS. Also if such a program that saves everything typed does exist or saves all the actions taken, what would it be and how can it be altered ? In case you're wondering, no im not in trouble or anything.. Thnx. Plus, its my birthday today...
  5. I'd like to draw attention to Russia, about whom i am doing a depth study for my IGCSE History... (the first half of the 20th century) We were going through Nicholas II's life and the three groups that wanted change, namely the Socialist revolutionaries, socialist democrats and the liberals. The Sr wanted to employ terrorism to knock the tsar off. Obviously they became illegal. But it is worth mentioning that the tsar himself almost always resorted to violence and terrorism to put down problems. Isn't it funny how when the government uses terrorism, it is not 'terrorism', but when anyone else does the same, it is ?... I would say terrorism is a valid tactic in war if and only when the enemy employs cruel, ruthless and inhuman tactics themself. It must not be used to begin with. Let me provide an example again. It has been confirmed that pakistan has terrorist camps in Pakistan occupied kashmir. They are training individuals blinded by patriotism and relegion in terrorising and sending them 'over the top' to Indian administered kashmir. Despite evidence, pakistan denies the existence of these camps. As an impartisl viewer, i feel this catastrophe in action is not given nearly enough attention that is required. What do you all think should be the next course of action ? I'm not trying to make this an India-pakistan debating thread , but i feel this relates with the topic. As an impartial viewer to this situation, i would reinforce what i have said before and say that India should take similar action and counter terrorism with the same. Thanks for hearing me out !
  6. Magnesium with steam ? I liked that one... How bout some grp.I with water... or maybe acid
  7. So the hydroxide will react with the anode ? Oh and what if you used silver as the electrode ? Inert ?
  8. I gave some of the sample to my friend who had obtained some universal indicator paper. He tested it and told me the pH was 8...
  9. What would happen if you electrolysed weak alkalis ?
  10. I finally got an alkaline solution! I heated Baking Soda until it turned to a black looking powder. Then I added small quantities of water. The solution was brownish. After the tube had cooled down, well.... I was trying to keep it somewhere and a little spilt on my fingers and it felt sopy and a bit strange! Thanks for the help woelen! I'll get some red cabbage for the indicator and test it out on Friday probably!
  11. That must look awesome! How can you get concentrated Sodium Carbonate ? I heard heating the same's bicarbonate gives the carbonate. How alkaline would it be then ?
  12. What is Sulphur's function in the mixture ? Is there anything commonly available that can replace Potassium Nitrate ? (And Sulphur)
  13. I was in need of much of the same information. Thnx to both of you.
  14. Can someone instruct me on how you could possibly make an indicator at home and what colour could be observed in different media of varying pH ? I have hardly any chemica supplies, so this might be a good start! A did a practical at school 2 years ago on making indicator with red cabbage, but I forgot the procedures and requirements. Also can anyone tell me the steps required to make and indicator in order ? What's Universal Indicator made from ? Thnx in advance!
  15. Correct me if I am wrong. Temperature indicates the amount of Kinetic energy possessed by the paticles of the substance in a volume. For example, in a gas, as the particles are always moving randomly (Brownian Motion) they collide with each other and/ or the inner surfaces of their container. If they collide with each other they transfer their kinetic energy, slowing themselves down, but speeding up the one they collided with, so it evens it out and the AVERAGE kinetic energy remains them unless affected by other factors. So you can never really know a molecule's energy as it will change constantly. If you evaporate water, those molecules at the surface requires lesser energy to become vapour than those below it. If quite a few molecules leave the vessel of water, the avergae kinetic energy falls considerably enough and the water's temperature decreases.
  16. What would the temperature range be ? What might happen if air leaks in before or while the reaction is taking place ?
  17. But if the metal displaced liquefies, won't it get oxidised by oxygen inthe air again ?
  18. Just out of curiosity, what happens if you add sugar to 1. Hydrogen Peroxide of concentration 6 % & 2. H2O2 of concentration 60%+ ? Thnks.
  19. There was a project on for making a Russian space shuttle during the final soviet years. It was called the Buran. Wikipedia has a good load on it, but I'd like to know more about it. Did they have to cancel it ? Couldn't they have suspended it and resumed it when their economy was not crumbling ? Maybe now ? Because, I think if it was operational, the ISS would have been finished for a while now as it can carry a larger payload than its american counterpart.
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