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    I personally believe (no proof) that time is just energy. Just as matter corresponds to space, energy corresponds to time. Since you cannot have matter without energy, or energy without matter, it is just like space-time concepts, and the two are inseperable.
  2. while I am all for evolution, I do not understand a few things about it, my biggest problem is how something as complicated as "the valves in our veins" originated so that blood would flow forward.
  3. brad89


    Boondocks has a TV show now, too. And damn, it is LOADED with racism. However, the point of it is comedy, and as long as it isn't blatently advertising racism, it isn't doing anything wrong. It is often mistranslated as advertising racism, but that isn't the case in any episode I have seen.
  4. Perhaps rather than incorrect wiring, it has to do with the subconscious interfering with the conscious directly? Not to mention, people also claim things out of adrenaline and they sort of 'want' to hear and see things.
  5. brad89


    Wow. I never would have thought it possible to find out how many boards could be made.
  6. I suppose legally, it should be out of their jurisdiction to suspend him. But, as the staff is made of human beings, they should also naturally make some kind of statement about the incident. Perhaps if they were able to make the student confess to the statement, then they could get him in trouble. That is a tough one to judge. After school, if you aren't on school property, then you do have a freedom to do what you want. Personally, I think it was out of their jurisdiction.
  7. I suppose that is true, but that would be damn annoying on my part to ask about every little symbol that comes as second nature to most of you guys (and girls), so I figure I may as well learn it now, otherwise I will just get on the forums nerves. Thanks though. You too, RJ and Cosine.
  8. Perhaps tell them that science is not evil, as they need to use it to prove their religious beliefs. "Religion without science is blind." They follow their beliefs in ID for a logical reason. Science is logic. However, the logic does become flawed. So now we need to find a new logic. Science is not evil. Science is done by people when they don't realize it. If you ask a question and strive to find an answer, that is science. Maybe it isn't always done in the orthodox method, but it qualifies as science. The people who claim science is evil use it every day. ie. hypothesis- if I put bread in a toaster, and turn the toaster on, then at a later time relative to now, I will have toasted bread. Conclusion- yep, that is definitely what happens. Predictive ability- yeah, if I do that later all the same way, I will have toast again. I agree wholeheartedly. Teaching creationism in school is like begging for death. Death to logic. ID lacks predictability because it claims there are forces outside of the laws of physics that can interfere, create exceptions in them, which means that it is unpredictable. We cannot come to any conclusion on such a theory. It needs to be stopped now before it gets any bigger. Actually, I still disagree with this thought. I don't disagree with what you said, because that is a common thought that even I believe. I mean the logic this statement contains. Even if ID were a correct theory, that isn't an excuse to just sit on it. There still needs to be thinking on the subject. You need to ask questions either way, otherwise society becomes raw gullibility. Personally, I believe that humans are naturally gullible towards many thoughts, but such natural thought is no excuse to not question things.
  9. Anyway, relating to the prediction of the next movement, silkworm, here is my prediction. People will stop being so agressive and start trying to figure out which theory is correct. I will admit, I feel a bit like a hypocrit, on repeated accounts I have poked fun at creationism, and now I feel oh so horrible and am sorry. Good, settled. Anyway, my real prediction is that people will stop thinking alongside things and just come to open space. Try to test each one and see which one is right. It will be tough to do, but given time and effort it will probably work. Personally, I see the best evidence towards evolution is the fact that two species divided, put under certain conditions, then reunited again as two different species has happened on repeated accounts. In a nutshell, stop looking at one idea as wrong and one as right, and looking as 'well, they are both credible, lets just figure out which one is right'. In other words, not pointing fingers, finding out which fingers point the right direction. I am sick and tired of religion pointing fingers at other religion because of a book!
  10. Thank god! When I talked with some pastor, he told me evolution was disproven by the 2nd law of thermodynamics. I didn't believe it at first, but I knew that I had heard it before, so I didn't know what to think. As long as that doesn't disprove evolution, I am glad as hell! Oh yeah, while I am at it, I may as well also ask about Carbon dating being proven wrong. He used such an argument trying to prove genesis. Ignorance...
  11. Thanks. Hopefully I can finally grasp half the things on this forum.
  12. Hey, I am having trouble with almost all of the things on this forum because I don't know some advanced math types, such as trig or calculus. I am trying to learn them now on my own, but am having little luck. I have gone through books, tore apart the search engines, but found nothing that works right. Is there any good math websites that cover everything from the ground up and are free?
  13. Thank god! That is one of the best things that has ever been said in a courtroom, as it put creationism in its place. A theology class. Yahoo has a link on the home page if you prefer to try that. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20051221/ap_on_re_us/evolution_debate
  14. brad89


    Is there any type of equation that would represent the total possible amount of sudoku games there are possible to make?
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